11 Oct 2018

TRaDiNG PaNiC... William Banzai7

Believe Women

By : Only one of the statements below is considered intellectually sound and morally acceptable. Let’s see if you are in tune with what’s hot and what’s not in the year 2018.
Believe redheads
Believe bald men
Believe Italians
Believe amputees
Believe teenagers
Believe gymnasts
Believe dentists
Believe white people
Believe lawyers
Believe women
If you chose believe women give yourself a pat on the back.
You will be embraced by countless angry, mentally deranged, illogical, hate fueled hypocrites. Sadly, it seems there are millions of them.
Can you begin to comprehend the warped mind of any moron who chooses to wear the Tshirt telling us to “Believe Women?” It’s even more incomprehensible when you see male Hollywood celebrities promoting the slogan with solemn self-righteousness. One can only imagine that must they think they are protecting themselves by leaping into the arms of the very beast which will most likely devour them.

Proof Of Innocence Not Allowed In Court

johntheother: Bill C51 - which will soon be law in Canada - re-defines communications of sexual consent as "sexual acts" so that documented consent can be barred from defense evidence. Too many liars are being caught making false accusations - this law will help them not be caught.

Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu Is No Friend To America

"Please get it! Why don't you get it?
By Scott Ritter: Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu is no stranger to the American spotlight. A career Israeli politician who attended school in the United States, he specializes in the kind of rhetoric that his American counterparts revel in—a kind of narcissism that’s more used car salesman than educator.

Netanyahu specializes in selling danger to the American people. This is an art he has practiced on numerous occasions, whether it be at the gatherings of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), his many appearances before the U.S. Congress, at televised events or during the general debate in the United Nations General Assembly, an annual gathering of global leaders and diplomats where each nation’s representative is provided the opportunity to address counterparts and the world on issues he or she deems to be of particular import.

Bibi (as he is known, affectionately or otherwise) delivered his latest address to the General Assembly on Sept. 27.

Sugar & Spice, Duluth Model?: Two Teenage Girls Tortured 16-Year-Old Girl In 10-Hour Ordeal Broadcast On Snapchat

Spot the male actor
Via Dougie, J4MB: The start of the piece:
The victim was held hostage inside a 24-hour supported living facility in Barking and Dagenham by Chyane Stephenson-Dielhenn, 18, from Islington, and her 16-year-old accomplice, from Tower Hamlets, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.
The pair forced their victim to snort a salt and tea bag mixture, swallow her own vomit and eat noodles soaked in urine from a bowl on the floor.
They tied the girl up, punched her and told that if she tried to escape they would kill her and her family during the attack on March 4 this year.
Jurors were shown clips, some filmed by Stephenson-Dielhenn, which illustrated the “cruel and sickening attack”.
Instead of raising the alarm, the recipients of the Snapchat videos [J4MB: Mostly if not all girls, we can assume, I think] sent in suggestions about what the girls should do to their victim next.