30 Jun 2019

Life Expectancy Falters In The UK: Slow Death But Fast Profits For The Agrochemical Sector

'Monsanto found to be dumping toxic waste in the River Severn, public waterways and sewerage. ...shockingly high levels of weedkiller in packaged cereals. "The levels consumed in a single daily helping of any one of these cereals, even the one with the lowest level of contamination, is sufficient to put the person’s glyphosate levels above the levels that cause fatty liver disease in rats (and likely in people).” ...humans become confused about their gender or sex.'
Authored by Colin Todhunter: A special report in the Observer newspaper in the UK on 23 June 2019 asked the question: Why is life expectancy faltering? The piece noted that for the first time in 100 years, Britons are dying earlier. The UK now has the worst health trends in Western Europe.
Aside from the figures for the elderly and the deprived, there has also been a worrying change in infant mortality rates. Since 2014, the rate has increased every year: the figure for 2017 is significantly higher than the one in 2014.

Subjective Theory Of Italian Lira + Boom Times, Or Financial Apocalypse?

Max and Stacy discuss the fact that the old Italian lira, which is technically no longer legal tender, is still used as money, according to Italian police, who say that the mafia is still using it for illicit activity. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins for his thoughts on the Trump-Xi meeting that may happen at the G20 Summit in Osaka. They discuss the trade war, which side is winning and/or losing, and how a peace deal might be reached.

Joke Expert Analyses Jo Brand

DoctorRandomercam: This took longer than it needed to. I think I’m getting bored of this. Send in the clowns, folks.

If Today's Articles Existed In The 1950s

Barbara4u2c: This is a completely accurate portrayal of those times and no other scenarios exist as far as I'm concerned.

40 Lessons To Teach Your Kids Before They Leave Home

Authored by Daisy Luther: “Millennials” have been the butt of a million jokes about incompetence. The generation born between 1981 and 1996 is considered entitled, ultra-liberal, and naive about how life works. But maybe they’ve gotten a bad rap because what no one ever points out is that maybe the issue isn’t with these young people but with how they were raised. I know that my own millennial daughter is competent, frugal, and independent.
As a parent, the most important job I will ever hold is “mom” to my two daughters. And if I’m not teaching them the important life lessons they need to survive and thrive in this crazy world, I’m not doing a very good job at all. Of course, once they get out there, there are a million variables, but how they deal with those variables has a lot to do with whether they were raised to think independently or raised to wait for rescue.

Heroic Wikipedia Co-Founder Unveils "THE DECLARATION OF DIGITAL INDIPENDENCE" ~ Sign The Petition Here...

Authored by Larry Sanger: Humanity has been contemptuously used by vast digital empires. Thus it is now necessary to replace these empires with decentralized networks of independent individuals, as in the first decades of the Internet. As our participation has been voluntary, no one doubts our right to take this step. But if we are to persuade as many people as possible to join together and make reformed networks possible, we should declare our reasons for wanting to replace the old.
We declare that we have unalienable digital rights, rights that define how information that we individually own may or may not be treated by others, and that among these rights are free speech, privacy, and security. Since the proprietary, centralized architecture of the Internet at present has induced most of us to abandon these rights, however reluctantly or cynically, we ought to demand a new system that respects them properly. The difficulty and divisiveness of wholesale reform means that this task is not to be undertaken lightly. For years we have approved of and even celebrated enterprise as it has profited from our communication and labor without compensation to us. But it has become abundantly clear more recently that a callous, secretive, controlling, and exploitative animus guides the centralized networks of the Internet and the corporations behind them.
The long train of abuses we have suffered makes it our right, even our duty, to replace the old networks.


'Is there to be one rule for Jews and another rule for the rest of humanity?'

Eve Mykytyn: Any Labour Party member bold or stupid enough to make or be associated with negative statements about Israel, the Zionist politics that support Israel or who questions any piece of the present Holocaust narrative has been disciplined by the Party. Ex, See or See.
England has Jewish citizens and Israel is a British ally, these two facts somehow get conflated. Israel is a separate sovereign state, has been so for seventy years, and is likely to remain a country, and a rich and powerful one at that, for the foreseeable future. Britain’s Jewish citizens, like all Brits, have rights to protection from discrimination, hate speech and the like that derive from their British citizenship and are wholly unrelated to Israel.

