3 Dec 2018

After National Currency Rapist 'The Dark Lord' Soros Flees Turkey, Will He Flee The Rest Of The "Global South" Too?

"It’s still too early to say, but the tide might finally be turning against Soros in the 'Global South'..."
Authored by Andrew Korybko: Soros’ “Open Society Foundation” decided to leave Turkey.
The organization’s representatives said that it was due to the recent accusations that they’ve meddled in the country’s internal affairs, which is an allusion to President Erdogan’s claims last week about their involvement in the 2013 Gezi Park Color Revolution attempt and is ironically the group’s raison d’etre.
Truth be told, they’re making a responsible move after seeing the writing on the wall and calculating that a crackdown would be imminent if they don’t leave on their own volition, which works out to be a win-win for both their organization and the government. The “Open Society Foundation” can evacuate its foreign assets from the country and disband its public network, while the state doesn’t have to endure the weaponized infowar campaign that the Mainstream Media would predictably launch if Turkey undertook Russian-like measures to kick this organization out of the country.

Hate Speech: Messages For Men 2018

It's a speech about hate.
Maybe this too will soon be illegal.

Theresa May Caught In Massive Lie

Authored by Mike Shedlock: Theresa May refused to publish the complete legal analysis of the agreement she signed. Leaked analysis proves she lied.
Great Deal for the EU, Not the UK
On November 26, Trump proclaimed the Brexit Agreement ‘Sounds Like a Great Deal for the EU’.

Diagnosing Gynocentrism

'The gynocentric mobius strip is a readily observable social phenomenon.'
By : When we discuss men’s issues in the manosphere, the term “gynocentrism” is often attributed as the primary causal factor driving the marginalisation of men and boys in society. Understanding the nature of the force men are fighting, is a critically important step in developing effective strategies and possible solutions to the numerous issues men and boys are facing in society. Peter Wright at Gynocentrism.com[1], defines and describes gynocentrism and discusses its cultural origins and biological underpinnings on his website.
Gynocentrism manifests itself in relationships and the culture in many ways. However, this is not always obvious. One of the powerful characteristics of gynocentrism, is how subtle it is and how easily gynocentric bigotry can be disguised and hidden from our perception. Society is complex and often there are a multitude of variables involved in any activity, practice or set of behaviours etc. Gynocentrism can blend in with these other variables and the complexity of society can help push it into the background of our perception.
The biological drivers of gynocentrism[2], also play a role in masking it from our perception. Gynocentrism is the product of superresponses to sexual and emotional superstimuli and these responses undoubtedly filter our perception, as well as produce the behaviours that give rise to gynocentrism.

'A Clockwork Macron' - Yellow Mayhem

By William Banzai7: The globalist misdirection in Europe seems to have been to lead the people to believe they are doing swell compared to the human squalor to be seen in the apparently "imaginary" no go zones"... Suddenly, that trick has lost its efficacy in a mass epiphany sparked by another grand misdirection: the urgent need for ordinary people to sacrifice their well-being to fight the evil scourge of global warming. They are running out of cardboard bogeymen.
Is Macron's Euro-Army meant to defend against the evil axis of China, Russia and the USSA (baloney), recover control of "no go zones" (not likely) or beat down the EURO-proles who are awakening?  A Clockwork Macron...

There Is Suddenly A Far Bigger European Problem Than Brexit Or Italy

Authord Michael Msika: Forget Brexit and Italian populists for a second. It’s worth paying attention to what’s going on in France.
For more than two weeks, the country has been disrupted by an unusual protest: the so-called “Gilets Jaunes” or “Yellow Vests.” France is used to labor unrest and chaos affecting transport of course, with strikes something of a national pastime.
But this time it’s different.
Some 100,000 people blocking toll roads, petrol stations and crossroads is creating major disruption to transport and retail. It’s also proving to be extremely tricky to defuse, as there’s no single protest leader to negotiate with.