18 Sep 2019

Feminist LGBTQ Activist And 'Dangerous Sexual Predator' Ed Buck Arrested

After Third Man inexplicably accidentally inadvertently cut his own head off
whilst shaving.
By Tyler Durden: Democratic political activist and noted donor Ed Buck was arrested Tuesday night at his West Hollywood apartment where two men died of meth overdoses and a third, 37-year-old man, overdosed last week. The arrest came hours after President Trump was in the area for a fundraising blitz. 
Ed Buck and current House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)
Buck has been charged with one felony count each of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house.Prosecutors have accused Buck of injecting the latest victim with two large doses of methamphetamine at his apartment on September 11, causing the man to overdose according to the indictment. After Buck refused to help the man and thwarted his attempts to get help, the man was able to flee the apartment and call 911 from a nearby gas station from which he was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Sociopaths - The Most Privileged And Promoted Class In The US Political, Industrial Systems

Ryan Murphy, an economist at Southern Methodist University, recently published a working paper in which he ranked each of the states by the predominance of—there’s no nice way to put it—psychopaths. The winner? Washington in a walk. In fact, the capital scored higher on Murphy’s scale than the next two runners-up combined.
“I had previously written on politicians and psychopathy, but I had no expectation D.C. would stand out as much as it does,” Murphy wrote in an email…
On a national level, it raises the troubling question as to what it means to live in a country whose institutions are set up to reward some very dubious human traits. Like it or not, we’re more likely than not to wind up with some alarming personalities in positions of power.
– From last year’s Politico article, Washington, D.C.: the Psychopath Capital of America
By Michael Krieger: One of the most frustrating aspects of modern American politics — and the culture in general — is our all encompassing fixation on the superficial.

17 Sep 2019

Jewish Massacres Of Gentiles: A Brief And Shocking History

Jewish Israeli massacres, many including child victims, span 70 yearsmillions of Gentile lives snuffed out in the pursuit of
a Jewish State.
Gentile child killed in the Qana massacre, in an air strike carried out by the Jewish Israeli Attack Force (IAF) on a three-story building, during the 2006 Lebanon 'War'. 28 civilians were killed, of which 16 were little children and babies, all males over the age of 12 counted as terrorists regardless and unaccounted for.
By Philip Weiss: It would be nice to think that, as an Israeli officer once put it, “This time we went too far” — that the killings of 17 unarmed protesters in Gaza by Israeli riflers across a security fence on Friday would cause the world to sanction Israel for its conduct.

Anti-MGM Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation Protest In Denver, USA

AI Expert Warns We're Summoning Robot "Entities" Who'll Treat Us Like Ants

They “don’t give a sh*t about you 
even in the slightest"...
Authored by Paul Joseph Watson: AI expert Geordie Rose says that tech developers are summoning “entities” into existence which will have the same indifference to humans as we have towards ants.
“They not gonna be like us, they’re gonna be aliens…they’re gonna be way smarter than every single person in this room in ways that we can’t even comprehend,” said Rose.
He then mentioned Elon Musk’s concerns about artificial intelligence taking over humanity, but cautioned that the word “demons” doesn’t even capture the true scope of what will happen.
Rose then cited H.P Lovecraft’s concept of “cosmic indifference,” where the universe is occupied by entities who “don’t give a shit about you even in the slightest.”

How To Defeat The Empire

'A decentralized guerrilla psywar against the institutions which enable the powerful to manipulate the way ordinary people think, act and vote. ...People will never rebel against a system while they’re being successfully propagandized not to.
It will never, ever happen.'
By Caitlin Johnstone: One of the biggest and most consistent challenges of my young career so far has been finding ways to talk about solutions to our predicament in a way that people will truly hear. I talk about these solutions constantly, and some readers definitely get it, but others will see me going on and on about a grassroots revolution against the establishment narrative control machine and then say “Okay, but what do we do?” or “You talk about problems but never offer any solutions!”

