22 Nov 2019

MGTOW Is Forever

'This offshoot of the hypergamy
mindset suggests that women are
nowhere as compassionate as the
feminine stereotype suggests, but are selfish in any number of ways.'
By : The internet has enabled hundreds of thousands of males around the world to have a unique conversation about the modern men’s liberation movement. In a matter of moments, they can visit a MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way – website, reddit or Facebook group and engage with a knowledgeable and supportive community to learn about female nature, male self-ownership, and individual liberty. For a growing number of visitors, these truths, based on first-hand experience and studious research, have become the wisdom to live by.

Positive Discrimination!? - Mike Buchanan And Maria Beatrice Giovanardi


The Jewish Origins Of The Thought Police... And Why They Should Scare The Living Daylights Out Of Us

Orwell didn’t create the Thought Police out of thin air...
Authored by Jon Miltimore: There are a lot of unpleasant things in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. Spying screens. Torture and propaganda. Victory Gin and Victory Coffee always sounded particularly dreadful. And there is Winston Smith’s varicose ulcer, apparently a symbol of his humanity (or something), which always seems to be “throbbing.” Gross.
None of this sounds very enjoyable, but it’s not the worst thing in 1984. To me, the most terrifying part was that you couldn’t keep Big Brother out of your head.
Unlike other 20th-century totalitarians, the authoritarians in 1984 aren’t that interested in controlling behavior or speech. They do, of course, but it’s only as a means to an end. Their real goal is to control the gray matter between the ears.
“When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will,”
O’Brien (the bad guy) tells the protagonist Winston Smith near the end of the book.

21 Nov 2019

Putin: Scientists Killed In "Mystery" Radiological Blast Were Developing "Unparalleled" Weapon

Putin addresses the Severodvinsk accident, saying Russia is developing a weapon that has "no equal in the world"...
By Tyler Durden: Three months after a major and still somewhat mysterious rocket explosion in Russia's far north which caused radiation levels to spike at least sixteen times above normal, President Putin confirmed in statements Thursday that his military is developing a weapon that has "no equal in the world," according to Interfax news agency.
“The very fact of possessing such unique technologies is today the most important reliable guarantee of peace on the planet,” Putin is reported to have said while meeting with the families of those killed, Interfax reports further. It's believed that the blast was the result of a failed experimental test of a hypersonic cruise missile powered by a nuclear core.

Femcels & "The Baby Rabies"

Millennial women should remain single and produce revenue for the multinational corporation that controls their future.

Get Woke Go Broke - Charlie's Angels Fall To Earth

'It’s the response of beta-male accountants and scared executives.'
Authored by Tom Luongo: Normally I wouldn’t give a cynical piece of schlock like the latest Hollywood reboot like Charlie’s Angels a second thought. In fact, I hadn’t given it any thought whatsoever until I saw it flop completely at the box office to my complete lack of surprise.
But it was the inane and insipid comments from the “film’s” feministwriter and director, Elizabeth Banks, that really caught my attention. 
Michael McCaffrey pulled them all together in one really good article which goes over the string of ‘Woke Flops’ at the box office of the past few years. But this one is the choice one, highlighting how complete Ms. Banks’ solipsism is.
“Look, people have to buy tickets to this movie, too. This movie has to make money. If this movie doesn’t make money it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see women do action movies.”

The Truth About World War II Is Beginning To Emerge 74 Years Later

'“To put things in plain language, during the years leading up to the Second World War, both Churchill and numerous other fellow British MPs were regularly receiving sizable financial stipends—cash bribes—from Jewish and Czech sources in exchange for promoting a policy of extreme hostility toward the German government and actually advocating war.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: “The Lies About World War II” (http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.com/2019/05/the-lies-about-world-war-ii.html) is my most popular column of the year. It is a book review of David Irving’s Hitler’s War and Churchill’s War, the first volumn of Irving’s three volume biography of Winston Churchill. A person does not know anything about WW II until he has read these books.
Historians, and even book reviewers, who tell the truth pay a high price. For reasons I provide in my review, generally it is decades after a war before truth about the war can emerge.

