3 Nov 2018

The Naked Truth

'Indecent exposure laws only apply to men.'
By : Today we often see feminists protesting for the right for women to walk around topless. Surely this would imply that women do not have this right.
Women have the right to go topless in public, de facto or de jure, in most Western jurisdictions. Many jurisdictions have made it explicitly legal while many others simply don’t enforce laws against women going topless. Most of the US permits women to go topless alongside several Canadian provinces. Further, in an increasing number of jurisdictions women may go entirely naked in public. This means that we yet again see feminists protesting for rights that they already have.
In Queensland, Australia a retired law professor, Dr Craig Burgess, confirmed what had long been suspected: Indecent exposure laws only apply to men. Section 9 of the Summary Offences Act 2005 (Qld) makes it clear that a person must expose their genitals to commit this offence. Queensland courts have always considered men’s genitals to be exposed merely by the man standing naked in public (or in a place that can be seen by the public) while women’s are considered to be covered.

Dark Lord Soros Partners With Mastercard To Encourage Migrants Everywhere Except Apartheid Jewish State Israel

By Tyler Durden: Jewish Billionaire National Currency Rapist George 'Dark Lord' Soros has repeatedly denied rumors that he is helping to finance the migrant caravans making their way up from Honduras and Guatemala through Mexico with the ultimate aim of reaching the US.
But that's about to change, as the "Open Society" founder - who famously financed much of the opposition to Trump SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh - is now partnering with Mastercard to hand out money (in the form of 'investment capital') to migrants, refugees and "others struggling within their communities worldwide," according to Reuters. Through their partnership, Soros is effectively providing open financial support for migrants and refugees seeking to enter the US and Europe.

The Pussy Church - Yes, This Is Real

"This is a radical feminist church
that excludes anyone with a penis."

The Rise Of Populism - Bannon v Frum

"I want to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishment." - Steve Bannon
"We are living through the most dangerous challenge to the U.S. that anyone alive has encountered." - David Frum

The Effect Of Fatherlessness On Children

The importance of both parents in minimising the exposure of children to Adverse Childhood Experiences (from the recently issued 2018Report 1: Mental Illness – Welsh Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE)  and Resilience Study”)
The Prevalence of Fatherless Children
In previous posts I have presented data on some of the mechanisms which lead to fathers becoming estranged from their children (see Marriage, and Families, Divorce, Cohabitation, and Non-Resident Parents: Where Is The Bias?). Whilst divorce is a significant contributor, it is the decline of marriage which is the dominant cause of fatherlessness. Half of children are now born outside of marriage in the UK. At any time, about one-quarter of dependent-age UK children are not living with their father.

Questioning Jewish Progressive Wisdom

'It is comforting to learn that Jewish progressives support some refugees; do they also support the Palestinian refugees?'
By Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Earlier this week the Jewish Forward reported on Monday’s counter-Trump demonstration in Pittsburgh.  “They came in their thousands, singing Jewish songs and folksy protest anthems … (they were) holding signs denouncing Donald Trump as ‘President Hate.’” 
I think it is not a clever move for leftist Jewish groups to declare that Trump is to blame for the terror attack in Pittsburgh. In fact, some might see it as irresponsible, and a response that could easily provoke further harassment and violence.
Most disturbing to me about the Jewish progressives’ response to Trump’s visit was the blunt dishonesty reflected in the signs and announcements of the protestors and organisers.