22 Dec 2018

I Feel No Sympathy For Illegal Jewish Israeli Land Thieves AKA "Settlers"

'To imprison even more of their neighbors, to destroy their homes, to kill, to arrest, block roads and exact more revenge. ...Their own wild militias raid the Palestinians, throw stones at their vehicles, set their fields on fire and wreak terror on their villages. ...Not satisfied with the collective punishment imposed by the army and the Shin Bet security service, exercised with cruelty and criminality. The settlers’ lust for revenge is never satisfied. How is it possible to identify with the grief of people who behave like that?'
By Gideon Levy: I do not sympathize with people who profiteer from tragedy. I have no sympathy for robbers. I have no sympathy for the settlers. I have no sympathy for the settlers not even when they are hit by tragedy. A pregnant woman was wounded and her newborn baby died of its wounds – what can be worse than that? Driving on their roads is frightening, the violent opposition to their presence is growing – and I feel no sympathy for their tragedy, nor do I feel any compassion or solidarity.

Even Under Totalitarianism, The Free Market Finds A Way

Raging Golden Eagle:
It's easy to be disheartened when you realize that moral authoritarians run pretty much every vital aspect of society. Then you realize that despite this fact, people are STILL smart enough to smell the BS!

Daddy I Do - Documentary

"Daddy I Do" is Cassie Jaye's directorial debut and winner of 6 Film Festival awards including the Best Documentary Award at the 2010 Cannes Independent Film Festival, Action on Film Festival, Bare Bones Film Festival, Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, as well as an Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles International Film Festival and Audience Award Winner at the Columbia Gorge Film Festival.

If Truth Cannot Prevail Over Material Agendas We Are Doomed

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Throughout the long Cold War Stephen Cohen, professor of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University was a voice of reason. He refused to allow his patriotism to blind him to Washington’s contribution to the confict and to criticize only the Soviet contribution. Cohen’s interest was not to blame the enemy but to work toward a mutual understanding that would remove the threat of nuclear war. Although a Democrat and left-leaning, Cohen would have been at home in the Reagan administration, as Reagan’s first priority was to end the Cold War. I know this because I was part of the effort. Pat Buchanan will tell you the same thing.
In 1974 a notorious cold warrior, Albert Wohlstetter, absurdly accused the CIA of underestimating the Soviet threat. As the CIA had every incentive for reasons of budget and power to overestimate the Soviet threat, and today the “Russian threat,” Wohlstetter’s accusation made no sense on its face. However he succeeded in stirring up enough concern that CIA director George H.W. Bush, later Vice President and President, agreed to a Team B to investigate the CIA’s assessment, headed by the Russiaphobic Harvard professor Richard Pipes. Team B concluded that the Soviets thought they could win a nuclear war and were building the forces with which to attack the US.

Islington Council v Gilad Atzmon-UK Column News

Gilad Atzmon: A London council that is on the brink of financial collapse was willing to spend tens of thousand of tax payers money hiring one of Britain’s most expensive law firms just to stop me playing saxophone with the Blockheads 4 days ahead of Christmas. Why? Because one ultra rightwing Pro Jewish apartheid Israeli activist complained that he would feel uncomfortable with me on stage. I guess that this sums up what British Labour 2018 is. Let’s hope they improve in 2019 but I don’t hold my breath.

Another NY Times Russia Story Exposed As Bogus

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Jimmy Dore

A Call For Action v 'A Stasi Like Israeli Mission Force'

'Did anyone suppose that the Council’s best use of public funds was to operate as a Stasi like Israeli mission force.'
By Gilad Atzmon: Islington Council has been forced to make 225,000,000  pounds in cuts over the past 8 years and expects to have to cut 50,000,000 more over the next three years. This did not stop the Council from hiring two leading partners (Gideon Benaim and Tom Iverson) from one of Britain’s most expensive law firms (Simkins) plus the costs of counsel to handle the ‘difficult’ matter of bolstering the Council’s ridiculous decision to stop me from playing the saxophone at the Blockheads’ Christmas  concert.
I urge my supporters and every Brit who would like the Council’s funds to be spent on more worthy causes to submit a Freedom of Information request and demand full disclosure of the Council’s legal expenses related to its fear of my saxophone.   We may be able find out how many homeless and disabled Islington residents would have been able to enjoy a warm meal and a roof this Christmas if the Council had stayed out of philosophy and did its job instead. Did anyone suppose that the Council’s best use of public funds was to operate as a Stasi like Israeli mission force.