21 Nov 2018

Visit West Papua!

thejuicemedia: The Australien Government has made an ad about West Papua and it’s surprsingly honest and informative!

For Christmas The Jewish Apartheid State Israel Demolishes Palestinian Homes, Shops In Palestinian East Jerusalem

A succession of Jewish apartheid state Israel
demolitions this month has left dozens of Palestinians homeless – with winter approaching – or without work. Let’s make our legislators aware of and accountable
for this never-ending travesty.
Israel demolishes Palestinian homes, shops in Palestinian East JerusalemApartheid Jewish state authorities demolish a building in Shuafat Refugee Camp, November 7, 2018. Photo credit: Afif Amira for WAFA.
By Ahmad Jaradat: On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Israeli authorities demolished a Palestinian-owned home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina. The home belonged to the Rajabi family. One family member collapsed during the demolition and was transferred to the hospital. According to the family, 12 people, including five children, are now homeless.
The same day in Silwan, Israeli authorities demolished a shop that belonged to Mohammad Odeh. According to the family, three families depended on the shop for work and income.

From Brexit To Banksters ‘Broke-X-It'

'Professor Alston's investigation found that
social deprivation in Britain has been compounded by "mean-spirited" and "callous" government policies which have prioritised economic [post bankster apocalypse] austerity cutbacks over public welfare.'
By Finian Cunningham: British Pry Minister Theresa May has repeatedly urged that the "national interest" is at stake over her Brexit plan. She is calling for businesses and politicians to rally around safeguarding ordinary people's jobs and livelihoods - and to back her draft divorce deal with the European Union. A parliamentary vote is due in the coming weeks.
However, the timing of a shocking report on British poverty by the United Nations makes May's appeals rather hollow, and it sounds an alarm about the dire direction the country is headed.
'Charles Dickens would have lots to write about if he were still alive.' Still starring Fagin.

Britain's Enemy Is Not Russia, 'Sand Niggers' We're Bombing Or Toxic Men, But It's Own Ruling Class, UN Report Confirms

Authored by John Wright: As the UK political establishment rips itself to pieces over Brexit, a far greater crisis continues to afflict millions of victims of austerity...
A devastating UN report into poverty in the UK provides incontrovertible evidence that the enemy of the British people is the very ruling class that has gone out of its way these past few years to convince them it is Russia, Arabs and TOXIC men.
Professor Philip Alston, in his capacity as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, spent two weeks touring the United Kingdom.

John Climacus Endorsed Go-Go Girls

: Living in the Sinai desert in seventh-century Egypt, John Climacus was a monk writing for monks, a man writing for men. John recounted a story he had heard:
There was a man who, having looked on a body of great beauty, at once gave praise to its Creator and after one look was stirred to love God and to weep copiously, so that it was marvelous how something that could have brought low one person managed to be the cause of a heavenly crown for another. And if such a man feels and behaves in similar fashion on similar occasions, then he has already risen to immortality before the general resurrection. [1]
That’s the story of Bishop Nonnus gazing upon the semi-naked actress-dancer Pelagia as she paraded by. John endorsed that story with a parallel:

Revenge Is Mine Saith Washington - And Feminists

'What has Assange done? He has done nothing but to tell the truth.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Justice has disappeared in the West. In Justice’s place stands Revenge. This fact is conclusively illustrated by Julian Assange’s ongoing eight year ordeal.
For eight years Julian Assange’s life has been lived in a Kafka Police State. He has been incarcerated first under British house arrest and then in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, despite the absence of any charges filed against him.
Meanwhile, the entirety of the Western world, with the exception of former Educadoran President Rafael Correa and a UN agency that examined the case and ruled Assange was being illegally detained by the UK government’s refusal to honor his grant of political asylum, has turned its back to the injustice.
Assange is locked away in the Ecuadoran Embassy, because to protect him from false arrest, former Ecuadoran President Correa gave him political asylum. However, the corrupt and servile UK government that serves Washington, and not justice or law, refused to honor Assange’s asylum. The US vassal known as the UK stands ready to arrest Assange on Washington’s orders if he steps outside the embassy and to hand him over to Washington, where a large number of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have said he should be executed.
'The silence of the US media demonstrates that the presstitutes don’t mind losing the First Amendment’s protection as they have no intention of telling any truths.'

Sex: How Is 'More Than Two Genders' A Thing?

Computing Forever: "When you attempt to make undeniable biological reality entirely objective, you end up with something like this. Clemson university invites students to create your own gender, because if reality is too triggering for ye, just play makebelieve and demand that other people respect your life choices as stunning and brave and use new gender pronouns that you made up ten minutes ago."

China - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Max and Stacy discuss the economic headlines out of China. As APEC wraps up with US-China tensions spilling out into the open, what is happening back home in China on the economic front? The good: many trade deals were put in place and tariffs dropped at the China Import Export Expo. The bad: a company is paying bondholders in ham. The ugly: the peer-to-peer lending market has ballooned into a $200 billion hot mess that threatens massive losses. In the second half, Max interviews long time Wall Street banker and inventor of Hyperwave, Tyler Jenks of LucidFunds.com, about bond markets and the credit cycle. They look at the mother of all bubbles - the US 10YR - and discuss the ramifications of rising interest rates.