Boycott The Empire's Lying Press: Here's A Handy List Of Reliable Alternative Media

Now Twitter is just as corrupt (propaganda-organization) 
as Google and Facebook and MSNBC and CNN and Fox and the Washington Post and The Atlantic and The BBC and all the rest.
By Eric Zuesse: Caitlin Johnstone nailed it, on September 12th, under the headline “Have You Noticed How Social Media Purges Always Align With The US Empire?” and she opened:
Twitter has suspended multiple large Cuban media accounts for reasons the social media platform has yet to explain as of this writing, a move which journalist Dan Cohen has described as “the equivalent of silencing CNN, Fox, WaPo and NPR’s accounts” for that nation. The Union of Cuban Journalists has denounced the move as censorship.

16 Sep 2019

Super Fly Hero Snowden's Moscow Life: Wake Up At Noon, Work From Home (Fight For Justice), Shag Devoted Girlfriend

According to the world’s most famous hero whistleblower, he grew to accept that his future would be connected with Russia and now plans his life with that in mind. ...Despite that, he admits that the way people in the US perceive him has softened in recent years.

Armageddon On The Horizon?

'The attack on the Saudi oil fields that Trump and the Jewish Israel regime are blaming on Iran is almost certainly an attack by Israel. ...Armageddon is about to unfold
while the world sits stupidly.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Trump supporters should let Trump hear from them as he is about to commit the United States to a war of Israel’s choosing.  A mutual defense treaty between the US and Israel would give Israel the ability to commit the US to a war in Israel’s behalf.  
Remember history.  It was British prime minister Chamberlain’s guarantee to Poland that started World War II.  The idiot British lost control over their own policy and gave it to a crazed and irresponsible Jewish Polish military dictatorship.

High Profile Feminist Report Demonstrates That Its Own Results Are Wrong

'Disclaimer the report is solely the opinion of its [feminist] authors.
By : As a result of a report released by international professional services organisation KPMG it has been widely reported in Australian media recently that 39% of the so-called gender pay gap in Australia is a result of gender discrimination. Examples include an article from the government-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
Lesbian feminist KPMG Australia chairman Alison 'Muff Brumsky' Kitchen [image above] told the ABC’s AM program that gender discrimination now accounts for 39 per cent of the gender pay gap.
The same article later reiterates this by listing among the key points:
The report says gender discrimination now accounts for 39pc of the gender pay gap

President Macron's Amazing Admission

'We are undoubtedly experiencing the end of Western hegemony over the world'
Authored by The Saker: I don’t know whether the supposedly Chinese curse really comes from China, but whether it does or not, we most certainly are cursed with living in some truly interesting timesIran won the first phase of the “tanker battle” against the AngloZionistsPutin offered to sell Russian hypersonic missiles to Trump (Putin has been trolling western leaders a lot lately) while Alexander Lukashenko took the extreme measure of completely shutting down the border between the Ukraine and Belarus due to the huge influx of weapons and nationalist extremists from the Ukraine. As he put it himself “if weapons fall into the hands of ordinary people and especially nationalist-minded people, wait for terrorism“. He is quite right, of course. Still, there is a sweet irony here, or call it karma if you prefer, but for the Ukronazis who promised their people a visa-free entrance into the EU (for tourism only, and if you have money to spend, but still…), and yet 5 years into that obscene experiment of creating a rabidly russophobic Ukraine and 100 days (or so) into Zelenskii’s presidency, we have the Ukraine’s closest and most supportive neighbor forced to totally shut down its border due to the truly phenomenal toxicity of the Ukrainian society!

The World's Most Important Political Prisoner

Authored by Craig Murray: We are now just one week away from the end of Julian Assange’s uniquely lengthy imprisonment for bail violation. He will receive parole from the rest of that sentence, but will continued to be imprisoned on remand awaiting his hearing on extradition to the USA – a process which could last several years.

