30 Dec 2018

Jewish Zionists And Their Shabbos Goyim Have Even Taken Over UK's Islington Council

"Israel’s leaders speak openly of genocide and murder, yet they celebrate and promote Israel as if an icon of civilization, democracy and human rights.”
Gilad-AtzmonBy Richard Hugus: Jazz saxophonist and writer Gilad Atzmon was recently banned from playing at an assembly hall in Islington, a borough of London, by order of the Islington Town Council. This came about as a result of an e-mail from one person — Martin Rankoff — saying nothing more than that if Atzmon was going to be at the venue on December 21 he would give a ticket that was given to him to someone else. Rankoff wrote, “Mr Atzmon’s news and beliefs I personally find repulsive and do not wish to be in the same place as him, let alone listen to his music.” Rankoff included links to ADL and Israeli news outlets accusing Atzmon of antisemitism. Incredibly, on the basis of this letter alone, the Islington Council went way out of its way and contacted the show’s promoter to get Atzmon banned — something Rankoff didn’t even ask for.
Imagine the situation in reverse: Gilad Atzmon writes a letter to the Council saying he is uncomfortable with Martin Rankoff appearing in the audience at Islington assembly hall. He refers to Mr. Rankoff’s pro-Israel Twitter page where Rankoff calls Jeremy Corbyn “A Fucking Antisemite and Racist” and where Corbyn is pictured on a bike with a comment suggesting Corbyn should be rammed by a car.

Jazz Saxophonist Gilad Atzmon v ZOG Book Burners

"Zionism is a symptom of a way bigger problem."
Everything you need to know about Zionism,
Controlled Opposition, The Post Political and
Athens v Jerusalem so you are ready for 2019.

To sign a petition in support of Gilad click here - Lodge a formal complaint with Islington - Council: https://www.islington.gov.uk/contact-us/comments-and-complaints?status=inprogress

"Designer Idiocy" - The Euro - Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis is an economist, author, and politician who served as the Greek Minister of Finance in 2015. Since then, Varoufakis has launched the pan-European ‘Democracy in Europe Movement 2025’. In this talk, he will argue ‘the Euro has never been more problematic’.

Problems With Men: Pathos

The Glass Blind Spot: Considering how Gynocentrism and the Gender Empathy Gap contribute to the problems we all have with men.

Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Enrages Pro-Israel Chickenhawks

The U.S. press, in its war against Trump, is pushing an illegal and unconstitutional invasion of Syria whose stated primary objective is to remove a terrorist organization which is already mostly gone – and a less frequently acknowledged goal of regime change for the legitimate government in Damascus and the expulsion of that government’s principal allies… there is no way to “win” and no exit strategy.
Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Enrages Pro-Israel ChickenhawksWashington Post Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt has a record of promoting Mideast wars for Israel.
That anyone would regard Boot and Nuland as objective authorities on the Middle East given their ultimate and prevailing loyalty to Israel has to be wondered at…
By Philip Giraldi: President Donald Trump’s order to withdraw from Syria has been greeted, predictably, with an avalanche of condemnation culminating in last Thursday’s resignation by Defense Secretary James Mattis. The Mattis resignation letter focused on the betrayal of allies, though it was inevitably light on details, suggesting that the Marine Corps General was having some difficulty in discerning that American interests might be somewhat different than those of feckless and faux allies like Israel

Meltdown By Vape Shop Employee Triggered By Trump-Supporting Customer

By Tyler Durden: An Atlanta vape shop employee with a prominent neckbeard is out of a job after getting megatriggered by a customer wearing a Trump t-shirt and a "Make America Great Again" hat.
The employee of Xhale City denied service to the Trump-supporting customer, screaming "If you do not stop recording in my store, I’m going to call the police and ask you to leave," to which the customer encouraged the employee to call the cops.
"Fuck off dude! Fuck off! Get the fuck out of here!," screeched the employee, who then went on a rant calling President Trump a "treasonous asshole," before assaulting the customer.