27 Dec 2018

Fathers, Too, Can Vote With Their Feet

Paul Male


Max and Stacy discuss the cryptocurrency markets reacting to news that one exchange has moved 25% of all Litecoin in existence. The good news was that it was able to transfer so much value for barely any fee at all. The bad news: If an exchange is able to move customer coins that means those same customers do not actually own the coins! It’s barely one step above PayPal, but without the protection against theft. In the second half, Max interviews derivatives trader and analyst Tone Vays of Unconfiscatable.com about the future he sees for bitcoin - both technical and fundamental - and why you should hold your own keys.

The Self-Genocide Of The West

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Stephen Cohen and I are branded “Russian dupes” and “Putin agents,” because we object to the highly orchestrated and false portrayal of Russia as a threat to the West, a portrayal that is leading to war. The purpose of this orchestration is to prevent President Trump or any future president from reducing the dangerous tensions between nuclear powers that have accumulated since the Clinton regime. The military/security complex has resurrected its Cold War enemy so necessary for its outsized budget and power and intends to keep Russia as The Enemy. The Democrats have an interest in the villification of Russia as “Russiagate” explains Hillary’s loss of the 2016 Presidential election and gives Democrats hope of removing President Trump from office. The media lacks independence, knowledge, and integrity and is the tool used by the military/security complex to control explanations, a prostitution of the media that has made the term “presstitutes” an accurate description. As strategic and Russian studies are largely funded by the military/security complex, the universities are also complicit in the march toward nuclear war. Republicans are as dependent as Democrats on funding from the military/security complex and the Israel Lobby.
All of this self-serving is driving America and its vassals to war with Russia, which might also mean with China. The war would be nuclear and be the end of the West, an act of self-genocide. The US national security establishment is so crazed that Trump’s efforts to get off the war track and onto a peace track are characterized as treason and a threat to US national security.

Project Fear: Brexit Under Threat

The people can only be controlled
if they are scared...
Authored by Mark Angelides: The only way to effectively control a population without resorting to violence is to keep them subdued through fear, and this is exactly what is happening to the people of the U.K. as they try to get their democratic rights enacted.
On June 23, 2016, the British people took part in the largest ever democratic exercise in the nation’s history: They voted to leave the confines of the European Union and all of its institutions. The people voted, and the politicians acted. Unfortunately, the Westminster parliamentarians acted in none but their own interest.
More than two years later and Britain is still shackled to a supranational organization that is all too happy to punish the country as an example to others who dare to try to leave.

I Own My Words!

Transcription: Hello Everybody, The smear campaign against me didn’t stop for Christmas. However, it is becoming clear that thousands of people are behind me. So far almost 5000 people have signed a petition expressing their disgust with the Islington council’s decision against me. We are winning this essential battle for freedom.

Don't Leave Nude Pics On A Work Computer

Terrence Popp: I guess it was inevitable someone would do something this dumb at Abu Ghraib. But at least it boosted morale.