John Setka Is A Very Bad Man

By : An alien or even a human being who has never been exposed to life in a feminist country ruled by the social media mob would be deeply confused by a story which recently dominated our news cycle here in Victoria.
John Setka, a bull of a man and longtime leader of a controversial and confrontational union, the CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union) had to appear in court for sending a series of “misogynistic” texts to his wife, Emma Walters.
Magistrate Belinda Wallington said:
“The misogynist language is what’s causing me concern,” she said. “I’m not dealing with acts of horrendous violence. But it’s still nasty behaviour.”
Now why was John Setka sending abusive texts to his wife?
Well, Emma Walters had a serious drinking problem and decided to go for a drive to another state with her kids. When the police pulled her over, they discovered she had a blood alcohol reading five times above the legal limit- .282!

29 Jun 2019

Double Standards, Hypocrisy And Misandry Of Psychologists

'Feminism slutting around under the sheets of chivalry'
By : Read another unrepentant Psychology Yesterday piece recently entitled ‘Sex Robots and the End of Civilization.’ I suggest you read the article too. That way the following will make more sense.
In this article the author does the usual routine of ignoring female sex-toy use and foists responsibility on to men to have ‘real’ relationships with women.
As opposed to preferring a sex robot.
Speaking of superstimuli, without a hint of irony, the article is an example of exploiting the male impulse to protect the neotony of women, an impulse rubbed raw by the masturbatory and ungrateful feminism of the modern psychologist.
We see more of the same superstimuli by example of feminism slutting around under the sheets of chivalry, accompanied by the same unaccounted irony.
Am I the only one having a problem with feminists playing damsel to men in order to garner service? While claiming to be a feminist? Or with the men all too happy to be service animals?
What ever happened to those strong, independent women, don’t need no man?

I Denounce The Holocaust Religion, But I Am Not Alone

‘Yeshayahu Leibowitz, the philosopher who was an observant Orthodox Jew, told me once: “The Jewish religion died 200 years ago. Now there is nothing that unifies the Jews around the world apart from the Holocaust.”’ Remember What? Remember How? - Uri Avnery
By Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: The Labour Party is now a comedy act. Even when it does the right thing, it is quick to admit it occurred by mistake. Three days ago the Party decided to let MP Chris Williamson back into its ranks, a decision that seemed to convince some that Corbyn finally grew a pair. Apparently, it didn’t take more than 72 hours for the party to humiliatingly reverse its decision and bow in to pressure mounted on its leadership by the Jewish Lobby, Labour Friends of Israel and, believe it or not, a bunch of party staffers who “demanded,” no more no less, an “immediate review” of the decision regarding Chris Williamson.
'Zionist world domination is not ‘a plan’ anymore, it is the reality in which we live.'

Another Day, Another Round Of Orwellian Censorship Stories

Computing Forever

Monsters Walk The Earth ~ Why These Three Countries Are The Real Troika Of Evil

By Philip Giraldi: There are monsters among us. Every day I read about an American “plan” to either invade some place new or to otherwise inflict pain to convince a “non-compliant” foreign government how to behave. Last week it was Iran but next week it could just as easily again be Lebanon, Syria or Venezuela. Or even Russia or China, both of whom are seen as “threats” even though American soldiers, sailors and marines sit on their borders and not vice versa. The United States is perhaps unique in the history of the world in that it sees threats everywhere even though it is not, in fact, threatened by anyone.
Just as often, one learns about a new atrocity by Israelis inflicted on the defenseless Arabs just because they have the power to do so. Last Friday in Gaza the Israeli army shot and killed four unarmed demonstrators and injured 300 more while the Jewish state’s police invaded a Palestinian orphanage school in occupied Jerusalem and shut it down because the students were celebrating a “Yes to peace, no to war” poetry festival. Peace is not in the Israeli authorized curriculum.

“The Fight For Marijuana Legalization Where We’ve Been, Where We Are And Where We're Going" Paul Armentano

Ron Paul:

Police STILL Investigating Carl Benjamin

The Glass Blind Spot: Exclusive: It took Police less than 24 hours to decide Jo Brand didn't do anything, why are they still investigating Carl Benjamin after almost two months?