At that point, all the excuses for Assange’s imprisonment which so-called leftists and liberals in the UK have hidden behind will evaporate. There are no charges and no active investigation in Sweden, where the “evidence” disintegrated at the first whiff of critical scrutiny. He is no longer imprisoned for “jumping bail”. The sole reason for his incarceration will be the publishing of the Afghan and Iraq war logs leaked by Chelsea Manning, with their evidence of wrongdoing and multiple war crimes. 
In imprisoning Assange for bail violation, the UK was in clear defiance of the judgement of the UN Working Group on arbitrary Detention, which stated

Saudi $295 Billlion Defense Budget & High Tech Western Weaponry Failed To Protect Oil Installations v Ragtag Houthi

With $295 billion 2019 defense budget, Saudi Arabia Saturday failed to stop a drone attack on its oil installations from the Yemeni rebel rag tag militia.
By Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: Drones launched by Yemen's Houthi rebels attacked the world's largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia and another major oil field, sparking huge fires.

The facilities are operated by Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil giant, and produce up to 70% of the country's crude oil output.

The Wall Street Journal, quoting "people familiar with the matter," reported that Saudi Arabia is shutting down about half of its oil output following the strikes. The shutdown would amount to a loss of about 5 million barrels a day or roughly 5% of the world's daily production of crude oil, the Journal said.

Jews v Jewish Israelis

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Now would be the correct time for Ali Abunimah, JVP,  & CO to form an orderly queue to issue their deep and sincere apology to me. Since the early 2000s my detractors within the so called Jewish ‘Left’ together with  their sometime stooges, have been harassing me, my publishers and my readers for pointing out that Zionism is an obsolete concept with little meaning for Israel, Israelis  and their politics let alone the conflict that has been destroying the Eastern Mediterranean region
In my 2011 book The Wandering Who, I argue that “Since Israel defines itself openly as the ‘Jewish State’, we should ask what the notions of ’Judaism’, ‘Jewishness’, ‘Jewish culture’ and ‘Jewish ideology’ stand for.” Just before the publication of the book I was urged by both JVP’s leader and Ali Abunimah to drop the J-Word and focus solely on Zionism. In Britain, a gang of so called ‘anti’ Zionist Jews relentlessly terrorised my publisher and promoters. Funny, most of these authoritarian tribals who worked 24/7 to silence me have been expelled from the British Labour Party for alleged anti-Semitism. Now, they promote the ideal of ‘freedom of speech.’

15 Sep 2019

Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu’s Facebook Page Suspended Over Hate Speech

Israeli PM Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu got suspended from Facebook this week after a long string of racist statements. Facebook is apparently OK with 'baby butchery' ...as long as you're polite while you're doing it. Apparently, some critics have accused 'The Baby Butcher' of race-baiting ahead of the hotly contested elections, which are set to be held on September 17th. On Friday, Bibi made comments insinuating that his Jewish regime would launch an offencive on the besieged Gaza Strip mega-concentration camp for Gentiles “at any moment.”

I Can't Wait For The New Woke Batwoman Series

"The feminism is on another level in this show, ...but I have to say this looks so cringe inducing-ly bad, that it might be actually unintentionally hilarious, so much so that it might be entertaining to watch in a kind of ironic way. ...It's fixed when it's feminised. ...blatant feminist cringe dialogue. ...male versions of things need to be changed to female ones." CF.

Turkish Coast Guard Tormenting Jewish Lobby Refugees That Failed To Reach Greece

Thanks to the Jewish lobby's effectiveness in the UK, USA and beyond, a suspicious number of over 25,000 and steadily growing at an annual rate of about 5% ish as if linked to the stock market, high tech missiles and bombs of the wickedest varieties are dropped annually [mostly by the USA] exclusively on Semitic Arab nations by the apparently anti-Semitic Zio-poodles USA, UK, etc. This has inevitably lead to a stream of Semites [aka Arabs] fleeing our bombs and running into our arms for safety. European nations arms that is, not so much the far away USA and none at all are allowed in by the culprit Jewish Israel regime.
Here's a leaked video that makes clear the Turkish position regarding the refugees created by us for the owners of huge chunks of our tax money, our masters the Jews.
Video via Perseus999