20 Nov 2019

Here Comes The White House Council On Boys And Men - Watch Your Back

'The same government that is run by elected and appointed officials who continue to promote every lie ever uttered by feminist ideologues, from the phony wage gap to the phony rape culture.'
By : The word has come that after years of effort by Warren Farrell and a team of very dedicated advocates, that a White House Council on Boys and Men will soon become a reality. Now one of the additional tasks that comes with that is to mark the days until Michael Kimmel or Gloria Steinem is running the thing; till the White House Council on Boys and Men is coopted and weaponized against the very population it purports to serve. By my measure it is only a matter of time until that is exactly what happens.
I conclude this with a heavy heart. Warren Farrell is a personal hero of mine, and I know the effort in question here was conceived and developed with the best of intentions.

Sir Oswald Mosley - Interview - Thames Television - 1975

"Certain Jews were trying to provoke a Second World War!"

Institutionalised Misandry: Baltimore Museum Of Art To Officially Discriminate Against Men In 2020

'I challenge you to find a single institution with the reverse policy within the last three millennia. Has a museum ever said, next year we’ll only be accepting work from men?'
By : It was recently announced that in 2020 the Baltimore Museum of Art will adopt a policy of absolute discrimination. For the entire year, they will refuse to obtain any works of art produced by men. Additionally, the museum will feature 22 exhibits, and each one will focus specifically on women.
This comes on the back of a previous ideologically based decision by the museum–the sale of pieces from famous male artists Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Franz Kline and the use of the proceeds to purchase paintings and sculptures by women.
Why? Museum director Christopher Bedford claims this policy is part of rectifying “centuries of imbalance.” Well, that’s obviously just a lie. It’s really the adoption of a man-hating policy that puts ideology over art, the whole point of the museum.

A Week In The Life Of A Child Growing Up In Gaza Mega Concentration Camp For Indigenous Gentiles

If Americans Knew: From October 3 - 9, 2019, 138 Jewish Israel regime violations of Gentile human rights were documented. For the full list follow the link below: https://pchrgaza.org/en/?p=13012 Great March of Return near The Apartheid Wall in Eastern Gaza Mega Concentration Camp for indigenous Gentiles: A Gentile concentration camp inmate was murdered and 67 others maimed by the Jews, mostly men and boys as usual, including 30 children and a paramedic and a civilian previously maimed succumbed to his wounds.

Algorithmic Feudalism - The Tyrannical Rise Of Google

Day by day, tweaked algorithm by tweaked algorithm, and with each new thought-criminal banished from major digital platforms, we’ve seen dissident views marginalized...
Stiegler insists, however, that authentic thinking and calculative thinking are not mutually exclusive; indeed, mathematical rationality is one of our major prosthetic extensions. But the catastrophe of the digital age is that the global economy, powered by computational “reason” and driven by profit, is foreclosing the horizon of independent reflection for the majority of our species, in so far as we remain unaware that our thinking is so often being constricted by lines of code intended to anticipate, and actively shape, consciousness itself.

Finally The USA Supports The One State Solution

'At present, the land is ruled over by a racist, tribal and discriminatory ideology through an apparatus that calls itself  ‘The Jewish State;’ and declares itself home for every Jew around the world; yet, is abusive, lethal and some would say genocidal toward the indigenous people of the land.'

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced yesterday that the US is softening its position on Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Secretary Pompeo repudiated the 1978 State Department legal opinion that stated that Jewish settlements in the occupied territories are “inconsistent with international law.”

19 Nov 2019

Roll On Through

Saint Paul with Modulation, Boy Nash, & Searcher

No Jews In Israel Knew They Were Ethnically Cleansing Little Gentile Children And Babies And They Didn't Care

It was another Jewish massacre of Gentiles. No one will be punished for it.

