8 Nov 2018

Jews And Feminists: The Hate Police Are Coming!

"Only Jewish [and female ~ divide the Goyim and conquer] suffering counts!"
It's not only the dictionary definition for 'feminist' that needs an update, with the feminist Jewish state justice minister calling for the genocide of "all the little snakes" in the Knesset when referring to all the Palestinian and therefore Semitic baby boys, clearly the definition of 'anti-Semitic' is a similarly worthy candidate for an update to show what a reprehensible group of anti-Semites the inhuman, murderous, land thieving Zio-Fascist Jews are...

Nihilism And Beyond For The Zeta Male

This essay originates, in part, from an AVfM article by Jewel Eldora and a discussion in its comment section [1]. The theme of Eldora’s article is that men do not have a mechanism for “in-group bias” and, as such, men as a group are “idiots”.
You may have realised yourself, for example, that whereas women have no compunction about using the word “we” to refer to all women or women in general, men only ever refer to other men as “men”, and never “we”. This seems to be as true in the MRM as it is in the wider world.
While I appreciated that men do not self-identify as a group, I originally took issue with Eldora’s assertion that men are idiots. For me, however, the focus of interest was not just the article itself but a discussion in the comments section with two posters, “JackABond” and “Factsseeker”, on the wider question of what it all means for guys like us — men who regard themselves as MGTOW or Zeta Male [2]. I began by disagreeing somewhat with JackABond, but later came to appreciate his comments. In fact, both Eldora and JackABond caused me to re-evaluate my own beliefs and this essay is the result. I’d like to thank them both.
Jewel Eldora was dead right, of course.

MRA-UK's Oxford Talk On The History Of Universal Suffrage

By MRA-UK: My thanks to Oxford Men’s Group for hosting and organising this event, and for giving me a platform for my hobbyhorse: the true history of universal suffrage in the UK.

Time's Running Out For A Brexit Deal & That's A Good Thing

There is still no Brexit deal and if there isn't one soon,
the world will not end...
Authored by Mike Shedlock: At 11 PM local time on March 29 2019, the UK is scheduled to leave the bloc. A deal is still not in place.
Preparing for a No-Deal Brexit
Eurointelligence has an interesting take called Preparing for a No-Deal Brexit Between Friends
The truth is there are simply no newsworthy Brexit developments. The reason is that, as of now, there is still no majority for a deal.
So let us focus instead on smaller pieces of the puzzle that might become relevant later.
One of those was a small item in the Financial Times from the Hauts-de-France region in Northern France, whose president is demanding a constructive attitude by the EU in the case of a no-deal Brexit. Expect to hear more of this as we approach the Brexit deadline. If the EU plays it tough to the bitter end, not only Hauts-de-France will be clobbered along with the UK.
The EU could in theory turn a no-deal exit into a de-facto blockade of the UK.

Another US Senator Sides With The Jewish Apartheid State Israel Against Free Speech - Of Course He's Feminist

"Israel, an apartheid state. ...There's been a big movement by politicians in the United States to make you protesting Israel illegal!"
Jimmy Dore: Cory Booker comes out in support of the latest Anti-Boycott Bill. Here are his excuses why he's gone full shabbos goy pro-apartheid retard...

Our Dystopian Gattaca Future

Salve, Mater Salvatoris: Honoring The Great Woman In Medieval Europe

Mary, mother of Jesus, dominating little menIn twelfth-century Europe, Christians were intensely devoted to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Within “a prevailing climate of fevered Marianism,” the Christ of Christianity, like so many other men, became merely a nominal leading figure:
the cult of the Virgin had assumed such proportions and evoked so much fervour that the figure of the Mother Of Christ began to eclipse that of her Son {Jesus} and of all the apostles and saints. It might seem almost true to say that, in the later Middle Ages, the central object of the popular cult was in actual fact the Virgin Mary, exalted to the rank of Queen of Heaven, crowned with the twelve stars, and invested with all those human and tender attributes in which the early Church had first clothed the figure of the Saviour. [1]
Adam of Saint Victor’s early twelfth-century liturgical hymn (sequence) “Hail, O mother of our Savior {Salve, mater Salvatoris} exemplifies intense devotion to Mary and its implications for men.