Can Russia, China Snag India From US To Build An Eurasian Superpower?

By Pepe Escobar: It all started with the Vladimir Putin–Xi Jinping summit in Moscow on June 5. Far from a mere bilateral, this meeting upgraded the Eurasian integration process to another level. The Russian and Chinese presidents discussed everything from the progressive interconnection of the New Silk Roads with the Eurasia Economic Union, especially in and around Central Asia, to their concerted strategy for the Korean Peninsula.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (left) hug during their meeting before a session of the Heads of State Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
A particular theme stood out: They discussed how the connecting role of Persia in the Ancient Silk Road is about to be replicated by Iran in the New Silk Roads, or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). And that is non-negotiable. Especially after the Russia-China strategic partnership, less than a month before the Moscow summit, offered explicit support for Tehran signaling that regime change simply won’t be accepted, diplomatic sources say.

28 Jun 2019

Consenting Sex Is Not A Crime

'Fuck Feminism
I'm Not A Victim'
Elizabeth Hobson:
Why Keeping Prostitution Illegal is Immoral by- who wrote this- me!
Rupert Everett in defence of prostitutes: 'There is a land grab going on'
Rupert Everett: 'We've lost our London – and Soho is the last victim' http://www.theguardian.com/cities/201...

What Game Theory Teaches Us About War ~ Simon Sinek

TED Archive: What would happen if ‘win’ and ‘lose’ are no longer the only options when fighting a war? What if a third, more abstract ideal becomes the goal? And - what if not all the players are aware of the new rules? Simon Sinek uses game theory to explain some of the strategies and outcomes behind past and present wars.

Trump To Unleash Hell On Europe: EU Announces Channel To Circumvent SWIFT And Iran Sanctions Is Now Operational

By Tyler Durden: With the world waiting for the first headlines from the Trump-Xi meeting, the most important and unexpected news of the day hit moments ago, when Europe announced that the special trade channel, Instex, that will allow European firms to avoid SWIFT and bypass American sanctions on Iran, is now operational.
Following a meeting between the countries who singed the Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was ditched by US, French, British and German officials said the trade mechanism which was proposed last summer and called Instex, is now operational.
As a reminder, last September, in order to maintain a financial relationship with Iran that can not be vetoed by the US, Europe unveiled a "Special Purpose Vehicle" to bypass SWIFT. The mechanism would facilitate transactions between European and Iranian companies, while preventing the US from vetoing the transactions and pursuing punitive measures on those companies and states that defied Trump. The payment balancing system will allow companies in Europe to buy Iranian goods, and vice-versa, without actual money-transfers between European and Iranian banks.

Are There Any Americans In The Trump Administration?

Another Zionist in charge of American foreign policy

By Philip Giraldi: Those who think that the foreign policy of the United States should be the product of serious discussion embracing a variety of viewpoints to come to a conclusion that benefits the American people should perhaps take note of what has been going on in the President Donald Trump administration. The use of unrelenting pressure to include threats of military intervention rather than negotiation has been noted by many, but the media predictably has failed to discuss the implications of having a team in place making decisions relating to the volatile Middle East and beyond that consists overwhelmingly of Orthodox Jews and Christian Zionists.
To recap, Trump’s A-team in the Middle East is headed by his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner who is being personally advised by a group of Orthodox Jews. David Friedman, the U.S. (sic) Ambassador to Israel is also an Orthodox Jew and a former bankruptcy lawyer with no diplomatic or foreign policy credentials. He is a passionate supporter and even a funder of the illegal Israeli settlements on the West Bank and on the Golan Heights. Friedman endlessly and ignorantly repeats Israeli government talking points and eventually succeeded in changing the language used in State Department communications, eliminating the word “occupied” when describing Israel’s control of the West Bank.

'Freedom From Speech': The Unscientific Transgender Ideology Is Being Forced On Professors & Scholarly Journals

Those who hate Western civilization are making perversion normal and normal perversion. We are experiencing the culmination of the destruction of the Western World. You can hear the last gasps.
The purge of trans-sceptical academics
By Heather Brunskell-Evans: In the UK academy, we have become accustomed to students deploying the ‘No Platform’ policy to silence external speakers. Now this same censoriousness seems to have spread to the world of academic journals, as evidenced by the pressure put on two academics recently to stand down from their editorial roles.
In the first instance, Sarah Honeychurch, one of the editors of the journal Hybrid Pedagogy, received a formal email from Chris Friend, the journal’s managing editor, asking her to resign her position.

