26 Oct 2018

Viktor Frankl, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn And The Automatic Outgroup Derogation Of Men

'Men, as a group, are idiots, meaning,
they don’t know they’re a group, and they’re being played, in a very specific way.'
By : For over a year, some readers have tried to guess my political bias. Some readers are certain they already know. The Automatic Outgroup Derogation of Men exists independently of politics but is inextricably intertwined with politics. It permeates propaganda, media, religion, culture, and law. In today’s climate, it’d be impossible to pretend a writer is politically unbiased. So, I’ve decided to write a political statement before proceeding any further.
A few hours of reading, 15 hours of audiobooks, or a few minutes on Wikipedia may be required.
Reading the the Gulag Archipelago and Man’s Search for Meaning won’t make any of us political theorists, psychologists, or death camp survivors, but it should give us a good starting point toward understanding the following political statement.
Gulags and concentration camps look pretty much the same from the inside.

Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu - Past And Future

GA: A great RT documentary covering the past and present of the Israeli PM, his ideological commitment, the current police probe into the Netanyahu family’s activity and more..
Youtube: The four-term Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has been in office on and off since 1996. But the veteran politician is at risk of losing his grip on power after a series of corruption cases he’s linked to came to light. RT America correspondent Anya Parampil tracks his career from an Israeli diplomat to the leader of the right-wing Likud party, as well as corruption scandals surrounding first family members.

Ancient Latin Christian Hymns Appreciate Men’s Sexuality

In the fourth century, Ambrose of Milan composed a Latin hymn for the Christmas season. With sexual frankness nearly unspeakable today, Ambrose’s hymn “Redeemer of the Gentiles, come {Veni, redemptor gentium}” set Jesus’s conception and gestation in parallel with men’s sexual generosity:
Saint Ambrose of MilanRedeemer of the Gentiles, come;
show forth the birth from virgin’s womb;
let every age show wonderment;
such birth is fitting for our God.

Not issuing from husband’s seed,
but from the Spirit’s mystic breath,
God’s Word was fashioned into flesh,
and thrived as fruit of her womb.

The virgin’s womb begins to swell;
her chaste enclosure remains intact:
the banners of her virtues gleam;
God in his temple lives and stirs.

From wedding-chamber he comes forth,
from the royal court of chastity,
as giant of his twin natures,
eager to hasten on his way.

{ Veni, redemptor gentium;
ostende partum virginis:
miretur omne saeculum;
talis decet partus Deo.

USD Regime Change? + The Credit Cycle Turns

Max and Stacy discuss the lame stream financial press asking whether or not it is time for regime change for the US Dollar as reserve currency. But, as aircraft carriers and Paul Krugman’s ‘men with guns’ back the fiat currency, who would dare leave? They also discuss Moody’s rating agency threatening to downgrade US debt due to rising inequality. In the second half, Max interviews Yo Sub Kwon of Hosh.io about the latest in security threats to cryptocurrency storage, exchanges and contracts. They also discuss whether or not quantum computing really poses any remotely imminent threat.

Natural To Presume Orwellian Twitter Bans ~ But That's Not The Way It Went Down This Time - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

'President Trump's decision to pull out of the Intermedia-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty was a handout to 
the military-security complex.'
By Tyler Durden: Twitter has suspended noted anti-war commentator, economist and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts.
 The suspension came without warning and was noted by journalist Caitlin Johnstone and others Thursday evening: 
Roberts, 79, [photo right] served in the Reagan administration from 1981 to 1982. He was formerly a distinguished fellow at the Cato Institute and a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution, and has written for the Wall Street Journal and Businessweek. Roberts maintains an active blog
He's also vehemently against interventionary wars around the world, and spoke with Russia's state-owned Sputnik news in a Tuesday article - in which Roberts said that President Trump's decision to pull out of the Intermedia-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty was a handout to the military-security complex.
The former Reagan administration official clarified that he does not think "that the military-security complex itself wants a war with Russia, but it does want an enemy that can be used to justify more spending."

The Power To Silence ~ Over 95% Of 'Me Too' Accused Men Ritually Genitally Mutilated [Circumcised] As Children

We're not the only ones to notice the pattern that the overwhelming majority of those 'Me Too'-ed are Jewish sociopaths and most of the rest were circumcised too. Could this be just another of the negative side effects such as the statistical quadrupling of instances of impotence and over 100% rise in violent mental disorders associated with the violent and painful, medical shock inducing, ripping off of over 60% of the highest concentrations of pleasure sensors from little boys penises as a perverted form of sexual control?
Also Why Are So Many Jewish Perverts Knighted,
'Sir' Racist And Sexual Sadist Green,
'Lord' Major League Kiddie Fiddler Janner, etc.?
Via Gilad Atzmon: Chris Evans, Editor of The Telegraph wrote the following an hour ago: 
“Dear reader, Yesterday we published the story that a leading businessman had been granted an injunction to prevent this newspaper from revealing alleged sexual harassment and racial abuse by him of staff. Our reporters have worked on this story for eight months, but the businessman has so far spent close to £500,000 in legal fees to block his identification. [COUGH 'Sir' Philip 'Let's Murder More Sand Niggers' Green! photo above]