19 Nov 2018

Happy International Men's Day!

'When feminists proclaim that men are toxic that is nothing short of being
a Global Cultural False Accusation.'
Men Are Good!: A day to celebrate men and masculinity. Excellent. But amidst that celebration it is important to note those who are hating men and boys.

Merkel Deep-Sixed Germany, Diversity Deep-Sixed Western Civilization

'The Anglo-American-Zionists have almost rid themselves of Germans. Germans barely exist.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: This interesting collage shows that not all people of European descent are intimidated by the elite’s efforts to prevent peoples’ expression of opposition to unassimilable immigrants over-running their countries either seeking economic advantage or fleeing Washington’s wars and Washington’s interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

Iran & Iraq Vow To Expand Ties, Despite Jewish Apartheid State Shill, US World Hegemonic Regime's Sanctions

Press TV: Iran and Iraq vow to expand ties despite US sanctions Iraqi President Barham Salih We care about our relationship with Iran.

Change The Narrative

By : We all took different routes to get here. Some of us were lucky enough to be red pilled by persuasive arguments, other’s had those pills forced down their throats during harrowing experiences… But there’s one incentive for marking International Men’s Day that unites us all. We want to change the narrative.
The feminist cultural narrative that holds all men as the malevolent and undeserving recipients of privilege and all women as “oppressed”. The dehumanising narrative that prohibits equality of treatment and holistic solutions to individual situations. The cancerous narrative that drives a wedge between the sexes and acts as a barrier to progress.
The truth is that: while women have enjoyed emancipation and the fruits of countless policies aimed at benefiting them, men still suffer a raft of disadvantages in modern Western societies:
Despite its illegality in the U.K., boy children even here remain unprotected from the barbarity that is non-medically necessary circumcision.
Boys struggle more at school, are more likely to be excluded or drop out and by the time they’re of age to attend university, they are 70% less likely than women to go.
Men are: the majority of workplace and combat deaths, homicides and suicides.
Men die younger and yet far less money is spent in researching “male illnesses” as compared to “female illnesses”.
Men are the majority of the homeless.

CNN Is An Enemy Of Free Speech, A Fascist Censor And An Apologist For War Criminals

CNN is an organization inconsistent
with the US Constitution.
Tucker Carlson holds the discredited organization to account:
Tucker Carlson delivered a stunning monologue Wednesday, slamming CNN for posing as a champion of free speech, after the network spent months trying to have competitors silenced and banned.
Carlson addressed CNN’s lawsuit against the Trump administration for revoking Jim Acosta’s White House access.

The Empire Keeps Proving Assange Right About Everything

'A globe-spanning empire, is working to extradite an Australian journalist from an Ecuadorian embassy in the United Kingdom so that it can punish him for publishing facts.'
Authored by Caitlin Johnstone: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been charged under seal by the Trump administration. This has been revealed by a purportedly accidental copy-paste error in an unrelated court document which used Assange’s name, interestingly not long after it was reported to the Wall Street Journal that federal prosecutors “have considered publicly indicting Mr. Assange to try to trigger his removal from the embassy because a detailed explanation of the evidence could give Ecuadorean authorities reason to turn Assange over. Insider sources have reportedly confirmed to the Washington Post that Assange has been charged. Because those charges are sealed, it’s impossible to know what they are or how they’re being justified.

The Art Of Political Assassination

Diana Davison: False allegations have been selectively weaponized by the media. Watch a Canadian journalist admit complicity.