NY Times Admits It Is US Government Propaganda Machine ~ Sends Stories For Government Approval Before Publication

The New York Times casually acknowledged that it sends major scoops to the US government before publication, to make sure “national security officials” have “no concerns.”
By Ben Norton: The New York Times has publicly acknowledged that it sends some of its stories to the US government for approval from “national security officials” before publication.
This confirms what veteran New York Times correspondents like James Risen have said: The American newspaper of record regularly collaborates with the US government, suppressing reporting that top officials don’t want made public.
On June 15, the Times reported that the US government is escalating its cyber attacks on Russia’s power grid. According to the article, “the Trump administration is using new authorities to deploy cybertools more aggressively,” as part of a larger “digital Cold War between Washington and Moscow.”

27 Jun 2019

The Propaganda Ministry Known As “The Free Press”

'Obviously, there can be no democracy when the electorate is kept in the dark.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: As I have reported on many occasions, the presstitutes constitute not a free press but a Ministry of Propaganda for the government and ruling oligarchic interests.  Ben Norton explains that the New York Times gets permission from Washington before it prints a story:
The New York Times has publicly acknowledged that it sends some of its stories to the US government for approval from “national security officials” before publication.
He explains that CIA control and manipulation of the media has a long tradition, a tradition exposed by journalists who know:
Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein, a former Washington Post reporter who helped uncover the Watergate scandal, published a major cover story for Rolling Stone in 1977 titled “The CIA and the Media: How America’s Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up.”
Bernstein obtained CIA documents that revealed that more than 400 American journalists in the previous 25 years had “secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Lord Falconer Is Watching You + Margaret Hodge, Iran & Jazz

'Britain is now a lawless place. The Kingdom is a free nation no more. It is an authoritarian society governed by a compromised political class. Britain has become uninhabitable for intellectuals, truth tellers and peace lovers.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Those who follow my work know that I have little respect for the Labour Party in its current form. However, yesterday, the crumbling party managed to make the right decision in letting Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North, back into its ranks. Williamson was suspended in February after saying Labour had been "too apologetic" in its response to allegations of anti-Semitism.
I expected the Jewish media and Israel firsters to perform their usual tantrums. The JC was quick to declare itself  “outraged” and referred to Williamson as a 'Jew-baiter.' The Board of Deputies Vice President, Amanda Bowman, called the announcement an “utter disgrace.”

Big Tech Must Be Broken Up

Computing Forever

Hero George Galloway Sacked By Warmongers & Smeared As Anti-Semite

Jimmy Dore

Elizabeth Warren Supported Jewish Terror Regime During 2014 Slaughter Of Gentiles In Gaza Concentration Camp

Warren voted to give the Jewish apartheid state $225 million, on top of its over $3 billion annual aid, while it was perpetrating an invasion that slaughtered 2,200 Goyim and Shiksas including over 500 children and babies and left 100,000 homeless in Gaza Concentration Camp.
In recent years, her views have moderated as her progressive base has become increasingly supportive of Palestinian concentration camp survivors rights. Now she often aligns with J Street rather than AIPAC. But she still co-sponsored a bill to give Israel billions of dollars…

IDF Jewish Israeli Death Forces Invade Gentile (Goyim & Shiksa) Orphanage School To Stop ‘Yes To Peace’ Poetry

The Jewish Apartheid regime said “No” to a “Yes to peace, no to war” poetry festival designed to encourage creativity in students at an orphanage school in Zionist neo-colonialist occupied Jerusalem.

IMEMC News: On Friday evening, Jewish IDF, including undercover agent provocateurs, invaded the school for Orphans, in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and stopped an educational activity held by the General Union of Palestinians Writers, because the Jews consider everyone who isn't Jewish to be nothing more than potential Jewish slaves who they call Goyim and Shiksas.

Media sources said the school was about to hold a poetry festival, dubbed as “Yes To Peace, No To War,” and shut it down.