By Gideon Levy: The bomber pilot didn’t know. His commanders who gave him the orders also didn’t know. The defense minister and the commander in chief didn’t know. Nor did the commander of the air force. The intelligence officers who aimed at the target didn’t know. The army spokesman who lied without a qualm also didn’t know.

The Birth Of Feminism At Seneca Falls New York, 1848


How Thomas Oaster Started International Men’s Day – And How Misandric Feminists Tried To Stop Him

This article is about how one gutsy MHRA started International Men’s Day despite feminist attempts to shut him down.
His name was Thomas Oaster.
By : Thomas Oaster was an articulate and passionate men’s human rights advocate. He was prolific in his work with men’s groups, men’s issues, and political advocacy both on and off campus where he taught. He had many fine MHRAs around him, men and women who helped to improve the lot of males, but what of the man himself?  Who was he really, and what is the unknown story of how he inaugurated the first International Men’s Day?  The following will be about Thomas Oaster and how he put IMD on the map for all who choose to celebrate the event into the distant future.

MRA-UK's Talk At Messages For Men 2019

MRA-UK: Feminism.
Feminism is just about equality of the sexes.
Feminism really is just about equality – as long as you understand that the word “equality” no longer means what it used to mean.
To those not well versed in the manner in which policy narratives have changed in the last dozen years, prepare yourselves for the radical revision of the meaning of the word “equality” which is now politically and judicially established.

Abortion Is A Men’s Issue

By : Yesterday I gave a talk at the third Messages 4 Men conference in London, the transcript takes up the remainder of this blog piece:
Good evening. I’d like to draw on our last general election manifesto on the issue of abortion, particularly relating to the situation in the UK. Elective abortions are permissible in the UK up to 24 weeks after conception. When the 1967 Abortion Act was passed, 24-week-old foetuses were not viable, but with the passage of time and the advance of medical technology, they increasingly are viable. In the same hospital today, one medical team could be fighting to save the life of a 24-week-old foetus, while another medical team is killing a foetus of the same age.
There comes a point at which the basic right to life of an unborn child overrides the right of a woman over her body. One person’s rights end where another person’s rights begin. In an age when contraception has long been readily available and highly reliable, women should be held morally accountable for the children they conceive. We believe there’s a point in pregnancy when society – and the law – needs to recognize the right of the unborn child to life.
When the Abortion Act (1967) was passed, the British public was assured it wouldn’t lead to abortion on demand. That assurance has, predictably, proved hollow. Abortion on demand has been freely available in the UK for over half a century.

18 Nov 2019

Ricky Gervais Shows Everyone How To Deal With SJWs


Bashar Al-Assad: Jeffrey Epstein Was Killed Because He Knew Too Much

Jewish Paedophile Mossad Asset Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself
By Tom O'Connor: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad waded into the conspiracy theories around Jeffery Epstein’s suicide, saying the financier and convicted sex offender was murdered as part of a Western plot to eliminate high-profile people who knew too much.
Speaking to Russia’s state-run Rossiya-24 station Thursday, Assad commented on the death of Syria Civil Defense co-founder James Le Mesurier, who died Monday after an apparent fall from his Istanbul apartment. Assad and his supporters have repeatedly alleged that Le Mesurier’s organization, commonly known as the White Helmets, were not a rescue group but militant operatives working on behalf of his foes, including the United States and the United Kingdom, which he speculated—without providing evidence—may have been behind a spat of apparent assassinations.
“American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was killed several weeks ago, they said he had committed suicide in jail. However, he was killed because he knew a lot of vital secrets connected with very important people in the British and American regimes,

Post-Legal America - Clown Court: Liberal, Jewish, Female Judge Trying Nearly All Cases of Trump's Associates