Nuclear War With Russia "Winnable" Said Trump's Incoming Jewish Chicken Hawk

Questioning mutual assured destruction,” 
Charles Kupperman called nuclear conflictin large part
a physics problem.”
Authored by Mike Shedlock: Incoming National Security Advisor, Charles Kupperman, made the claim Nuclear War With USSR Was Winnable.
He made those statements in the 1980s. I do not know his views today, but let's review what he said then.
President Donald Trump’s acting national security adviser, former Reagan administration official Charles Kupperman, made an extraordinary and controversial claim in the early 1980s: nuclear conflict with the USSR was winnable and that “nuclear war is a destructive thing but still in large part a physics problem.”

Tom Woods On Krugman’s Hasbara Claim Zio-Shill Trump Trying To Establish “Authoritarian, White Nationalist Regime.”

Image: Trump & Bibi caught snogging.
PCR: We are supposed to believe that “white supremacy” is on the rise. I’m scanning the headlines, and cannot actually seem to find anyone advocating legal racial subordination, or separate facilities by race, or special benefits available only to whites and not to nonwhites.
The existence of affirmative action would appear to suggest something like the opposite. I don’t recall affirmative action in apartheid South Africa. The Donald Trump phenomenon is supposed to prove the existence of “white supremacy,” but Columbia University’s Musa al-Gharbi ran the numbers, and as he explained on episode #1159 of the Tom Woods Show. “racists” and “white supremacists” did not get Trump elected.
If “white supremacy” were truly gaining traction, the very accusation of being in favor of it wouldn’t destroy people’s careers and social standing, would it?

Hey Guys! The Word ‘Guys’ Is Problematic

"Someone somewhere is offended and if they're not they should be so we're going to get offended on their behalf!" Say feminists, reports Computing Forever.

14 Sep 2019

911 Truth For Grown Ups ~ Start Talking About More Than Physics

"Jewish Israel helped hijackers move around, literally. It would not be the first time that Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States supported Al-Qaeda, nor would it be the last."
Ryan Dawson

Feminism Celebrates Its Degeneration Into Crime

I used to think strippers who drug & rob men were scum. Turns out they are ‘EMPOWERED FEMINISTS’
By Igor Ogorodnev: You can enjoy 'Hustlers,' the new film starring Jennifer Lopez, on its own terms. But to celebrate its heroines – based on real-life scammers who victimized people – as feminist role models is twisted and morally bankrupt.
This is not another one of those on-trend critiques that rejects fiction unless it faithfully amplifies my real-life political views. I am also fully aware of the vicarious white-collar pleasures of watching sympathetic criminals do reprehensible things on-screen, as in, say, 'Goodfellas' or 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' the films that served as the self-conscious template for the competently made 'Hustlers.'
'You can poison a man, because he is a man...'

AVFM & J4MB Support Brother K & Bloodstained Men

By Brother K is a renowned American intactivist, and leads the charity Bloodstained Men & Their Friends. To the best of our knowledge, nobody in the English-speaking world has been more successful in terms of getting people involved in street activism, across the English-speaking world.
A trademark of the group is wearing white overalls with a red stain in the groin area, and both their male and female followers adopt this “uniform” (the group campaigns for the end of ALL genital mutilation, both male and female).
Both AVFM and J4MB wish to step up MGM-related work, and with this in mind, we recently contacted Brother K. The following is the start of this email exchange with Brother K, reproduced here with his kind permission. J4MB intends to start campaigning at Speakers’ Corner and elsewhere in the coming weeks, wearing the “uniform”, and promoting Bloodstained Men & Their Friends.