26 Jun 2019

Western Malaise And The Celebration Of Mediocrity

Computing Forever

Presidential Candidate Offers A Bold Plan For Israel/Palestine

US Presidential candidate Mike Gravel lays out a courageous proposal, "The most obvious and humane path forward is the creation of a secular, democratic, binational state with equal rights for all.”
[At 89, Mike Gravel is running for President in order to make his progressive, anti-war message heard. He’d hoped to participate in the upcoming debates, but he didn’t make the cut. Now he has his eye on the July debate series. “My message,” he says in Rolling Stone, “centered around an anti-imperialist foreign policy and fundamental political reform, is one that no other Democratic candidate is making the centerpiece of their campaign. After the first two debates, I will drop out and endorse the most progressive candidate.” See the essence of his message in this video, and more on his life and campaign below.]
By Mike Gravel: One of the most obvious absurdities in the world of foreign policy is seeing what is considered serious. The people who want to continue funding massacres, genocides, and authoritarian regimes abroad frame their ideas in the sober language of realism, and earn plaudits from pundits and think tanks;

Being Honest About Britain’s “Anti-Semitism” Obsession

'Labour for The Many and not for The Jew.'
Britain’s Labour Party lost support among Jewish voters before Jeremy Corbyn became its leader. (Ben Cawthra/Sipa USA/Newscom) 
By Tony Greenstein: Cries of “anti-Semitism” are the charges every supporter of the Palestinians has to face. I doubt that there is a single Palestine solidarity activist who hasn’t been accused of anti-Semitism.
The rationale for these accusations include the suggestion that we are operating “double standards” in singling out Israel for criticism. We are alleged to criticize Israel because it is a “Jewish” state. Israel is the “targeted collective Jew among the nations,” Irwin Cotler, a former government minister in Canada, has written.
Today, a different, more subtle argument is developing: Israel and Zionism are an integral part of Jewish identity. That is why opposition to Zionism and Israel is automatically anti-Semitic.
This argument was tested earlier this decade in an employment tribunal which assessed allegations that Britain’s University and College Union was anti-Semitic because it supports BDS – the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

The Social Media Crusade Against Free Thought Continues

By : I woke this morning to find my Facebook account had been deleted by the social media giant. No explanation was given, just a nice, tidy note informing me that I no longer exist. At least according to Facebook.
Of course, none of this is new. I was lifetime banned from Twitter nearly a year ago for tweeting news stories about women who had either publicly admitted to, or had been convicted of, falsely accusing men of rape. In the case of Twitter, they did offer me the explanation that Tweeting legitimate news stories about rape liars was equivalent to targeting them for harassment. Twitter made it clear that they wanted news stories about dangerous people silenced when those people were women and they were just hurting men.
I almost wish Twitter had taken the Facebook route of evading explanation, settling for the more ‘mean girl’ method they employed to silence me on that platform. Knowing Twitter’s rationale didn’t make matters any more reasonable or less scary.
Of course, my story is just a microcosm of what is happening on a much larger scale with the great majority of social media platforms working collectively to silence anyone whose political views fall anywhere right of Mao.

Mind Fucking Jewish Spies Are Flooding Facebook & Twitter

'Until Facebook, Twitter, Google and Silicon Valley’s other unaccountable social media giants take the threat of Jewish apartheid Israeli regime meddling seriously, the online “war” against Palestinan [now living in Jewish concentration camps] rights looks set to continue.'
Act.IL’s chief executive Yarden Ben Yosef is an eight-year veteran of the Jewish Israel regime’s military intelligence agency. (YouTube)
By Asa Winstanley: Israel secretly operates a troll army of thousands, partly funded by a government department.
The Ministry of Strategic Affairs is dedicated to a global “war” against BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement for Palestinian rights.
To conceal its involvement, the ministry has admitted to working through front groups that “do not want to expose their connection with the state.”
The troll army Act.IL is one of many such groups. It focuses on spreading Israeli propaganda online.
What does it do with its million dollar budget?
Act.IL is run by a former Israeli spy who has argued that his outfit is involved in “a new kind of war.”

Sexism For Equality

"They're only going to hire a man if they can't find any women to do the job. ...This isn't law yet. ...Any job that's actually important. ...Or Jobs women don't want." Said Turd Flinging Monkey.

