21 Jun 2019

Discussion On Gender Stereotyping In Ads: Egalitarian Mike Buchanan v Lesbian Radical Feminist Misandrist Linda Bellos

Mike Buchanan: The other interviewee, Linda Bellos, is a 68-year-old lesbian radical feminist and gay rights campaigner. She has two 40-something children by the man she married in 1970.

RT posted the video on its website, along with some commentary, here: https://www.rt.com/uk/461915-uk-bans-... 

Viewers may be surprised to learn that (as has happened to me before, in such situations) I had no sight of the introductory video, the person I was debating with, the (British) interviewer, or anything you can see in the RT studio (in Moscow). Very frustrating, to put it mildly. My contribution was made in a dark room in London, peering into a TV camera.

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