31 Jul 2019

Propaganda, Censorship, Power, & Control - Inside The Submissive Void

"Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few; and the implicit submission, with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to those of their rulers." David Hume, 'Of the First Principles of Government', 1768.
Brief: The use of propaganda and censorship is more frequently associated with totalitarian, corrupt and/or despotic regimes, not modern democracies in the West. Yet the history of how western governments and their ever vigilant overlords in the media, financial and business spheres have controlled the political narrative of the time via these means is a long, storied and ruinous one, going back well before 1914. Along with serving the contemporaneous political objectives of its perpetrators as contrived, such activities often continue to inform our understanding, and cement our interpretation, of history. If as the saying goes, “history repeats itself”, we need look no further as to the main reason why. In this wide ranging ‘safari’ into the disinformation, myth-making, fake news wilderness—aka The Big Shill—Greg Maybury concludes that “It’s the narrative, stupid!”

Greece - Suicide Or Murder?

By Peter Koenig: Pundits from the left, from the right and from the center cannot stop reporting about Greece’s misery. And rightly so. Because Greece, the vast majority of her people live in deep economic hardship. No hope. Unemployment is officially at 18%, with the real figure closer to 25% or 30%; pensions have been reduced about ten times since Syriza – the Socialist Party – took power in 2015 and loaded the country with debt and austerity. In the domain of public services, everything that has any value has been privatized and sold to foreign corporations, oligarchs, or, naturally – banks. Hospitals, schools, public transportation – even some beaches – have been privatized and made unaffordable for the common people.
While the pundits – always more or less the same – keep lamenting about the Greek conditions in one form or another, none of them dares offer the only solution that could have rescued Greece (and still could)
exiting the euro zone;

Jewish Vassal America Culpable In Morsi’s Demise

By Ashraf W. Nubani: For many Americans, the criminally negligent death of Egypt’s first freely elected president last month will go mostly unnoticed, despite their government’s responsibility.
Palestinians in Gaza concentration camp’s Nusseirat refugee camp demonstrate in support of ousted Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi in July 2013. Ashraf Amra APA images
In 2012, in the wake of the uprisings dubbed the “Arab Spring” and the ouster of longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi narrowly defeated a former air force chief supported by top military brass.
In office for barely a year, Morsi was never actually allowed to rule. At every turn, the deep state plotted to undermine his authority. From prearranged fuel shortages to state media coverage intended to undermine a civilian presidency, the generals, led by Abdulfattah al-Sisi, orchestrated opposition to Morsi’s rule.

US Fire Commissioners Call For Real Investigation Of 9/11

You didn’t hear about this on CNN, did you?  Or read about it in the New York Times?
“All three buildings were destroyed by carefully planned, orchestrated and executed controlled demolition.” - Professor Lynn Margulis, Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and National Academy of Science member, one of many academics who have been very outspoken regarding 9/11 (source) (source)
By Arjun Walia: Nearly 18 years after the tragedies that occurred on 9/11, the event is still serving as a massive wake up tool for humanity as more and more people become aware of the facts about our world that are hard to swallow. The good news is that awareness sparks change, and truth is a great catalyst to cause a shift in consciousness, a change in mass perception about what’s really happening on our planet. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. 9/11 has woken up millions of people, as thousands of architects, engineers, scientists and firefighters continue  to create awareness about why they question the official explanation given to us by the US government regarding the events that day.

Take A Deep Breath

"Bad people crave power more than good people, and are also willing to do anything to get it. So bad people are in power..."
Authored by Michael Krieger: Today’s post revolves around a subject I’ve been thinking about since early 2017, when I noticed much of the population separating into pro-Trump or anti-Trump factions that were becoming increasingly tribal, vitriolic and hostile. I wrote about it in the piece, Lost in the Political Wilderness, and things haven’t improved much since. Fortunately, around the same time I came across the theory of Spiral Dynamicswhich provided me with a useful framework through which to understand consciousness and the importance of guarding your mind and emotional state in a world that encourages fear, tribalism and anger. 
'Many of the issues people become enraged about on a daily basis have been intentionally manufactured or put in front of them for the purpose of pitting people against one another - in other words, for dividing and conquering - or for the purpose of distraction.'