'The vast institutional corruption
at the heart of the American legal system'
By Eric Striker: A jury of 9 women and 3 men recently convicted Roger Stone on all counts related to the Robert Mueller probe. The trial has revealed to millions the vast institutional corruption at the heart of the American legal system. 
The judge who has overseen almost all of the civil and criminal cases related to Trump-world, Amy Berman Jackson, was once described by her son as "white, liberal and Jewish."
Berman Jackson's long track record of appalling political prejudice should've led to her recusal from the case, but federal prosecutors were able to game the judge selection process by lying and claiming Paul Manafort's illegal lobbying proceedings had "overlapping facts" with Stone's perjury charges! 
Berman Jackson was highly criticized when during Manafort's lobbying violation and unreported income trial, she decided to grant fellow Jewish prosecutor Andrew Weissman's wish to revoke his $10 million dollar bail and torture him in solitary confinement until the case's conclusion, a decision that is almost unprecedented for white collar crime cases.

Julian Assange’s Judge And Her Husband’s Links To The British Military Establishment Exposed By WikiLeaks

The husband of Lady Emma Arbuthnot, the Westminster chief magistrate overseeing WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the US, has financial links to the British military establishment, including institutions and individuals exposed by WikiLeaks. 
By Mark Curtis and Matt Kennard: The husband of Lady Emma Arbuthnot, the Westminster chief magistrate overseeing WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the US, has financial links to the British military establishment, including institutions and individuals exposed by WikiLeaks.
It can also be revealed that Lady Arbuthnot has received gifts and hospitality in relation to her husband, including from a military and cybersecurity company exposed by WikiLeaks. These activities indicate that the chief magistrate’s activities cannot be considered as entirely separate from her husband’s.

Populism Isn't For Sale Anymore

There’s something happening that the unelected oligarchs I like to call The Davos Crowd hate more than anything else. They can’t seem to buy people off anymore...
Authored by Tom Luongo: There’s something happening that the unelected oligarchs I like to call The Davos Crowd hate more than anything else. They can’t seem to buy people off anymore... 
When we look around the world today at the plethora of popular/populist uprisings both peaceful and unruly we see the same thread running through them at their core.
'This goes far beyond putting party before country. This is all about protecting the political establishment from all threats domestic, but not foreign since they’re all committed neoliberal globalist scumbags.'

Family Lawyer Exposes The Domestic Violence Racket Corrupting Our Courts

Bettina Arndt talks to Ezequiel Trumper about how false allegations are the weapon of choice for women aiming to destroy their ex-partners and achieve parental alienation.

17 Nov 2019

Vladimir Putin Sums Up The New World Order In 5 Words

"US Dollar will collapse soon."
By Tyler Durden: Russian President Vladimir Putin succinctly summarized the shifting tectonic plates of geopolitics.

Compromise Is Not Possible - Want Change? Declare Total War On The System

Bourgeois and intellectual political groups never effect real change. To overturn a corrupt order, you need a revolutionary movement with devoted, disciplined followers and a simple, clear doctrine.
The following, taken from Mein Kampf, vol. 2, chapter 5, Adolf Hitler explains what a political movement must do to overturn an entrenched political order
By Adolf Hitler: Poltical parties nearly always start out with the intent to win complete and exclusive mastery for their philosophy (Weltanschauung).... But the limited nature of their policy-program is in itself enough to rob them of that heroic spirit which a philosophy demands.
The spirit of conciliation which animates their will attracts those petty and chicken-hearted people who are not fit to be protagonists in any crusade.

Prince Andrew's Mossad Paedophile Epstein-Related BBC Interview Was "Catastrophic Mistake"

By Tyler Durden: Update: As the Epstein interview scandal spreads, SkyNews reports that Prince Andrew's Jewish PR advisor Jason Stein has now resigned:

Meanwhile, as Bloomberg notes, "Prince Andrew’s attempt to explain away his friendship with [Jewish Mossad honeypot] paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein in a high-profile TV interview degenerated into a farce that threatens to be the British royal family’s biggest public relations disaster since its handling of the death of Princess Diana in 1997."

