8 Oct 2018

Soros Colour Revolution In Syria?

Authored by Ghassan Kadi: As the observers and analysts of events in the Middle East were busy looking at the aftermath of the downing of the IL-20 and the deployment of the S-300 in Syria, a great new danger is now looming.
President Assad issued a legislative decree (Decree No 16) and which is intended to reform the ministry of Awqaf (Religious Endowments). The “Awqaf” is a Sunni Muslim tradition that has been around for centuries, and its role is to manage the funds of family trusts. After the dismembering of the Ottoman Empire, the new states separated their own “Awqaf” and established their own religious bodies to manage these affairs and funds.

"Hillary Stories" + "White House Press Briefing"

Bad Lip Reading:
Hillary Clinton shares revealing personal stories from her life.

Revelations About Bettina Arndt's Sydney Uni Protesters + Bettina Arndt Takes Action

Pious Man’s Hypocrisy Exposed Him To Being Raped By Woman

medieval representation of lustIntroducing a story about “a certain blessed Paul {Paulo cuidam Beato}” who lived in Pisa, the eminent medieval church official Poggio Bracciolini declared:
The hypocrite is, of all types, the worst that lives.
{ Hypocritarum genus pessimum est omnium qui vivant. }
Paul was one of those destitute persons who sat outside a doorway, yet never asked for alms. Rather than speaking of his need, he waited for others to recognize his need and provide for him. That’s not what made Paul a hypocrite.
Paul sometimes sat outside a widow’s doorway. She always gave him alms in the form of food. The widow developed keen appreciation for Paul’s masculine beauty:
She, from often seeing Paul (he was beautiful), became inflamed with him. Once after giving him food, she asked him to come back the next day, saying that she would take care that he was well fed.