17 Dec 2018

Canceling Debt To Avoid Economic Crisis + A Looming Hot War For The Internet Age

"Macron is a bankster, he was put there by the bankstering establishment to create the scenario to allow for this interest rate apartheid to continue. We all live in a state of artificially low interest rates for them, high rates for us and now its Game On!"
Max and Stacy discuss David Graeber’s thought piece about the #GiletsJaunes and how the fact that intellectuals have failed to understand it proves we are living in revolutionary times. Graeber notes, as Keiser Report had only last month, that Cantillon effect has created the mass disparity in wealth against which those who must pay for this disparity are rising up.

Patreon Problem And Solution: Dave Rubin And Jordan Peterson + Social Media Mobs And Monsters

Harvard Study Shows Gender Wage Gap Explained By Work Choices

Independent Man:
Harvard University deals another blow
to the gender wage gap.

70% Chance Of NATO-Russia Combat: "US Ready To Fight To The Last Brit"

Hungarian scholar George Szamuely tells Ann Garrison that he sees a 70 percent chance of combat between NATO and Russia following the incident in the Kerch Strait and that it is being fueled by Russia-gate.
An Interview with George Szamuely
Authored by Ann Garrison: George Szamuely is a Hungarian-born scholar and Senior Research Fellow at London’s Global Policy Institute. He lives in New York City. I spoke to him about escalating hostilities on Russia’s Ukrainian and Black Sea borders and about Exercise Trident Juncture, NATO’s massive military exercise on Russian borders which ended just as the latest hostilities began.
Ann Garrison: George, the hostilities between Ukraine, NATO, and Russia continue to escalate in the Sea of Azov, the Kerch Strait, and the Black Sea. What do you think the latest odds of a shooting war between NATO and Russia are, if one hasn’t started by the time this is published?
George Szamuely: Several weeks ago, when we first talked about this, I said 60 percent. Now I’d say, maybe 70 percent. The problem is that Trump seems determined to be the anti-Obama. Obama, in Trump’s telling, “allowed” Russia to take Crimea and to “invade” Ukraine. Therefore, it will be up to Trump to reverse this. Just as he, Trump, reversed Obama’s policy on Iran by walking away from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal. So expect ever-increasing US involvement in Ukraine.

Proof Of Consent Banned From Court

"The law is now a farce!"

How Emperor Otto The Great Judged Pope Accused Of Raping Women

In our ignorant and barbaric age, the preferred approach to handling accusations that a man committed sexual offenses against a woman is to listen and believe the woman, have the leading organs of public propaganda sensationally denounce the man, and then have a cathartic celebration of public hate directed at him. In tenth-century Europe, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great (Otto I) took a much more reasoned, deliberative approach when Pope John XII was accused of rape and other serious crimes. Studying this history, as well as the long history of false accusations of rape, can contribute to overcoming the oppressive structures of gender inequality in criminal justice.
The charge that Pope John XII raped women emerged when Otto sent inquires to Rome about apparently seditious activity. Otto’s messengers gathered a report from a number of reputable Romans. According to this report, Pope John XII was carrying on a sexual affair with the widow of the soldier Rainerius. Moreover, John was giving to her golden crosses and chalices that were ancient, prized possessions of the Church.

Facts & Latest News On Gaza Concentration Camp Male, Female, Child And Baby Inmates' Great March Of Return

'December deaths include a 4-year-old boy who was shot twice with expanding bullets.'
Facts & latest news on Gaza Great March of Return (periodically updated)
Since March 30, Palestinian fugees in the Gaza Strip concentration camp - including families, men, women, children and little babies have gathered along the Israeli border to highlight their dispossession and incarceration in 1948 and protest the growing humanitarian catastrophe. 
Jewish Israeli death forces IDF have killed about 240 and injured over 25,000 protesters, including men, women, children, disabled individuals, medics, babies and journalists, since the beginning of the Great Return March on Palestinian Land. Many have been shot in the back. Go here to learn the details of each murder.