25 Nov 2018

A Guidebook For The Falsely Accused

Diana Davison: I've decided to write a book about false accusations and what I've learned so far.

Discussing The State Of Ireland & Europe

CF: Discussing Ireland, Northern Ireland and Europe with Justin Barrett of The National Party

All US Gov't Accusations Against Russia's Gov't Are Lies

'They were the same snipers, killing people from both sides - so, Poroshenko himself knows that his regime is based on a false-flag U.S.-controlled coup d’etat against his predecessor, Yanukovych - and he even said as much.'
Authored by Eric Zuesse: THE FIRST ACCUSATION, which is the source of the Magnitsky Act sanctions against Russia, was in 2012 under U.S. President Barack Obama, and it alleged that Sergei Magnitsky had been a whistleblower in Russia who was a lawyer who uncovered corruption in Russia’s Government and was imprisoned for that and beaten to death there for that.
Magnitsky was, in fact, no whistleblower, and no lawyer, but the accountant of American billionaire Bill Browder, who had been charged by the Russian Government (and who then fled Russia) as having tax-defrauded the Russian Government of $230 million. And, Magnitsky’s death in prison was due to inadequate medical care of his pancreatitis by the medical personnel there, not (as Browder alleged) to any “beating.”

Planet War: Still Trapped In A Greater Middle Eastern Quagmire, US Military Prepares For Global Combat

"The US stands alone in history as the only country to militarize the whole globe (with space thrown in) in preparation for taking on just about anyone."
By Danny Sjursen: One thing soon became clear to me in my new digs: much had changed. The U.S. military had, in fact, gone global in a big way. Frustrated by its inability to close the deal on any of the indecisive counterterror wars of this century, Washington had decided it was time to prepare for “real” war with a host of imagined enemies. This process had, in fact, been developing right under our noses for quite a while. You remember in 2013 when President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began talking about a “pivot” to Asia — an obvious attempt to contain China. Obama also sanctioned Moscow and further militarized Europe in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine and the Crimea. President Trump, whose “instincts,” on the campaign trail, were to pull out of America’s Middle Eastern quagmires, turned out to be ready to escalate tensions with China, Russia, Iran, and even (for a while) North Korea.

History Suppressed: Censorship And Hasbara [Pro-Jewish Zionist Spin] In The Jewish Apartheid State Israel’s Archives

Troves of looted Palestinian books, documents, photographs
and films from as early as the 1930s are sealed in Israel’s archives and libraries. Palestinians see the censorship as part of a wider trend of physical and cultural erasure that continues to this day.  Concealing the archival record devilishly denies Palestinians the tools to communicate their own history.
From Al Jazeera: Sealed in Israel‘s archives and libraries are troves of Palestinian books, documents, photographs and films that were looted from Palestinian institutions and personal archives by Jewish militias and later, the Israeli military.