Small Victory For Free Speech On Jewish Israel Terror Regime

'Even more absurd was another restriction that said that it was forbidden to suggest that “particular sections of the British Jewish community” might “exaggerate” incidents of anti-Semitism.'
By Chris Knight: When we first began organizing a launch event for a Noam Chomsky book, we suspected it might be targeted by pro-Jewish Israel activists.
Noam Chomsky has described attempts to limit what may be said at a London book launch as an “utter outrage.” Ashraf Amra APA images
After all the book, The Responsibility Of Intellectuals: Reflections by Noam Chomsky and Others after 50 Years, was based on a 2017 conference at University College London (UCL) that had been targeted by such activists.
These activists’ prime concern was with one contributor to both the conference and the book, Jackie Walker. She had been accused by some newspapers of pointing out that Jews caused “an African holocaust.”

Easy To Read

Max and Stacy discuss the former top trade negotiator for China claiming that dealing with Trump is great as he is so easy to read thanks to his non-stop tweeting. They also discuss Venezuela’s president holding up a bitcoin hard wallet just a year after the UK refused to return their gold. In the second half, Max talks to Dr. Michael Hudson of michael-hudson.com about repo markets, national debt, China, trade wars, and more.

Jewish Army Chief And US Embassy Overthrow Bolivia's Indigenous President For Defying Diktats Of World Jewry

'The Jew Carl Gershmann's regime change specialists at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) alone expended almost $1,000,000 dollars in 2018 to train phony journalists and empower pro-business lobbies opposed to Evo'
By Eric Striker: A military ultimatum has succeeded in deposing nationalist Bolivian president Evo Morales in what is being widely labeled a coup.
Opposition parties - led by neo-liberal Carlos Mesa and a Korean Evangelical Pastor Chi Hyun Chung - protested against the election results late October when Evo Morales soundly surpassed both in the first round of voting, with 48% in his column.
General Williams Kaliman sided with the opposition and strongly "urged" Morales to resign. Kaliman's surname suggests that he may be part of Bolivia's small but prominent Russian and Turkish Jewish community, which migrated to the country in the early 20th century.
Morales, a strong critic of world Jewry who governed as an economic nationalist, has been targeted for years by conspiracies emanating from Washington.

16 Nov 2019

R.I.P. 12-Year-Old Mohannad Rasmi Salem Sawarka

Only one toddler survived the Jewish terror regime's missile attack and was found shielded by her slain brother. She was identified as Farah Rasmi Salem Al Sawarka, sister to Mohannad, 12, Salem, 3, and Firas, 2, who were all murdered by the neo-colonialist Jews.
November 14, 2019: Mohannad Rasmi Salem Nasser Sawarka, 12, was murdered along with his parents and two little brothers, as well as his aunt and two cousins, by a Jewish Israel regime missile strike that hit their family's Gasa Mega Concentration Camp block on Thursday at dawn.
The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza reported that Israeli missiles targeted a Palestinian family in the Deir al-Balah section, in central Gaza Mega Concentration Camp, murdering eight members of the same family, and maiming thirteen others.
The Health Ministry stated that Jewish Israeli F16 war jets fired high tech precision missiles into a home in Gaza Mega Concentration Camp, killing eight family members, and wounding at least thirteen others, most of them women, children and babies.

Tale Of Two Strifes - Meet Me In Amsterdam, London & Oslo


Globalists Openly Admit To Population Control Agenda ~ Plan To Eradicate 7 Out Of Every 10 People On Planet Earth!

'The key to understanding people who cheer for population control or population reduction is that these people always assume that THEY will be the survivors and inheritors of the Earth after the culling. '
By Brandon Smith: Eugenics and population control are long time hobbies of the financial elites. In the early 1900's, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institute were deeply involved in promoting Eugenics laws in the US. These laws led to the forced sterilization of over 60,000 American citizens in states like California and thousands of rejected marriage licenses.
The Eugenics programs in the US were only a beta test though, as the Rockefellers then transferred their programs over to Germany under Hitler and the Third Reich in the 1930's, were a true widespread eugenics-based population control program was introduced.

