2 Nov 2018

Jewish State Israel’s Occupation Of Americans’ Weak Minds

Video Documentary - A look at the information wars waged by Israel and its supporters to win the hearts and minds of the American people.  An occupation of American media and the American mind by a pro-Israel narrative that's deflected attention away from what virtually everyone recognises as the best way to resolve this conflict: end the occupation and the settlements so that Palestinians can finally have a state of their own.  The Israeli perspective dominates the American media and pro-Israel talking points are repeated by the highest government officials and recycled endlessly by the media.  How, if at all, can propaganda be uncovered if the mainstream point of view is so dominant?

Keiser Goes GONZO

Max and Stacy discuss the ugly October in stocks driving banksters to cry like big babies for the ‘Powell put’ to stop the bleed in their portfolios. In the second half, Max interviews Bill Barhydt of Abra.com about their new Bit10 crypto index token, a world’s first, which gives users access to 80% of the crypto markets with just one token. They also discuss the big picture on bitcoin and the Abra wallet, which offers 28 different cryptocurrencies while using bitcoin as the underlying asset.

The Lobby Has Leaked

By Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: The 2017 documentary was made by Al Jazeera but was  censored after it came under intense Israeli pressure not to air the film. EI has managed to obtain a copy of the film.
Jewish power as I define it is the power to silence criticism of Jewish Power. This power has been dwindling…

Fatty-Shaming For Fun And Profit

By : A woman alleges she was sexually assaulted at a party.  The accused is a prominent man who has been known to indulge in adult beverages.  Evidence is lacking.  Witnesses are unreliable.  No corroboration is forthcoming.  The woman is portrayed as an innocent victim, the man as privileged and arrogant.  And the whole fracas becomes a media circus.
No, I’m not talking about the Brett Kavanaugh imbroglio.  I’m talking about an incident that occurred almost a century ago.
As often happens in any up-and-coming industry, the early days of the motion pictures witnessed some meteoric upward mobility.  Perhaps the most astounding case was that of Roscoe Conkling “Fatty” Arbuckle.  He was the next big thing in more ways than one.
Fatty Arbuckle was born in Kansas in 1887 but grew up in Southern California, where he performed in vaudeville as a singer and comedian.  In 1913, he joined Mack Sennett’s Keystone Studios (best known for its Keystone Kops comedy shorts).  He later moved on to Paramount Pictures, where he was earning $5,000 a week plus a percentage of the profits.  By 1921 “the Prince of Whales” had signed a three-year/$3,000,000 contract with the studio.  It was an astounding career trajectory. Only in America! But his career was about to take an abrupt U-turn.

How To Spot Russian Interference In US Midterm Elections

ICYMI: The US midterm elections are just days away, and the main question voters are still asking themselves as they head to the polling booths is – just how much have I been interfered with by a Russian?