26 Nov 2018

Russia Is Disadvantaged By Her Belief That The West Is Governed By Law

'The US military/security complex prefers the risk of nuclear war to any diminution of its $1,000 billion annual budget.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Ukrainian military ships have violated Russian restrictions in the Sea of Azov and Articles 19 and 21 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. The Ukrainian Navy crossed the Russian sea border and entered a closed area of Russian territorial waters. Clearly, Washington was behind this as Ukraine would not undertake such a provocation on its own. Here is an accurate explanation of the event: https://www.rt.com/news/444857-russia-ukraine-kerch-strait-standoff/
The Russian Navy detained the Ukrainian ships. Of course, the Western presstitutes, most of whom are CIA assets, will blame “Russian aggression.” Washington and its presstitutes are doing everything they can to make impossible Trump’s expressed goal of normal relations with Russia. NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu quickly aligned NATO with Ukraine: “NATO fully supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity, including its navigation rights in its territorial waters.”

Bettina Arndt Exposes Male-Bashing Lies In State Television Propaganda 'Documentary'

Bettina Arndt shows how SBS, one of Australia's public broadcasters, misrepresented survey results to claim we are an appallingly sexist country.

Captured Ukrainian Sailors Admit To "Provoking" Russian Navy, Interrogation Video Shows

UkraineBy Tyler Durden: After reportedly arresting some two dozen Ukrainian sailors following Sunday's near-confrontation in the Kerch Strait between Ukraine and Russian naval ships, Russia's FSB security service has released video of three men admitting that they provoked Russia into forcefully halting the Ukrainian ships. 
One of the crew members, who is identified by Russian media as Andrey Drach, an agent with the Main Directorate of Military Counterintelligence of Ukraine’s Security Service, said Russia’s Coast Guard repeatedly warned the Ukrainian ships against entering Russian water.
"On the way to Mariupol through the Kerch Strait we reached the territorial waters of the Russian Federation where the Border Service of the Russian Federation warned us that that we violated the legislation of the Russian Federation. They told us repeatedly to leave the territorial waters of the Russian Federation."

This Is The Way Physics Ends. Not With A Big Bang, But A Feminist Whimper

By : We live in the era of the forced apology, and so it’s refreshing to see theoretical particle physicist Alessandro Strumia of the University of Pisa, refusing to apologize for defending science from feminist blitzkrieg. Unsurprisingly, thousands of Strumia’s colleagues are now denouncing him in a disturbing example of the war on science being waged across the western world today.
It has become a truism that any academic field in which the number of women is not at least equal to the number of men must be a field in which sexism is keeping women out. Any man who contends that there is no sexism in his field is immediately held up as one of sexism’s most dangerous exemplars.
We’re talking about elite fields in academia, not dirty and dangerous male-dominated jobs like front-line soldiering, long-haul trucking, garbage collection, street paving, commercial fishing, mining, logging, roofing, sanitation, construction, sewer repair, and so on. Feminists aren’t fighting to get more women into these jobs. Hence these jobs are never the focus of panels of outraged experts or public statements by academics who have made comfortable and well paying careers out of enforcing male guilt.

ITALEAVE Follows BREXIT: Salvini Takes Control Of Europe's Future - And The Goldman-Sachs Banksters' Angle

The destruction of Greece was all about protecting Goldman-Sachs. ..."and if it’s Goldman again then expect the biggest fight yet for the future of the EU. If Salvini plays it right, Italeave not Brexit becomes the clarion call for ending the Davos Crowd’s push for global control."
Authored by Tom Luongo: Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini just declared himself the leader of the Europe’s future.  He refuses to budge one inch in negotiations with the European Union over Italy’s budget now threatening to take down the government.
And in doing this he not only speaks for Italians, he is now speaking for that growing part of the European population who sees what the EU is morphing into and recoiling in horror.
Protests in France over Emmanuel Macron’s new tax on diesel have turned violent.  The British leadership has completely betrayed the people over Brexit.  They may win this battle but the animosity towards the Britain’s leadership will only grow more virulent over time.

Virginia Hefferman - The Empire’s Whore - And Naveed Jamali - The Scum Of The Earth

"There is no more despicable, sniveling waste of space on this earth than someone who attacks the powerless on behalf of the powerful while calling themselves a journalist. ...They are the scum that scum scrapes off its shoes.
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The First Amendment Is About To Be Deep-sixed While Democrats, Republicans and Media Cheer
“Reporters who bash Julian Assange while he is silenced instead of using their platforms to draw attention to the many, many wicked deeds that are being perpetrated by the powerful in their own country are the lowest of the low. They are scum. They are the scum that scum scrapes off its shoes. There is no more despicable, sniveling waste of space on this earth than someone who attacks the powerless on behalf of the powerful while calling themselves a journalist.”
In the articles below, Caitlin Johnstone deplores that there are people who will tell any lie to help the Empire destroy a truth-teller in exchange for career advancement. The ranks of the Western media are filled with assets of the Deep State who place zero value on integrity and honesty. As there is no legal case against Assange, the Empire uses its media assets to brainwash an insouciant public into believing that Assange deserves to be prosecuted, thus not seeing the show trial staged in front of their eyes.

West Bank Land Thief AKA 'Settler' And American Patriot

“For decades now so many liberal Jews have been pushing for cultural Marxism. So many Jewish political leaders are behind this. The movement is funded by George Soros who is clearly a Jew."
Yonatan Stern interviewed by Gilad Atzmon: After the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, I posted a short news item about Cherev Gidon, an ‘Israeli Tactical Training Academy’ in Pennsylvania. The Israeli-style military school teaches American Jews some of the IDF commando’s essential manoeuvres. Yonatan Stern, Cherev Gidon’s founder, contacted me a day later. He said that my report had been balanced. He wrote an open and intellectually engaging note. I replied, asking whether he would agree to an interview. We met earlier this week in a kosher pizzeria in Monticello, a small town in the Catskills of New York.
Those who follow my work know that despite my sharp disagreements with Zionism, Israeli politics and West Bank setters in particular, I find more honesty in Right Wing Zionism than in the entire spectrum of the Jewish Identitarian Left.