Exposing Jewish Mossad Honeypot Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's International Sex Trafficking Ring - 60 Minutes

The Prince And The paedophile
The Jewish Mossad Honeypot Paedophile Jeffrey 'The Baby Shiksa Shagger' Epstein Scandal – Tara Brown reports how a Jewish New York billionaire known as 'Baby Shiksa Shagger' in partnership with his Mossad accomplice 'Baby Shiksa Diver' Maxwell masterminded an international paedophile sex trafficking ring of young Gentile girls and why wealthy and powerful old men, including his good "honourable" friend HRH Prince Andrew, are now implicated as paedophiles in the Jewish international Gentile child rape saga.

Jewish Israel Regime’s Relentless Masacres And Violence On Their Gaza Mega Concentration Camp Met By Global Silence

A ceasefire has been reached in the Jew's Gaza Mega Concentration Camp for indigenous Gentiles after the terrorist Jewish Israel regime launched another wave of air strikes that killed 34 more inocent Gentile civilians, including eight members of one family. Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada discusses the Jews' latest bombings, which come after more than one year of weekly, deadly, Jewish regime attacks on non-violent Gentile demonstrators.
The Gray Zone: “The message we’re getting from people in Gaza is that ‘we’re going to continue protesting because we have no choice — what else can we do, stay home and die?”

15 Nov 2019

Watch Chilean Protesters Kill A Police Drone Using Hundreds Of Laser Pointers

By Authored by Elias Marat: As the people of Chile enter the second month of massive protests against the neoliberal government of President Sebastian Piñera, clashes have continued unabated between demonstrators and the militarized security forces of the South American state.
yhe protests, which began October 14 as a response to rising public transit costs, have quickly become radicalized as social movements, students, workers’ unions, and a vast cross-section of Chilean society have focused their anger on high levels of inequality in the country, rising living costs, and a constitution inherited from the 1973-1990 dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.
As the protests have raged, the repression unleashed on demonstrators has become increasingly brutal and high-tech. Chile’s protesters, however, have responded with a combination of ingenuity, persistence, and equally high-tech tricks to fend off police attacks.
Such was the case earlier this week in footage that quickly went viral on social media Wednesday that appeared to show a police unmanned aerial system (UAS) being disabled as protesters aimed run-of-the-mill green laser pointers—the type available in any Office Depot or Staples—at the law enforcement-grade drone.


Popeyes Fight with Commentary
In the land of the free and the home of the brave...

How Surveillance And Propaganda Work In ‘The Free World’

'There are some 25 million closed-circuit surveillance cameras world-wide and the United Kingdom [with 4 million cameras] has more CCTV activity than any other European country, per capita…'
By Brian Cloughley: A Bloomberg report of October 22 was concise and uncompromising in declaring Russia to be a surveillance state. Harking back to the good old days of the Cold War, as is increasingly the practice in much of the Western media, Bloomberg recounted that “The fourth of 10 basic rules Western spies followed when trying to infiltrate Russia’s capital during the Cold War — don’t look back because you’re never alone — is more apt than ever. Only these days it’s not just foreigners who are being tracked, but all 12.6 million Muscovites, too. Officials in Moscow have spent the last few years methodically assembling one of the most comprehensive video-surveillance operations in the world. The public-private network of as many as 200,000 cameras records 1.5 billion hours of footage a year that can be accessed by 16,000 government employees, intelligence officers and law-enforcement personnel.”

Two Thirds Of The Gentiles Murdered By The Neo-Colonialist Jews Are Men ~ Most Of The Rest Are Little Boys

...but few people give a damn about men in Gynocentric 2019, ...Lets talk about the minority one third of Gentiles murdered by the Jewish neo-colonialists, the women and children.

