1 Dec 2018

Julian Assange’s Trials

"What we are watching unfold in front of our eyes is the criminalisation of journalism."
The fate of Julian Assange is unclear. Washington is determined that he be sent to the U.S. to face criminal charges, most likely under the 1917 Espionage Act. The British government is more than happy to make this happen. Even the Ecuadorians are in on the act. What we are watching unfold in front of our eyes is the criminalisation of journalism.

More Vaccines

People playing God are causing more illness than they are curing.
The New York Times reports that the greatest risk to infants of pertussis infection comes from older siblings, but leaves out key parts of the story.
By Jeremy R. Hammond: The New York Times reports on a new study finding that the greatest risk to infants of being infected with the bacteria that causes whooping cough, or pertussis, now comes from their older siblings. The Times explains that this is “probably a result of waning immunity among children and adolescents who had received the DTaP vaccine.”
Indeed, waning immunity is a serious problem with the DTaP combination vaccine (which contains diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis antigens). One recent study published in Pediatrics concluded, “Tdap protection wanes within 2 to 4 years. Lack of long-term protection after vaccination is likely contributing to increases in pertussis among adolescents.”
But the Times is misleading its readers by telling only one part of the story, leaving readers with the impression that simply giving more “booster” shots would solve the problem.
It wouldn’t.

UN Migration Pact: Europe & Ireland

"Make no mistake, this pact is designed to replace
native populations of Western nations as quickly as possible, so that any and all nationalist movements
will be neutralised!"

Corrupted Justice - The Illustrated Empathy Gap

By MRA-UK: This post is really an excuse to introduce this trailer for a forthcoming film,
The complete film will appear in a few months. Watch this space. With calls for juries to be scrapped in rape trials, and the new DPP, Max Hill, promising to continue his predecessor’s inadequate addressing of disclosure, the message of this film is of ever increasing relevance.
One of the surest signs of approaching totalitarianism is the corruption of justice. Here are some foundational principles of justice,
  • Everyone is equal before the law, irrespective of race or creed or sex;
  • Everyone has the right to be regarded as innocent until proven guilty;
  • Everyone accused of an indictable criminal offence, and pleading not guilty, has the right to be judged by his, or her, peers – the right to a trial by jury;
  • Everyone has a right to expect all available evidence and testimony to be brought before the court.
All these principles of justice, so long revered in this country, are either already being broken or are under imminent threat of being demolished.

Jewish Apartheid State Israel's Supreme Court Backs Torture Of Goyim And Shiksas

Israeli apartheid agency Shin Bet admitted to the use of torture on Palestinian prisoner Fares Tbeish, but claimed the actions were necessary; Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the “enhanced interrogation” methods were acceptable. This is the second such ruling in the last 12 months. A number of human rights groups have documented “routine use of torture” by Israeli forces, although the practice is against international law.
From Middle East Monitor: The Israeli Supreme Court has been accused of providing further backing to the torture of Palestinians by Israeli forces, following the rejection on Monday of a case brought by a Palestinian prisoner and Israeli human rights group.
According to the Jerusalem Post, the court – sitting as the High Court of Justice – ruled that the torture used on Fares Tbeish by Shin Bet agents in September 2012 was not illegal, classifying the methods used as permitted “enhanced interrogation”.
"This is an apartheid system that cannot be salvaged. Torture is only one of its aspects,”

UK MP Philip Davies Delivers MGM Bombshell!

By : After a scheduled “adjournment” in the main chamber of the House of Commons (home of the British Parliament) last week predictably failed to happen (it was the last item in a packed schedule and time ran out); Philip Davies managed to secure a lengthier debate, albeit in Westminster Hall rather than the main chamber yesterday (Thursday 29th November).
A highly exciting excerpt from the Hansard Record of Philip Davies’ opening address:

“I also want to touch on male circumcision: male genital mutilation. According to a barrister’s opinion, carrying out circumcision on males when there is no medical need—non-therapeutic circumcision—is a crime under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, being at least actual bodily harm if not grievous bodily harm.

Relentless Totalitarianism Toward What Ends? Depopulation & Global Rule

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson: We’re going to open up this article with a summary of some things that have happened just in the past week, with sources attributed where applicable or necessary:
As of November 23, 2018, it was reported in an article by Guns in the News entitled “Red-Flag laws only lead to gun confiscation,” that 46 gun grabs by red-flag laws have occurred in Oregon, and another 36 in Maryland with 114 requests for the grabs being filed in the courts in the latter state.
The New York Times’ Liz Alderman reported on 11/21/18 that 4,000+ Swedes have accepted microchips to eliminate the use of cash (erroneously believing the desire to do so is theirs). The article is entitled Sweden’s Push to Get Rid of Cash Has Some Saying, ‘Not So Fast’.” Later on, the article mentions Christine Lagarde, the woman who heads the IMF (International Monetary Fund) as stating that digital currency needs to be investigated further. If she is involved in it, and the IMF? You had better run for cover. Half of Sweden’s banks no longer accept cash deposits, and the article leads off with a photo of a couple of “soy boys” (Ragnar Lodbruk must be turning over in his grave) in a cafe that accepts no cash.