Jewish Israel Regime Attacks On Syria Halted After Russia Threatened To Shoot Down Jets

Step Off!
By Tyler Durden: According to reports in both Israeli and Arabic regional media, Israel this past week was preparing to expand major airstrikes against "Iran-backed" targets in Syria, but Moscow imposed its red line. The Independent has published a story describing that Russia's military in Syria threatened to shoot down any invading Israeli warplanes using fighter jets or their S-400 system.
The Jerusalem Post, citing sources in the UK Independent (Arabia), writes just after the latest meeting in Sochi between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin:
According to the report, Moscow has prevented three Israeli airstrikes on three Syrian outposts recently, and even threatened that any jets attempting such a thing would be shot down, either by Russian jets or by the S400 Anti-aircraft missiles.

"If I Happen To Fall Out Of A Window, You Can Be Sure I Was Pushed"

Hero Edward Snowden talks about how he managed
to mislead the most powerful intelligence
agency in the world, about his life in Russia and
about why the internet must be reinvented.
Book a suite in a luxury hotel in Moscow, send the room number encrypted to a pre-determined mobile number and then wait for a return message indicating a precise time: Meeting Edward Snwoden is pretty much exactly how children imagine the grand game of espionage is played.
But then, on Monday, there he was, standing in our room on the first floor of the Hotel Metropol, as pale and boyish-looking as the was when the world first saw him in June 2013. For the last six years, he has been living in Russian exile. The U.S. has considered him to be an enemy of the state, right up there with Julian Assange, ever since he revealed, with the help of journalists, the full scope of the surveillance system operated by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Pod People

Living the dream!
Paul Joseph Watson

13 Sep 2019

UK Sex Discrimination Tribunal Awards

'White males can increasingly expect to be refused advancement based purely on sex or race'
By MRA-UK: In this post I present statistics relating to employment tribunals for claims of discrimination on grounds of sex.
My thanks to Douglas for providing the data on the compensation payments awarded, by sex, for successful cases. I was surprised that the numbers of successful claims were so small. It turns out that the number of cases brought forward is far, far larger, but only a tiny percentage result in a hearing which is successful.
The volume of cases brought and their outcomes are provided by the MOJ dataset “Tribunal Statistics Quarterly: April to June 2019”.
The data on awards provided by Douglas derive from this FOI and also this one, plus a Parliamentary request recorded in Hansard.

How Jewish Tech & Mossad Are Working With US Govt. To Radically Increase Surveillance Of Christian Americans

By Whitney Webb: Following the arrest and subsequent death in prison of Jewish child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a little-known Israeli tech company began to receive increased publicity, but for all the wrong reasons. Not long after Epstein’s arrest, and his relationships and finances came under scrutiny, it was revealed that the Jewish Israeli company Carbyne911 had received substantial funding from Jeffrey Epstein as well as Epstein’s close associate and former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and prominent Trump backer Peter Thiel. 
Carbyne911, or simply Carbyne, develops call-handling and identification capabilities for emergency response services in countries around the world, including the United States, where it has already been implemented in several U.S. counties and has partnered with major U.S. tech companies like Google.

The 9/11 Deception Remains In Control Of America’s Destiny

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The 18th anniversary of 9/11 is over, but 9/11 isn’t.  September 11, 2001, is the defining event of America’s 21st century.  The neo-con-artists used their false flag event to destroy the Bill of Rights and turn the American people over to a police state, and they used the New Pearl Harbor that they orchestrated to launch their wars of aggression in the Middle East for the purpose of reconstructing the Middle East in Israel’s interest.  The new American police state will become more oppressive as time goes by, and now that Israel has the bit in its teeth the United States will likely be forced into a war that will result in nuclear Armageddon.  
The evil inherent in Washington’s attacks on Islamic countries has resulted in the intervention by other powerful countries who are threatened by the chaos that Washington has sowed for two decades in the Middle East. Russia for one intervened in Syria and stopped the neoconservative orchestrated overthrow of the Syrian government, thereby making the world aware that American unilateralism was over.  This realization together with the constant stream of lies and threats issuing from Washington has undermined America’s influence in the world and will lead to the breakup of Washington’s empire.