A third of the Palestinians killed by Jewish Israeli death forces IDF in the 3-day offensive on Gaza were women and children. 111 'Palestinians', including 46 children [mostly little boys] and 20 women, were injured. The bombardment damaged dozens of homes, 15 schools, farmland. 8 members of one family were killed in their home by the Jews. No Jews were killed; 5 were injured by kickback from their own weapons as they went about slaughtering Gentiles… Three reports below:

14 Nov 2019

Cash And Debt Pile

Max and Stacy discuss Warren Buffett’s $128 billion cash pile. In the second half, Max talks to Professor Steve Keen about the rapidly climbing pile of U.S. debt now over $23 trillion and whether or not it matters.

Jews Murdering Gentile Kids And Attacking Their Future

'The most brutal way to stop children from being educated is of course to murder them.'  
Neo-colonialist Jewish Death Forces IDF detain a schoolgirl after clashes with protestors near Hebron in 2015. Israel’s military court system prosecutes between 500-700 Palestinain chidlren each year. Muhesen Amren APA images
By Greg Shupak: Traveling across Palestine, as I did to give lectures earlier this year, means following a perpetually fresh trail of repression. 
Omnipresent are the prison guard towers, the barbed wire, the Jewish IDF with their massive guns and 'The Apartheid Wall'.
The day before an event at which I was speaking in Beit Sahour, a small town adjacent to Bethlehem, residents held a funeral for Sajid Mizher, a 17-year-old volunteer medic Jewish IDF had just shot dead in Dheisheh refugee camp despite his wearing an identifying vest.
'...part of a larger pattern as is Jewish Israel’s routine killing and maiming of Gentile children, 44 of whom it shot on 25 October in Gaza.'

Jewish Mossad Pardophile Epstein's Network, Part 1: Clinton Crime Family At Nexus Of CIA's Iran-Contra Drug Operation

Far from being the work of a single political party, intelligence agency or country, the power structure revealed by the network connected to Epstein is nothing less than a criminal enterprise that is willing to use and abuse children in the pursuit of ever more power, wealth and control.
By Whitney Webb: On August 10th, and for several days after, speculation swirled after it was announced that Jeffrey Epstein had been found dead in his cell. His cause of death has officially been ruled suicide by hanging.
Epstein, the billionaire pedophile and sex trafficker with a myriad of connections to the rich and powerful in the United States and several other countries, had told those close to him that he had feared for his life prior to his sudden “suicide,” the Washington Post reported, while his defense lawyers claimed that he had planned to cooperate with federal authorities.

The Jewish Progressive Agenda According To Bernie Sanders

'Sanders takes up the same line you’d expect from an ADL spokesman, ticking every Hasbara box from the Jewish right of ‘self determination‘ to the primacy of Jewish suffering.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: In the 2016 Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders presented himself as an American who happened to be Jewish.  Now, in a radical shift, Sanders identifies as “a proud Jewish American.” The progressive politician went from speaking in a universalist voice to defining himself as a 3rd category Jew, i.e., a person who identifies politically as a Jew (as opposed to identifying religiously:1st category, or ancestrally: 2nd category). In his new capacity as a proud Jew, Sanders has declared all out war on Anti Semitism on behalf of his people and in the name of what he describes as ‘multicultural progressive values’.

13 Nov 2019

There Is No Such Thing As A Free Press

'All from the lowest reporter to the highest editor to the owners of the news organization are caught up in enabling the elites to control the explanations. Ulfkotte names names and lists the organizations'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Udo Ulfkotte’s amazing book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalism) was published by Kopp Verlag in 2014. The book was a sensation and sold 1,500,000 copies in Germany, but no major US publisher would bring out an English translation. Finally, last month a small publisher, Progressive Press, published an English language edition titled Presstitutes Embedded in the Pay of the CIA.
Ulfkotte’s book destroys the illusion/delusion that there is anywhere in the Western world an independent press.