The Culture War

PCR: The Herland Report in Scandinavia is a good source of information and thoughtful comment from around the world. Most of the articles are in English. You would find Hanne Herland’s book, The Culture War, a fascinating explanation of the organized destruction of Western civilization.

25 Jun 2019

Egalitarian Sargon v Feminist Misandric BBC + Poop

BBC Grills Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad Over "wouldn't even rape" Jess Phillips

The Male Psychology Conference, 2019

By MRA-UK: There must come a time when I can no longer honestly say that this was the best conference to-date. But that time has not yet come. The landmark event since the last conference was undoubtedly the vote to authorise the new Male Psychology Section (MPS) within the British Psychological Society (BPS). Whilst you must be a member of BPS to join MPS, any interested person can join the Male Psychology Network (MPN), here. The creation of the MPS may mean that next year’s conference may be organised under the auspices of the BPS, it remains to be seen. This year was the 6th in the series, and the 5th attended by your correspondent. Over the two days there were some 25 papers presented, plus (for the first time) some parallel Workshop sessions. I cannot do justice to all the talks or I’d be bashing this keyboard for a week. I apologise in advance for any inaccuracies in representing the authors’ words. All the talks were videoed by the omnipresent Tom and will appear on YouTube in due course.
Friday 21st June 2019
Nicola Graham-Kevan (Uni. Central Lancs) spoke to the impact of intimate partner violence (IPV) on children.
This is the third time I’ve heard Nicola speak (though the first time at this series of conferences), and she’s always a good turn.  She noted, and repudiated, the usual narrative that witnessing parental violence teaches boys to be violent and girls to be victims.

London "Acid Attack Capital Of The World"

By Tyler Durden: Shocking video purporting to show an acid attack in progress went viral after it was uploaded to the internet. Though over the weekend it was unclear exactly what had happened in the dramatic footage showing two men throwing something into a vehicle on a London roadway, after which two victims frantically got out of their car while stripping and shaking violently, London police have now confirmed it was the second in a series of acid attacks which occurred last Friday.
On Monday Scotland confirmed that three men had been injured in separate acid attack incidents within hours of each other in East London.

Inhuman Jews Stop Non-Jewish Children AKA Goyim And Shiksas From Seeing Their Dads In Jail

“Every day, Janat kisses his photo and speaks to it as if he was with her,” Farhana said. “When she gets a new dress she asks the photo of her dad if it is beautiful.”
By Ola Mousa: Janat al-Atar only knows her dad from photographs and stories told by her mom. The girl has long been prevented by Israel from visiting him in prison.
Four-year-old Janat was born after Husam, her father, was jailed. Israel has used that fact as a pretext to deny Husam the right to see his own daughter.
Husam and his wife Farhana married in August 2008. They had only been living together for a short while when Israel mounted a major attack against Gaza in the last week of that year.
As a member of the Qassam Brigades – the armed wing of Hamas – Husam took part in the resistance to that attack. He was arrested in January 2009 – after Israeli troops had undertaken a ground invasion of Gaza - for daring to resist.

Sargon And Karen Talk Men's Issues And The ICMI 2019

"First question, what is your favourite flavour of milkshake
and does it bring all the boys to the yard?"
karen straughan: Join Karen and Sargon of Akkad as we shoot the shite and talk about how Carl found himself men's Issues Adjacent.

24 Jun 2019

On Chosen-Mess

'To be chosen is to see oneself as an exceptional creation. It entails blindness to otherness.
It is a form of impunity. To be chosen
often involves a near or total lack of empathy. Such lack is often defined in terms of
acute narcissism and psychopathy.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: A few days ago the BBC reported on an extraordinary French identity theft scam.  For two years starting in late 2015, an individual or individuals impersonating France's defence minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, scammed an estimated €80m from wealthy French patriots. 
The victims of this fraud were tricked into believing that they were being contacted by France’s Defence Minister who was requesting money to help pay ransom for journalists held hostage by Islamists in the Middle East. Since France officially does not pay ransom to terrorists, the fake minster assured the victims that payments could not be traced and asked for the funds to be wired to a bank in China.

Zionist Shill US Neo-Con-Artist Warmongers Are Very Upset With Trump + "Tucker Carlson Just Stopped A War!"