Please, Bibi 'The Baby Butcher', Let The Annexation Begin

There’s no longer any real debate in Israel. The right wants to annex Palestinian land openly, and the center wants to annex, but deceive us. All that’s left now is to admit to the world that in reality Israel annexed the West Bank many years ago… it’s one country with an apartheid system
By Gideon Levy: Here’s one campaign promise by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that we should hope will be fulfilled: annexing the Jordan Valley to Israel. So far, no other campaign promise has been as encouraging as this one. Not one Zionist party has offered even a hint of an idea that could shake up the existing situation like this annexation proposal, and the status quo is crying for a shake-up.
I obviously won’t vote for Netanyahu, but I hope that this time he keeps his promise. Let him annex the Jordan Valley, and afterward the entire West Bank. Let him turn the reality in this territory into a political reality, without hiding it any longer. The time has come for truth.

12 Sep 2019

The End Of Jewish Israel

The Gentiles are in relatively good shape.. They simply need to survive. Jewish Israel seems to be Jewish Israel’s fiercest enemy.
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: The lesson to be drawn from the current Israeli political stalemate is that Israel is imploding, breaking into the elements it has never managed to integrate into one. The schism is no longer the more quotidian dichotomy of Ashkenazi vs. Arab Jews (aka Sephardim); this divide is ideological, religious, spiritual, political, ethnic and cultural. Nor does it break down to Left and Right, Jewish Israelis are politically with the right even when they pretend to be ‘Left.’ Although some of the most astute critical voices of Israeli politics and Jewish fundamentalism are Israelis (such as Gideon Levi, Shlomo Sand, Israel Shamir and others), there is no political Israeli Left. Israeli politics break down into a lot of extreme right voters and many ordinary hawks. The Arab Joint List Party is practically the only Left party in the Israeli Knesset. This should not be surprising any more. Jewish Left, as I have been arguing for many years, is an oxymoron; Jewishness is a form of tribal identification and Left is universal. The ‘tribal’ and the ‘universal’ are like oil and water, they do not mix very well.

Zio-Shill US Forces' "Indiscriminate Attacks" On Civilians And Infrastructure In Syria: UN Report

New United Nations report says Zio-shill US coalition committed war crimes again.
Authored by Andrea Germanos: A new report out Wednesday from United Nations investigators says that U.S. forces may have committed war crimes in Syria.
Released by the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, the report catalogs how the eight-year conflict "continues to torment civilians who bear the brunt of hostilities," as operations carried out by the U.S.-led international coalition, militants, and Russia-backed pro-government forces have left essential infrastructure obliterated, civilians killed, maimed, and uprooted, and communities in "near complete destruction."
"If I live 100 years I won't forget this carnage."

The Jewish Israel Regime Has Been Planting Mysterious Spy Devices Near The White House

Jewish Israel regime's spying efforts were uncovered during the Trump presidency, several former top U.S. officials said.
By Daniel Lippman: The U.S. government concluded within the last two years that Israel was most likely behind the placement of cell-phone surveillance devices that were found near the White House and other sensitive locations around Washington, D.C., according to three former senior U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter.
But unlike most other occasions when flagrant incidents of foreign spying have been discovered on American soil, the Trump administration did not rebuke the Israeli government, and there were no consequences for Israel’s behavior, one of the former officials said.

Dave Chappelle Is NOT FUNNY


Some Of The Many Things Most People Never Heard About 9/11

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:
The “Dancing Israelis” who turned out to be Jewish Israeli Mossad agents caught filming and celebrating the destruction of the twin towers. Arrested by police and released without investigation, they were not mentioned in the 911 Commission Report.  Later on Israeli TV they said they were sent to New York to film the destruction of the twin towers.  Allegedly, there was no advance warning of the event, but obviously the Israelis knew.   The alleged fundamentalist orthodox fanatical Muslims who were prepared to die to be martyrs, but who drank, drugged, and lived with strippers and prostitutes in Florida. They were the patsies paraded through flight schools and left a highly visible public record.  They all flunked out and could not even fly small planes, but performed miraculous flight feats in their attacks on the WTC towers and Pentagon that military and civilian airline pilots say are beyond their own skills.

