7 Nov 2018

Divide And Conquer

'Elementary rights, such as the freedom to think openly, have been eradicated and replaced by a strict regime of correctness.'
By Gilad Atzmon: I am not even remotely a Trump supporter,  but I do think that he has managed to expose the spectrum of western political morbidity, both left and right. Trump is the ultimate Post Political icon -- the symptom as well as the disease.
For the last four decades, the West has been subjected to an intense cultural and social revolution. The cause of ‘social justice’ has made some fundamental changes in western society.  Elementary rights, such as the freedom to think openly, have been eradicated and replaced by a strict regime of correctness. In retrospect, it was reasonable to believe that there was little significant resistance to these social justice heroes. During that time, it seemed that their agenda had prevailed. Just five years ago it looked as if the Tyranny of Correctness was here to stay. But then, unexpectedly, the tide changed.

Marijuana Federalism Won In The 2018 Midterms

“I think he [President Trump] is going to legalize marijuana”
Authored by Brian Darling: While the nation was gripped by House, Senate and governor races, there was another important contest on the ballot in Tuesday’s midterms related to the future of adult-use and medical-use marijuana. With several ballot initiatives in states that would liberalize laws on marijuana, it was a great day for the idea of federalism in marijuana laws.

Federalism is a core value of America. It is the idea that states, not the federal government, hold powers that are not specifically enumerated to the feds. Police powers have traditionally resided in states and with local officials, yet the federal government has slowly creeped into the law enforcement business when it comes to all forms of crime.
The history of marijuana regulation started with states outlawing the drug early last century, before the issue was federalized with passage of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in 1970.

Men’s Day: London Plans

By : “Why are men afraid? They live in a culture which terrorises them. They live in a culture which demonises them and which hides this under all kinds of pseudo-respectable and ‘toleration’ based ideologies… This is intentional. This is a constructed part of our culture – to demonise men and to banish men and to make men obsolescent… We are constantly being pummeled with images and ideas of men which destroy our sense of masculinity… It’s amazing how a trope can be adopted… I defy any of you to think of the word ‘masculinity’ without the word toxic coming one or other side of it, like a Google search. This is what they’ve done.” said John Waters in his opening speech at The Battle of Ideas debate, ‘Is masculinity toxic for boys?’, in 2016.
You may not have heard of John Waters, the Irish journalist and author (and champion of father’s rights and masculine values) but he is unequivocally one of the most compelling, and most challenging voices in the Men’s Human Rights Movement

China - Big Trade War Loser?

Max and Stacy discuss Marshall Auerback’s assessment of Trump’s trade war. The fact is that China is, so far anyway, the big loser. It is much easier as the hollowed out, high deficit nation has everything to gain while the export nation had millions of jobs and expensive factories to lose. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of PlanetPonzi.com about the plunge in tech shares and rising interest rates.

Ralph Murphy, Brett Kavanaugh And The Automatic Outgroup Derogation Of Men

By : The last two articles attempted to demonstrate how Blue Church and Red Church news outlets differently exploit group biases against men.
The Blue Church sees the role of government as complexity manager. They focus on the teenaged mothers with children in the caravan. They also call on male college students and immigrants to emulate the women in the elevators outside the U.S. Senate Chambers. One could imagine how two immigrant men raising their voices and blocking a senator may end differently.
The Red Church, also exploits the caravan’s perceived criminal impact on women and children.  Similarly, The Red Church spreads Keith Ellison’s affiliations with Minnesota based male terrorist organization, Antifa, while subtly alluding to his past public support of the Nation of Islam, another male-centric organization.
Both sides exploit the automatic out-group status of men, they just follow different patterns. They point at these biases against men, because, these news outlets are trying to sell shoes and maintain control of the government.
Another area of the media where we might find automatic outgroup bias would be in the $40B songwriting and music publishing industry.

Adam Of Saint Victor And Le Tumbeor Nostre Dame

Virgin Mary statue in Monasterio de San Jerónimo, Granada
In the more liberal and less repressive circumstances of medieval Europe, men understood that they could serve women with their bodies as well as their minds. Medieval men had poignant examples of both types of woman-serving. Early in twelfth-century Paris, Adam of Saint Victor composed rhythmic Latin hymns to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus. About a century later, a tumbler engaged in vigorous physical activity to please Mary. Men deserve freedom to engage in one, both, or neither of these forms of woman-serving while at the same time having their own intrinsic human dignity and worth respected and appreciated. Deeply devoted to Mary, Adam of Saint Victor directed his extraordinary literary skills to honoring her. According to a story preserved in a text written early in the thirteenth century, Mary herself acknowledged Adam’s intellectual effort:
The venerable Master Adam, canon of Saint Victor’s in Paris, was composing the sequence Salve mater Salvatoris. When he had just written another strophe of rhythmic poetry, namely: