2 Dec 2018

BDS Victory: 2 Cool U.S. Police Departments Drop Out Of Training Program With Jewish Apartheid State Israel

As a result of public pressure, the Vermont State Police and the police department for Northampton Massachusetts have decided to pull out of the ADL-sponsored, all-expenses-paid “Resiliency and Counterterrorism” program in Israel. The seminar highlights methods Israel uses to “thwart terrorism within its framework of a democratic and multicultural nation.”
BDS victory:  2 U.S. Police Departments Drop Out of  Training Program With IsraelPolice officers search house to house for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, in a neighborhood in Watertown, Massachusetts April 19, 2013. Credit: REUTERS/Brian Snyder
By Amir Tibon: Two police departments in the northeastern United States decided over the past week to cancel their participation in a program that involves visiting Israel and meeting Israeli police officers, due to public pressure by a coalition of progressive organisations, including a number of groups affiliated with the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment movement (BDS).

This is the first time in the program’s two decades that political pressure has led to police departments cancelling their participation.

Doctor Jekyll And Miss Hyde - Redonkulas' Ex-Wife

"If you're gonna get fucked, might as well get fucked."
Redonkulas: Some people have a public life and a private life. That second life is private for a reason. Sometimes it's pure evil.

Visualizing Eastern Europe's Deadly HIV Problem

By Tyler Durden: Saturday marked World AIDS Day which aims to promote awareness of the disease and mourn those who have died from it.
As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, the event came into existence in 1988 and it has been widely observed by health officials, governments and non-governmental organizations since then.
One aspect of HIV which needs to be highlighted more frequently is its growing infection rate across Eastern Europe and Russia in particular.
Infographic: Eastern Europe's Deadly HIV Problem | Statista

Western Presstitutes Spread Military Industrial Complex Lies

Never, Ever Forget The Guardian/Politico Psyop Against WikiLeaks
By Caitlin Johnstone: For the first few hours after any new “bombshell” Russiagate story comes out, my social media notifications always light up with poorly written posts by liberal establishment loyalists saying things like “HAHAHA @caitoz this proves you wrong now will you FINALLY stop denying Russian collusion???” Then, when people start actually analyzing that story and noting that it comes nowhere remotely close to proving that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election, those same people always forget to come back afterward and admit to me that they were wrong again.

Yellow Vests And The Cantillon Effect

Max and Stacy discuss the Cantillon Effect in action around the world as metropolitan areas where the elite reside get the newly printed central bank money first and a rising standard of living, but only at the expense of the ‘basket of deplorables’ further down the money printing chain. In the second half, Max interviews Chris Martenson of PeakProsperity.com about the economic gap created by central bank money printing and where it all goes from here as political instability rises.

There Is No Case Against Julian Assange So Lies Take the Place of Evidence

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Julian Assange is not guilty of any crime. But Washington is going to convict him anyway. Documents are being fabricated to show that Assange met inside the Ecuadoran Embassy in London with Paul Manafort and some Russians.
The logs of all visits to the Embassy have been released and show no such meetings.
This latest fabrication was dumped on the public by the Guardian, formerly a leftwing newspaper but today a MI6 asset. Luke Harding who was leaked the fake documents is either extremely gullible or himself a MI6 asset.
The purpose of the leak is to create in the public’s mind that Assange was involved in “Russiagate” along with Trump and Putin. The fact that no evidence has been found that Russiagate exists except as a made-up allegation to justify a special prosecutor to investigate President Trump has not stopped the continued use of this canard.
Washington and London are relying on the public’s insouciance to shield their shamelessness.

Genocide Today: 21,000 'Gaza' Concentration Camp Semites Shot By Jewish Anti-Semites - Now At Risk Of Fatal Infection

Palestinians in Jewish concentration camp 'Gaza' are dealing with more fallout from the Jewish state blockade – and their protest against it. Now in addition to thousands of gunshot wounds from Jewish death forces IDF, and their accompanying disabilities and amputations, many are at risk of infection. The healthcare sector is lacking in supplies because it's a concentration camp; patients can not go abroad for treatment because it's a concentration camp. One Israeli human rights org reports over 180 Palestinians killed (31 of them little children and babies) and 21,000 injured.
MSF: 1,000 Gazans shot by Israel at risk of fatal infectionAnother injured Palestinian kid receives medical care after Jewish death forces IDF fired at Palestinians during the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip on 5 November 2018
From Middle East Monitor: International medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) has said that more than 1,000 Gazans shot by Israel are at risk of infection, which could lead to permanent disabilities or death.