"The Great Hack" Most Important Documentary Of Our Time?

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are the villains in this real-life horror story.

By Kayleigh Dray: We are all, to some degree, aware of the shadowy connections between Cambridge Analytica (CA), the US election and Brexit. And we all know that CA did ‘something bad’ with our data. However, unless you have a degree in tech, it can be hard to understand why so many people believe that social media – specifically Facebook – is manipulating our opinions, our lives, and our society.

Thankfully, Netflix’s The Great Hack is here to help us understand how “the dream of a connected world” tore us apart.

The End Of The Exorbitant Privilege?

Max and Stacy discuss JP Morgan’s recent report for their private wealth clients asking, “Is the dollar’s ‘exorbitant privilege’ coming to an end?” The bank makes the case that the rise of China will dent this privilege. They present data that demonstrates China was, for thousands of years, a major share of world trade until its encounter with the then narco-state of Great Britain in the mid 1800s when the UK and the East India Company used military force to impose opium unto the population. China’s military defeat sank the country into rapid economic decline from which they are only emerging.

30 Jul 2019

Self-Divided, Guibert Of Nogent Lacked His Mother’s Ideological Purity

Like Dhuoda’s ninth-century Liber manualis, Guibert of Nogent’s twelfth-century Monodiae intimately concerns a mother-son relationship. Liber manualis is an artifact of Dhuoda’s presence, a book that she bequeathed to her son in her absence. Guibert’s mother, in contrast, was with Guibert in his everyday life and guided him in person. Both Dhuoda and Guibert’s mother had an ideological purity like today’s earnest reader of the New York Times. In a way nearly unimaginable today, Guibert recognized his impurity and trusted in God’s mercy.
Guibert’s mother was closest to him in his ladder of hope for salvation. She was his biological mother in the model of Mary, the Mother of the Church. Guibert declared to God:

Exposé: Iraqi Rappers Are Being Thrown In Jail

"What's interesting is rap isn't just becoming popular among Iraq's secular youth, but it's also becoming popular amongst Iraq's Shiite religious community." Said SyrianGirl.

Dumbshit Whites Continue Their Self-Immolaltion

DCCC Executive Director Forced to Resign Because She’s White - Apologizes and cries for not contributing to “diversity”.
By Paul Joseph Watson: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Executive Director Allison Jaslow fell on her sword for the sake of “diversity” after she was forced to resign for being white.
Yes, really.
“Jaslow, an Iraq War veteran, attended an all-staff meeting on Monday to make it official after two Hispanic lawmakers – Reps. Vicente Gonzalez and Filemon Vela – demanded she step down on Sunday for not doing enough to “diversify” DCCC leadership,” reports the American Mirror.
Claiming that the organization was in “complete chaos,” the lawmakers demanded DCCC chairwoman Cheri Bustos “appoint a qualified person of color, of which there are many, as executive director at once.”
Jaslaw then reportedly held a meeting with her staff during which she cried and apologized for not supporting “diversity” strongly enough.

Who Summoned A 3-Year Old Goyim Child For Interrogation? The Criminal Supremacist Jewish Apartheid Israel Regime

The latest Jewish regime violation of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child - the Jewish Israel regime on Monday issued a summons for a little 3-year-old Gentile child to be brought to the Jerusalem police station for interrogation.
IMEMC: During an invasion of the East Jerusalem concentration camp al-‘Isawiya Monday night, Jewish Israeli death forces IDF stormed the block of 3-year old Mohammad Rabi ‘Alian, and handed a summons to his parents for him to appear the following day for interrogation about possible stone throwing.
At the time of the summons, dozens of Gentile [Palestinian] residents of the concentration camp accompanied the small boy to the Jewish interrogation center, holding a protest outside while the little child headed in to be interrogated by the Jews.
The Palestinian Prisoners Society called for an investigation into the incident, which they pointed out was a blatant example of the Jewish terrorist occupation’s criminality against little children.