A Dream Of Fecunda - Part 2

Editor’s Note: Below is an extract from the book, The Vast and the Spurious: 25 Problems for Feminism.

Part Two – Rape Culture and Guilt
Part one of this article was about a fictional all-women country called Fecunda. Part two looks at a more serious question – are men as a class responsible for individual crimes against women, and are women entitled to hate them?  It is after such crimes in my country, Australia, that feminist anger against men reaches a peak.
In June, 2018, a young woman named Eurydice Dixon was raped and murdered in a Melbourne park. This awful event stirred up a lot of anger. TV host, Lisa Wilkinson, mentioned The Handmaid’s Tale in a tearful speech. Clementine Ford wrote a newspaper column scolding men for their collective sins.
This may seem odd, given that men as a class did not murder Eurydice Dixon. In fact, she was killed by a 19 year old autistic man named Jaymes Todd. But by some interpretations of feminist theory, men as a class did murder Eurydice, at least indirectly. She was a victim of ‘rape culture’ and systemic misogyny. So, if men as a whole are part of creating rape culture, some feminists hold them accountable.

How To Argue Nicely About Sex With Your Boyfriend: A Medieval Lesson

Couples commonly argue about sex. Continually imbibing the poisons of rape-culture culture, women today readily feel hatred toward men. That makes girlfriend-boyfriend arguments about sex particularly nasty. Medieval Latin literature, which isn’t just for men, shows a more excellent way. It supports imagining what’s scarcely imaginable today. A woman can treat a man’s sexual feelings with compassion and respect, yet insist on what she understands to be proper conduct.
In twelfth-century France, a boyfriend and a girlfriend argued nicely about sex. They argued in Latin, the language regarded as appropriate for serious arguments. In accordance with the medieval church’s insistence on mutuality in marriage, this couple took turns saying to each other four-line stanzas of Latin poetry. They argued humanely, learnedly, and eloquently. The man started first, because his feelings were compelling him to rise.

Anti SJW Cring

DoctorRandomercam: I am not getting paid for this appearance or for this video; No monetisation, no superchats, and no links on any donation sites. I’d like to thank US Customs for vigilance in their most rigidly consistent standards above and beyond the call of duty. This messaging system will self destruct in five years.

12 Nov 2019

Dissecting Identity Politics: Gilad Atzmon With Angelo John Gage

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: We dissected the disastrous impact of identity politics, the meaning of Zionism, Israeliness, and Jewish culture, we covered many topics such as historicity, the Holohoax, White Nationalism and more. It was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy watching us.
Angelo John Gage: Tonight's we have world renowned jazz musician, author, and political activist Gilad Aztmon joining us to dissect and examine identity politics. We will focus mainly on the Jewish Identity which he has been a huge critic of. This will naturally segue into Zionism, Israel, and other relevant topics.

"Just Don't Talk About Jewish Mossad's Paedophile Island!"

Steven Crowder runs through calling for Trump's impeachment (for three years!) and the reason the Jones Plantation won't give it up.

(Shadow) Banned & Demonetized - Just A Message In Between

Ava Brighton:
 Everyone just loves Aurelia Vera and her not-so-hidden agenda, right?

Gender Studies - It's One Way To Get Screwed

"This is how they fuck young people these days. ...There's loads of ways in which women get fucked over in the world, right, especially out of money, one of them is a gender studies degree."
Says Alistair Williams.

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Billions

Max and Stacy discuss the crybabies on Wall Street begging for billions and living in constant fear while the rest of the economy continues to live and thrive in the real world without non-stop free money. The tale of these two economies are one where money velocity is zero for the top 1% with their over $30 trillion in wealth, at least $4.7 trillion of it sitting there as dead money in zero percent bank accounts. In the second half, Max continues his conversation with Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com about repo markets, 'balsamic smiles,' China’s gold buying and Mark Carney’s recent suggest that an IMF-backed synthetic cryptocurrency should replace the US dollar as a unit of account for global trade.