11 Dec 2018

Predatory Lending As The Way to Respectability + Hold On To Your Private Keys

Max and Stacy discuss the otherwise progressive apologist for a predatory lender who Obama 'The Baby Bomber' wanted to run for President in 2020. They also look at the story of a drug smuggler turned predatory lender who is using the justice system to seize assets from his ‘clients.’ In the second half, Max interviews Michael Pento of PentoPort.com about the latest in markets and yield curves: does the inverted yield curve even mean anything?

Israeli Intel Officer: Great Insight Into Goering's Admirable Nuremberg Testimony - Russian Talk Show

'(The Allies) didn't want the trials because they were colonial countries. They owned Africa. It was not in their interest. How could they have condemned racial discrimination?"
By Mark Boden: Great talk show TV from Russia. The officer explains that Stalin insisted that Nazi war criminals receive a trial rather than be immediately executed, to the consternation of Churchill and De Gaulle.
The Nuremberg trials allowed a remarkable speech by Nazi leader Göring, who was a brilliant orator, in which he pointed out Western hypocrisy over racial war crimes: the Allies, after all, maintained their own form of racism in their colonies, and the Americans practiced segregation. Who were they to lecture Germans on racial oppression?
The wily Stalin new this would come up, and looked forward to scoring propaganda points against his hypocritical and cynical allies.
Göring’s speech so impressed the American sergeant guarding him, that he procured the poison with which Goring took his own life, avoiding the humiliation of a public hanging.

THe KiNG oF THe RiCH ~ William Banzai7

Why The Presstitutes Lie

By Caitlin Johnstone: Why do lame stream media reporters within ostensibly free democracies act just like state media propagandists? Why are they so reliably pro-establishment, all throughout every mainstream outlet? Why do they so consistently marginalize any idea that doesn’t fit within the extremely narrow Overton window of acceptable opinion?Why does anyone who inconveniences western establishment power always find themselves on the losing end of a trial by media? Why are they so dependably adversarial toward anything that could be perceived as a flaw in any nation outside the US-centralized power alliance, and so dependably forgiving of the flaws of the nations within it?
The way I see it there are only two possible explanations for the unanimous consensus in mass media on these issues:
Explanation 1: The consensus exists because the mass media reporters are all telling the truth all the time.
Explanation 2: The consensus exists because there is some kind of system in place which keeps all mass media reporters lying to us and painting a false picture about what’s going on in the world.

US Tries To Stop Ireland Banning Imports From Jewish Apartheid State Israel’s Colonialist Settlements

By Ciaran Tierney: A prominent US politician has lobbied Irish lawmakers to reject a proposed ban on imports from Israel’s illegal settlements.

Veteran US lawmaker Peter King has lobbied against an Irish attempt to ban goods from Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank. Bill Clark CQ Roll Call Photos/Newscom
Peter King, a member of Congress for New York, is among those who have opposed a bill being debated in Dublin.
Although the bill – aimed at forbidding goods from Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank – seeks to uphold international law, King has depicted it as subversive.
King has tried to convince Fianna Fáil, one of Ireland’s largest parties, to withdraw its support for the proposed ban.
“It is critical that countries and leaders interested in facilitating a lasting peace amongst Israelis and Palestinians not serve to empower the most radical, who have no interest in seeking peace,” King stated in an email message addressed to Fianna Fáil’s team in the Oireachtas, Ireland’s national parliament.

Russia Deploys Nuclear-Capable Tu-160 Bombers To Venezuela

Maduro called Russia a “brother country”...
Russian Tu-160 strategic bomber
By Tyler Durden: Previously US defense officials warned that Russia was preparing to deploy nuclear-capable Tu-160 Blackjack bombers to Venezuela this week in continuation of scheduled training, but which Pentagon leaders see as a provocation, given both countries are under sanction and seen as "rogue" states. This comes as President Nicolas Maduro, who is overseeing one of Venezuela's worst political and economic crisis in decades, has been increasingly reliant of Russia for aid, and after he visited Moscow last week and signed an estimated $6 billion deal with Putin, promising investment in the oil and mining sectors, with military modernization aid to boot.
The US defense officials had conveyed details of the planned flight to The Washington Free Beacon, which is the seventh such training flight to take place internationally involving Blackjack bombers in only the past three months.

News: Science Is A Tool Of The Patriarchy "It's The Devil!"

"Over population is so bad, we need to empower women. Oh god the native population is going extinct, err, we need to, empower women?" Said Turd Flinging Monkey.

Baby, Just GO Outside ~ Men's Rights Christmas Carol

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