Feminist SJW "Proactive Education" - Penis-Ring Toss, Lube Taste-Test Featured At Public US University's Sex-Ed Carnival

Genitalia is not an indicator of gender and it can be harmful to assume so... Moronic display.
Authored by Zachary Petrizzo: A penis ring toss, vagina bean bag toss, and lubricant taste tests were just a few of the activities students at George Mason University took part in Tuesday night at a “Consent Carnival” hosted by the Student Support and Advocacy Center.
The vagina bean bag toss boasted giant inflatable lips that served to mimic a “vagina,” and students could throw large pink bean bags into it. The game doubled as an educational display, informing students on flyers that “not all people with vaginas are women.”
“Genitalia is not an indicator of gender and it can be harmful to assume so,” the display added. Other information provided included the number of nerve endings on the clitoris (8,000), how the labia comes in different colors (“light pink to dark brown”), and the fact that the vagina is self cleaning.

11 Sep 2019

Stuxnet: The Israeli-American Computer Virus That Started Cyber-Warfare

For the last twenty years, Israel’s PM Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu has been warning that Iran is “six months away” from having an atomic bomb, demanding sanctions, and inching the US toward war with Iran. Israel has been working behind the scenes – with the US – for just as long.
(credit: Graham Cluley/ Twitter) Stuxnet
Stuxnet was one of a series of viruses developed by Israel and the United States in the early 2000s, then turned loose to destroy Iran’s nuclear research facilities – although Iran was compliant with international norms, and known to have no nuclear weapons program. As part of the US-Israel strategy, young Iranian scientists were assassinated by Jews.

Mike Buchanan And Natalie Collins On Geoffrey Boycott's Planned Knighthood

Mike Buchanan: Julia Hartley-Brewer is a highly respected commentator, who has been periodically interviewing Mike Buchanan in a balanced way - including on the topic of Male Genital Mutilation - since he launched J4MB in 2013. All the interviews are on our YouTube channel. At the other end of the evolutionary spectrum to Julia Hartley-Brewer, Natalie Collins is a feminist with an IQ below that of the average fruit fly.

Erdogan Breaks Silence: Says Zio-Shill US Sent 30,000 Truckloads Of Weapons To Syria

'A superhighway of weapons' supplied by Zio-shill US, 'amounting to more than 30,000 truckloads of weapons, equipment, and ammunition to support terrorists'
By Tyler Durden: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has called out the US for delivering more than 30,000 weapon-laden trucks to Syria to support the PKK-linked People's Protection Units (YPG) terrorist group, reported Press TV.
Speaking at the Justice and Development Party's meeting in Eskişehir, a city in northwestern Turkey, Erdogan said he wouldn't sit back in the shadows anymore about a superhighway of weapons supplied by the US, amounting to more than 30,000 truckloads of weapons, equipment, and ammunition to northern Syria to support YPG terrorists.
Erdogan further criticized the Trump administration for its "lack of commitment" to construct a safe zone in Syria along the Turkish border.

Trump Fires Neo-Con-Artist John 'Nuke The Sand Niggers' Bolton After "Disagreeing Strongly With His Suggestions"

'One less warmongering neo-con-artist is left in the DC swamp'
By Tyler Durden: While there was some feverish speculation as to what an impromptu presser at 1:30pm with US Secretary of State Pompeo, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and National Security Adviser Bolton would deliver, that was quickly swept aside moments later when Trump unexpectedly announced that he had fired Bolton as National Security Advisor, tweeting that he informed John Bolton "last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House" after "disagreeing strongly with many of his suggestions", in the process ending a tumultuous tenure marked by several setbacks in U.S. foreign policy.
According to sources, while Trump had been growing displeased with Bolton's belligerent recommendations and overall demeanor (recall "Bolton 'Deep in His Heart' Believes Trump Is a 'Moron,' Former Aide Claims"), the tipping point happened when Bolton expressed his displeasure with Trump's impromptu invitation of the Taliban to Camp David on the week of the Sept 11 anniversary, a peace overture which as we reported over the weekend, collapsed in the last moment.

