30 Oct 2018

This Year's Lame Stream Media 'Feeding' Of Leftist Political Violence 'Beast'

Authored by Daniel Greenfield: On September 9, Rudy Peters, the Republican running for Congress in the 15th District in California, was attacked by a knife-wielding man shouting, "Fuck Trump".
The attacker, Farzad Fazeli, an Iranian Clinton supporter, had previously posted, “Don Trump won’t clean his own house, so he’s too dirty to know right from wrong. Impeach/incarcerate him before more children die. P.S. complacency is worse than being the shooter.”
The next month, Shane Mekeland, a Republican running for the Minnesota House of Representatives, suffered a concussion after being punched in the face at a restaurant. “You f____g people don't give a s___ about the middle class,” his assailant had shouted at him.
Mekeland is back on the campaign trail, while still recovering from the assault. “The media and the likes of Maxine Waters, Hillary, and Eric Holder as of late is driving this behavior," he warned.

UK Crime And Punishment - A Men’s Issue

“Among the powers of government is meting out punishment, and writers such as Montesquieu, Cesare Baccaria, and the American founders thought afresh about the government’s license to harm its citizens. Criminal punishment, they argued, is not a mandate to implement cosmic justice but part of an incentive structure that discourages antisocial acts without causing more suffering than it deters. The reason the punishment should fit the crime, for example, is not to balance some mystical scale of justice but to ensure that a wrongdoer stops at a minor crime rather than escalating to a more harmful one. Cruel punishments, whether or not they are in some sense ‘deserved’, are no more effective at deterring harm than moderate but surer punishments, and they desensitize spectators and brutalize the society that implements them.”  – Steven Pinker, Enlightenment Now.
By : Feminist campaigning has seen to it that female convicts are treated with compassion and that rehabilitation and preventing reoffending take precedence, as a general rule, over punishment – but the same humane and rational approach is still dragging behind, over a hundred years since the Enlightenment that Pinker refers to, when it comes to the treatment of male convicts.
'If men were treated as leniently in the criminal justice system as women today, 5/6 men in prison would be free.'

The Dishonesty Of #MeToo Feminism

Diana Davison: Who gets away with sexual misconduct? How twisted can this lie get? Watch to find out.

Honest Government Ad - Visit Timor-Leste!

thejuicemedia: The Australien Government has made a tourism ad about East Timor, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative!

Black Men "They All Look The Same" - To Feminist Tripoli Clinton Who Cracks Racist Joke After Booker/Holder Mix-Up

Imagine if white man Trump had said it...
By Tyler Durden: Being the paragon of political-correctness and queen of virtue-signaling opportunism, Hillary Clinton sat down with Recode's Kara Swisher this weekend to answer questions about just how evil and awful conservative opponents have been in the last few months.
The conversation began normally, with Clinton hypocritically toeing the progressive line of identity politics by explaining how each of the groups are different but can be managed by the same liberal movement:
"What’s often called political correctness is politeness,” Clinton said.
“It’s not being rude and insulting to people. It’s respecting the diversity that we have in our society,” she said.
The Democratic Party is a much more diverse political party, attracting people who are African-American, Latino, LGBT, whatever the reason why people feel more comfortable where they are taken in, where they are included as part of a political movement or party."

The Consequences Of System Failure

In short, every major political institution has been increasingly discredited as Brazil has spiraled deeper and deeper into a dark void. And from the abyss emerged a former army captain and six-term congressman from Rio de Janeiro, Jair Bolsonaro, with the slogan “Brazil above everything, God above everyone,” and promises to fix everything with hardline tactics. – From today’s Intercept article: Jair Bolsonaro Is Elected President of Brazil. Read His Extremist, Far-Right Positions in His Own Words.
By Michael Krieger: It’s been only a little over two years since the people of Great Britain surprised the world by voting to leave the European Union. Just a few months later, this nascent trend of political shock continued with the election of Donald Trump.
This tectonic shift toward political upheaval has continued to spread throughout much of the world, with Italy and Brazil being two more recent examples. That something very major and very global is happening is undeniable at this point, yet everyone seems to have their own pet reasons for why it’s occurring. I continue to stick to the same thesis I’ve had for nearly a decade, which is that the dominant global economic/financial paradigm led and managed by the U.S. has failed and is experiencing a slow, painful and dangerous death.
'Incredibly enough, many people still have no conception of what’s actually going on.'