22 Nov 2018

Bread And Circuses: Lame Stream Media Distraction

"The lame stream media hypes sporting events to the point of making them seem far more important than they actually are. In the grand scheme  of things they are irrelevant and yet we're encouraged to focus on them as though they should be the highest priority of the nation. ...I'm talking about the disproportionate level of attention that professional sports are given in the lame stream media and the reason why. ...The patterns and trends that characterise declining nations throughout history are shockingly similar. The promotion of spectacles like sporting events to the level of national importance is a means by which the media and political classes misdirect the public's attention from issues that actually matter in their lives." Computing Forever.

Coldest Thanksgiving In 150 Years As Northeast USA Hit By "Siberian" Temperatures

By Tyler Durden: Most of the Northeastern United States feels like Siberia right now due to a blast of Arctic air that is pushing temperatures 15 to 25 degrees colder below trend. As a result, people spending time outdoors during Thanksgiving Day into Black Friday may face some of the coldest conditions on record in the northeastern United States for late November
The cold weather will be supplied by a burst of arctic air that produced locally blinding snow squalls across parts of the interior Northeast on Wednesday. The squalls diminished to spotty flurries south and east of the Appalachians.
"Anomalously cold weather will impact the I-95 corridor Thursday and Friday. Record low temperatures have already been broken Thursday morning across New England, and record low maximum temperatures are expected in many cities Thursday. This combined with winds gusting 15-30 mph will make it feel below zero at times through Friday morning," said Ed Vallee, head meteorologist at Vallee Weather Consulting.

Identity Politics Has Destroyed The West By Dividing Genders and Races Into Hostile Camps

Intro. by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: In the West today free speech no longer exists. Even in the universities you can only say what Identity Politics wants to hear. Everything else is censored. The press can only tell the lies that serve the elite agendas. Science itself is under assault as “a white male construct.”
Apparently I am too dangerous to be
let loose on innocent students. News to me
Joanna Williams: “It seems that, in the eyes of student protesters, there is no distinction between words and violence; words are violence.” 
I was shocked last week to discover that I oppose the survival of women. As a woman, I’ve always been quite keen on survival, but members of the Intersectional Feminist Society at King’s College London think otherwise, and who am I to disagree?
In their petition calling for me to be “no-platformed” from a university event I was due to speak at, they argued I was “someone who opposes women, trans and non-binary people and their well-being and survival”, making me too dangerous to be let loose on innocent students.

Dante In Ring Of Lust Saw Men Being Purified Of Their Sexual Sins - Not Castrated

Jacob embracing angel, by Rembrandt Led by Virgil his guide, Dante in Purgatory came upon the ring of lust:
And here the walls shot out a blast of flame,
but the ring sent a breeze from down below,
driving it back and sheltering a slim
pathway along the unprotected edge,
for walking one by one. This side, I feared
the fire; that side, the sheer fall from the ledge.
“All round this ring,” my guide began to say,
“you’d better keep a tight rein on the eyes.
On small misstep and you’ll have gone astray.”

{ Quivi la ripa fiamma in fuor balestra,
e la cornice spira fiato in suso
che la reflette e via da lei sequestra;
ond’ ir ne convenia dal lato schiuso
ad uno ad uno; e io temëa ‘l foco
quinci, e quindi temeva cader giuso.
Lo duca mio dicea: “Per questo loco
si vuol tenere a li occhi stretto il freno,
però ch’errar potrebbesi per poco.” } [1]

Nothing In Any Conspiracy Theory Is As Bad As What’s Being Done Out In The Open

The world’s leading sponsors of terrorism are Saudi Arabia, along with the Jewish state Israel & Zionist vassal United States.
By Caitlin Johnstone: Yesterday President Trump posted a statement on the White House website saying his administration will be standing with the House of Saud despite the CIA’s assertion that Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman personally ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist who was living and working in the United States.

The statement reads like a long form version of one of Trump’s tweets, replete with gratuitous exclamation points and slogans like “America First!” and the lie that Iran is “the world’s leading sponsor of terror”, which will never be true no matter how many times this administration deliberately repeats it. The world’s leading sponsor of terrorism is of course Saudi Arabia, along with Israel and the United States.

Life Secrets

'You are far more powerful than you’ve ever imagined. I’m not blowing smoke up your ass, it’s just a fact.'
By Caitlin Johnstone: When it comes to the big questions, what life is all about and what’s really going on here, everyone else is exactly as clueless as you are. The only difference is that some people are better at feigning confidence than others.
Anyone who thinks they’ve got life all figured out is suffering from a psychedelic drug deficiency.
The three most overlooked and under-appreciated things in human experience are (1) consciousness itself, (2) the extent to which compulsive thinking habits dominate our lives, and (3) the extent to which mass media propaganda influences the way we think.
There is a deep, abiding peace just beneath the shifting sensory input and flailing, babbling mental chatter. It isn’t something lofty or distant that you need to strive for to obtain; it is here presently, and you can recognize it right now.