"John Bolton Is A Bureaucratic Tapeworm!"
Tucker & Glenn Greenwald
Zionist Shill US Neo-Con-Artist Warmongers Upset
Because Trump Didn't Bomb Iran.

The Casualties Required By Social Justice Saviors

The Missing and Murdered Savior Racket Requires more corpses.

I’m A Journalist But Didn’t Fully Realize The Terrible Power Of U.S. Border Officials Until They Violated My Rights & Privacy

By Seth Harp: I should have kept my mouth shut about the guacamole; that made things worse for me. Otherwise, what I’m about to describe could happen to any American who travels internationally. It happened 33,295 times last year.

My work as a journalist has taken me to many foreign countries, including frequent trips to Mexico. On May 13, I was returning to the U.S. from Mexico City when, passing through immigration at the Austin airport, I was pulled out of line for “secondary screening,” a quasi-custodial law enforcement process that takes place in the Homeland Security zone of the airport.

Austin is where I was born and raised, and I usually get waved through immigration after one or two questions. I’m also a white man; more on that later. This time, when my turn came to show my passport, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer was more aggressive than usual in his questioning.

Iran Has Legal Right To Shoot Down Israeli & US Spy Drones And Zionist-Axis Warmongers Have No Right To Retaliate

By : The New York Times is reporting that on June 20, President Trump ordered military strikes against Iran to retaliate for its shootdown of a U.S. drone, but then pulled back and didn’t launch them. Officials told the Times that Trump had approved attacks on Iranian radar and missile batteries.
Trump tweeted, “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone.”
Nevertheless, shortly after midnight on June 21, Newsweek reported that regional U.S. military assets have been put on 72-hour standby.
On June 19, an Iranian surface-to-air missile shot down an unmanned U.S. surveillance drone. The White House claimed that its drone was at least 20 miles from Iran, in international airspace, while Iran maintains the drone was in Iranian airspace. Iran presented GPS coordinates showing the drone eight miles from Iran’s coast, which is inside the area of 12 nautical miles that is considered Iran’s territorial waters under the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea.

US Man Throws Own Feces At Judge During Burglary Trial, Jurors Acquit

'It's a bold strategy, but it just may have worked.'
By Tyler Durden: Only in Florida.
A man charged with burglary "defecated during his criminal trial and tried to throw his feces at the judge" according to the NY Post. 33 year old Dorleans Philidor tried to throw his excrement at Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh while sitting next to her in a wheelchair during his trial.
He missed.
There were no jurors in the courtroom at the time and dozens of corrections officers responded to restrain the man. The trial was moved and the courtroom was subsequently sanitized.
Philidor "also defecated on himself in a holding cell Thursday", according to Miami Dade Circuit Court spokeswoman Eunice Sigler.

Celebrating Straight Pride With Man-On-Man Internet Love


23 Jun 2019

Misandrist Busses

"The myth of women's lack of violence.
The idea that only men are violent."

Bolton Is In Israel Conferring With Bibi How To Provoke US Attack On Iran

'The only chance for world leadership resides in the Russian and Chinese governments. Both should understand that their inaction is a form of deadly action.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: As I posted on June 22 ( stgeorgewest.blogspot.com/2019/06/as-we-face-armageddon-western-world-is.html ), the world still faces the danger of an attack on Iran by Washington acting as an agent of Netanyahu.  Israeli agent John Bolton is already in Israel conferring with Netanyahu.  It is a safe bet that a more serious false flag attack is being planned that will force Trump to save face by attacking Iran. https://www.rt.com/news/462505-bolton-army-ready-action/ 
If Israel and its neoconservative American agents succeed in setting the Middle East on fire, it will also be the fault of the Russian and Chinese leadership.  The Russians and Chinese could stabilize the situation by announcing a NATO-type alliance with Iran and putting military forces in the country, and by informing the criminal Netanyahu that if war breaks out Israel is the first to go.

Putin Explains Why He's So Polite When Western Elites Are So Rude to Him

RI: When it comes to dealing with foreign leaders, Putin prefers to take the high road. Despite all the anti-Russian hysteria in the West, he has always remained diplomatic. Here he explains why:
- Everyone is being rude to us and you call them partners. Why are you so polite?
Vladimir Putin:
- I don't think I'm that polite.