Presstitute Lame Stream Media Response To Engineering Report On 9/11 World Trade Center 7

'What more proof do you need that you live in The Matrix where what you know is only what those in charge want you to know?'
Dr Paul Craig Roberts: Many readers have responded to my request to let me know if they come across a report in the presstitute media of the study concluding that WTC 7 fell by controlled demolition.  At this time, the only known examples in the US media are a local TV station in Anchorage Alaska ( https://www.ktva.com/story/41015153/fire-did-not-cause-world-trade-center-building-7-collapse-uaf-study-suggests ) and a local newspaper in Fairbanks Alaska ( Fairbanks Daily News-Miner ).
The online site of the British newspaper Express provides this account:  https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1175375/9-11-world-trade-center-twin-towers-September-11-conspiracy-theories 
Other readers report:
“There have been no news that I have seen in any paper in canada on this report.”
“I haven’t come across a single report on US tv news, and I monitor it daily.”

D e g e n e r a c y

"At this point, what are conservatives even conserving?"
Asks Paul Joseph Watson.

10 Sep 2019

Marcabru On Medieval Conscription Of Men And Women’s Response

Men have long been socially regarded as disposable persons. Despite a recent court decision condemning sexist U.S. Selective Service registration, that injustice continues with little public notice. In late-medieval Europe, men’s life expectancy was about nine years less than that of women. In the ancient Mediterranean world, celebrated sayings of Spartan mothers urged men to die in battle. Cross-species and cross-cultural evidence indicates that disproportionate violence against men is constructed through social effects of sex. In poetry he wrote in the twelfth century in southern France, the man trobairitz Marcabru dared to suggest that part of the problem is women’s lack of concern for men’s lives.

World War Bibi

Despite Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu’s latest Iran hyperbole no one seemed to take him seriously: the Jewish Israeli press was amused by the desperate election stunt. His political rivals mocked the Jewish Israel regime PM and a few hours after Bibi’s press conference his best ally, President Trump, expressed his wish to meet President Hassan Rouhani. Somehow, world leaders were entertained by seeing the Jewish Regime PM, who threatens the entire region with his country’s nuclear arsenal, performing his victim spiel over Iran’s nuclear enthusiasms.
By Gilad Atzmon: Yesterday Netanyahu claimed he’d identified  a third secret nuclear site in Iran where Iran allegedly “conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons.” Yet, despite the hyperbole no one seemed to take Netanyahu seriously: the Israeli press was amused by the desperate election stunt.

"Financial Vandals"

"Financial repression is just
a euphemism for steeling."
Max and Stacy's no holds barred look at the shocking scandals behind the global financial headlines

This Week Sick Jews Kill, Injure, Abduct More Gentiles, Destroy More Gentile Homes & Farmland

During the first week of September 2019,
Jewish Israeli death forces IDF in the Palestinian Occupied Territories killed Palestinian children,
destroyed Palestinian property, stormed a Palestinian village, stole Palestinian land, and assaulted,
detained, and abducted more Palestinians…
In other words: it was pretty much
like every other week.
An Israeli Death Force merc stands guard during a protest against the closure of the entrance of the West Bank concentration camp Beta section entrance, near Nablus.
By Mohamad Torokman:

Jewish death Forces IDF Kill 2 more Gentile Children and Injure 37 more in Gaza Concentration Camp

According to WAFA, at least two Palestinians were killed, and more than 37 others injured today by live bullets or rubber-coated rounds. Jewish death forces attacked the thousands of protesters taking part in the weekly Great March of Return at Gaza concentration camo wall, according to medical sources. Jews guarding the concentration camp fence […]