20 Oct 2018

BBC British Brain-Rinsing Cunts Push Every Man And Boy In Hollywood A Rapist In Quest To Find Non-Jewish Perverts

'Numerous women have accused the former action star of sexual misconduct over the last two years of the MeToo frenzy, but Seagal has denied every claim.'
Oxygen: Steven Seagal abruptly ended a live interview this week after being grilled about the numerous allegations of sexual assault surrounding him, according to reports.
The 66-year-old actor, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women over the last two years, sat down with journalist Kirsty Wark on BBC’s “Newsnight” on Thursday. Seagal wound up abruptly cutting off the interview during the live broadcast after Wark asked about the #MeToo movement and the allegations—all of which he has denied.

QE Party Out Of Punch?

Max and Stacy discuss the QQE Party drying up as ‘Qualitative and Quantitative Easing’ dries up in even Japan, despite their claims to the contrary. What will happen to interest rates and the global debt bubble when the central banksters stop buying all the bad debts corporations and banksters push on them? In the second half, Max interviews Susan Poole, of Blockbridge Advisory, about the latest in the regulatory environment around cryptocurrency and what next for the sector.

Trump’s Alliance With Body-Choppers, Death Squads And Child Killers: Israel, Saudi Arabia And Brazil

By Prof. James Petras: In recent weeks the White House has embraced the contemporary version of the world’s most murderous regimes.  President Trump has embraced the Saudi Arabian “Prince of Death” Mohammad bin Salman who has graduated from chopping hands and heads in public plazas to dismembering bodies in overseas consulates – the case of Jamal Khashoggi.

The White House warmly greeted the electoral success of Brazilian Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, ardent champion of torturers, military dictators, death squads and free marketers.

President Trump grovels, grunts and glories before Israel, as his spiritual guide Benjamin Netanyahu celebrates the Sabbath with the weekly murders and maiming of hundreds of unarmed Palestinians, especially youngsters.

These are President Trump’s ‘natural allies’.  They share his values and interests while each retains their particular method of disposing of the cadavers of adversaries and dissenters.

10 Things Leftism Has Destroyed

Redonkulas: Between feminism, social justice warriors, and corporate Democrats, this country has lost a lot.

A Crash Course On The True Causes Of So-Called 'Anti-Semitism' - Part 1

09:20 The Torah teaches that the life of a Jew is more precious than the life of a non-Jew.
10:00 God
prefers Jews to non-Jews and gives them a special status. 
11:00 The notion that Jews and non-Jews are equally precious to God contradicts the spirit of the Torah from beginning to end.
The Saker: This is a topic which has had so much written about it that you could fill an entire city library with books entirely dedicated to this topic. Marx took a shot at it. As did Sartre. There were, of course, also plenty of good books written on this topic, but rather than list them all, I want to suggest a few simple common sense points and then go to what I consider an authoritative explanation of this thing we call “antisemitism” and which, of course, has nothing to do with Semites.

Nanny State: Britain’s Do-Gooder PC Police + The Insane EU

"UK has become a meme of a country.
...The politically correct insanity that's emerged there over the past few years, ...parents are ordered not to cheer their children at football matches, ...they must remain silent during the games." Said Computing Forever.