16 Dec 2018

"Inclusive" WSU Stocks Men's Bathrooms With, ...Free Menstrual Products?

The idea of stocking men’s restrooms
with tampons and sanitary napkins
is “pretty ridiculous,” it is 
“indicative that we live in a clown world.”
Authored by Celine Ryan: In an effort to demonstrate its “commitment to inclusivity,” Washington State University has begun stocking men’s restrooms with free menstrual products.
The initiative is one of many focusing on “improving the transgender community experience on campus,” and is currently being tested in three restrooms on the Pullman, Wash. campus.  The university is in the process of “assessing similar needs” at other WSU campuses to determine which men’s rooms will receive new accommodations. 
Additional changes include allowing students to choose a name other than their legal name for their student identification card and a new policy requiring all new buildings to have gender-neutral single-user restrooms. Some individuals found the practice of requiring a legal name on student identification cards “alienating” for transgender students who use chosen names.

What China Should Do

Ron Unz Explains...
“Adelson’s fortune of $33 billion ranks him as the 15th wealthiest man in America, and the bulk of his fortune is based on his ownership of extremely lucrative gambling casinos in Macau, China. In effect, the Chinese government currently has its hands around the financial windpipe of the man ultimately responsible for Ms. Meng’s arrest and whose pro-Israel minions largely control American foreign policy. I very much doubt that they are fully aware of this enormous, untapped source of political leverage.” 
By Ron Unz: As most readers know, I’m not a casual political blogger and I prefer producing lengthy research articles rather than chasing the headlines of current events. But there are exceptions to every rule, and the looming danger of a direct worldwide clash with China is one of them.
Consider the arrest last week of Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei, the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer.

Pornocracy: Rule By Whores In Tenth-Century Italy

Gynocentrism typically operates with front men as nominal rulers. Occasionally gynocentrism reveals itself in direct gynokratia, or in a variant, pornocracy (rule by whores). The leading historical example of pornocracy is tenth-century Italy. Sharing a name with the celebrated Byzantine Empress Theodora, Theodora I was the matriarch of tenth-century Italian pornocracy. A learned and nearly contemporary official characterized her as a “shameless harlot {scortum impudens}.” Wife of Theophylact I, Count of Tusculum, Theodora I became a senatrix, a female member of the Roman Senate.[1] Historians, who have been overwhelmingly men, failed to credit in detail her specific sexual achievements. She is known, however, to have produced two strong, independent daughters: Marozia and her younger sister Theodora II. Compared to their mother, these daughters were “not just her equals but if anything even faster in the exercise of Venus {sibi non solum coaequales, verum etiam Veneris exercitio promptiores}.”
Marozia, also called a “shameless harlot {scortum impudens},” married three times and probably had many lovers.

Bettina Arndt On How Feminism Fuels Vindictive Women

"The willingness of women to use really trivial issues to destroy men's careers has been just appalling to watch."
Bettina Arndt is interviewed by Andrew Bolt about how feminism has gone off the rails.

Some Stereotypes Are Permissible

By : I was driving home from my brother’s home last week when I stopped at a set of lights. I happened to glance to my left at a series of billboards promoting various local musical productions and sporting clubs. One of them wasn’t promoting any sport or musical- it was calling for an end to violence against women in the Maroondah District. Aside from being a very geographically specific slogan, it hit me in the gut as these disgustingly bigoted advertisements always do.
As I waited for the red light to change, I decided I was going to do something about it this time! No writing an article for AVFM or posting a letter to the council demanding an end to this demonization of men. I was going to be a lawbreaker. I began to fantasize about what I was going to do. Did we have permanent markers at home? Would paint be a better option? I would have to do the deed in the wee hours of the morning when barely a soul was awake, let alone driving down Maroondah Highway.
What would I write? How could I ensure my outrage and the absolute injustice of such a billboard was crystal clear to anyone who happened to read my additional text?
I looked at the large board and began to see more issues arising by the second. As I wear a prosthesis, getting into a position where I could write legibly and keep myself balanced and steady was important.

Bare-Breasted 'Mariannes' Face Off With French Police; Tear Gas, Pepper Spray Used On Protesting Yellow Vests

By Tyler Durden: Week five of Yellow Vest demonstrations turned violent after protesters in Paris began to scuffle with police.
Just under 70,000 police have been mobilized across France in an effort to contain some 33,500 estimated protesters - a much lower turnout than in previous weeks, while the Yellow Vest movement itself has spread to several countries across Europe, as well as Iraq, Israel and even Canada. 
Less than 3,000 protesters descended on Paris so far on Saturday, compared to 8,000 or so last week. Of those, 114 people had been detained in the capital - around 20% of last week's figure.