1 Nov 2018


New Educated

What Kavanaugh Should Have Said To The Senators

Men Are Good!: Politicians are starting to acknowledge the presence of false accusations. The Kavanaugh hearings was an example of that. But what we don't hear about is that Kavanaugh is far from alone. The fact is that millions upon millions of men have faced false accusations whether from the family courts or a number of other avenues and very few are aware of this. Stephen Baskerville writes about what he wished Kavanaugh HAD said to the Senators. Baskerville eloquently speaks the truth.

How Zio-Fascists Buy Elections

Ex-Jew Nathanael

Soyny Censoring Games In JAPAN And On A GLOBAL Level

"Sony, I'm done with you!"
Raging Golden Eagle: I need to make one correction: In my previous video on this topic I claimed it was Sony's US and EU branches that censored Senran Kagura. I was wrong. Sony is censoring on a GLOBAL level!

Preventing The Next Pogrom

'It may also have something to do with the fact that our governments are wiping out countries and people in the name of immoral interventionism and Ziocon interests.'
By Gilad Atzmon: Eleven people were killed in a gun attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last Saturday. It seems mass shooting has become a popular hobby and not just in America.  Political violence is mushrooming. It is crucial to try to understand how this has happened to us.  What led to this rapid deconstruction of our human landscape, how have we regressed into lethal barbarism and where and when did we lose our ability  to care for each other, to be compassionate, to tolerate difference?
'The West has replaced its Athenian ethos of tolerance and pluralism with a radical form of Talmudic Herem (excommunication).'