Brazil’s Massive Crime Against Humanity

'This is unregulated international gangster capitalism at work.  Destroy the planet for everyone else so that a handful of gangsters can acquire fortunes.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The corrupt Brazilian government installed by Washington has decided to destroy the Amazon Rain Forest.  This will adversely affect the Earth’s climate by eliminating a massive carbon sink.
The beneficiaries of the destruction of the rain forest are the timber loggers who are buddies with Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, environmental minister Ricardo Salles, and farming lobbyist Tereza Cristina Dias.  
One might have thought that the build-up of CO2 and the impact of carbon emissions in raising the temperature of Earth would result in more careful and responsible policies than one that destroys a unique ecological habitat that stabilizes the Earth’s climate.

Vatican Accuses Jewish Apartheid Israel Regime Of Risking Gentile Monks’ Lives In Fire

The Church of the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor has asked the Jewish state Israel repeatedly for basic services, including water, but because they are 'Goyim' and 'Shiksas' [rude Jewish words for men and women who are not Jewish and therefore not welcome] the Jews have been refused. A suspicious fire on Friday caused significant damage due to this Jewish regime “negligence.” 
By Nir Hasson: The Vatican’s custodian of holy sites in Israel accused the Jewish regime of risking the lives of monks at a Mount Tabor monastery after a suspicious fire broke out Friday. The fire raged until early Saturday and required the evacuation of the Franciscan Church of the Transfiguration, which does not have running water.

29 Jul 2019

Caution For Learning Latin: The Case Of Maistre Mimin Estudiant

Every young man, and every young woman interested in young men, should learn medieval Latin, and so equipped, study medieval Latin literature. Young men should be careful, as medieval Latin literature wisely teaches, or they might find themselves incarcerated as debtors, without even the benefit of counsel. In addition, young men can learn from medieval Latin literature tactics for avoiding the problem of sexual harassment. As those unschooled in the pervasiveness of misogyny know well, young men commonly find young women irresistibly alluring. From medieval Latin literature young men can learn to avoid extremes of gyno-idolatry. They can also learn to be wary of cruelty to women.

Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four Revisited

‘The best books… are those that tell you what you know already.’ George Orwell
By : I recently revisited George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984. I enjoyed the book far more than I did the first time I read it when it was part of the school syllabus. I think it had a far greater impact on me today because so many of the ideas expressed are alive and well in 2019. We have not yet reached the extreme levels of government control and brainwashing described in Orwell’s book, but we are certainly getting closer with each passing year.
I stopped to reflect on different passages throughout the book because of the uncanny similarities I saw between the methods used by Big Brother to control the narrative in their society and the methods used by feminists today.
I have selected a number of quotes from the book which leapt out at me as being something we are acutely aware of as men and women who have swallowed the red pill.

Tulsi Couldn’t Stand Up To The Jewish Lobby - Why?

'Tulsi does not have what it takes to tackle what is by far the worst problem of the United States'
By The Saker: Yes, Tulsi Gabbard’s name was not found in the list of those members of Congress which voted “no” to the resolution condemning the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.  This is the full list as reported by The Forward: Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon), Andre Carson (D-Indiana), Debbie Dingell (D-Michigan), Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (D-Illinois), Raul Grijalva (D-Arizona), Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington), Barbara Lee (D-California), Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota), Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota), Chellie Pingree (D-Maine), Mark Pocan (D-Wisconsin), Bobby Rush (D-Illinois), Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) and Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-New Jersey).

Jewish Sex Preditor Epstein Aside, Victoria's Secret Faces Uphill Battle Selling Sexy In Misandric Feminist #MeToo World

By Tyler Durden: Victoria's Secret has more than just a Jeffrey Epstein problem. The four-decade-old lingerie retailer faces pressure to market to an 'increasingly broadened' definition of beauty - including 'rubenesque' women and transgender individuals who just want to feel sexy. 
The company is currently doing Jeffrey Epstein damage control - after Epstein's two-decade-long reign as a "close confidant, financial manager, and right hand" to the CEO of Victoria's Secret parent company - L Brands' Leslie Wexner, according to Bloomberg. And while he wasn't an employee of Victoria's Secret, Epstein had a major impact on the lingerie company over the years.

Big Tech, Voter Manipulation And Political Bias

Computing Forever

28 Jul 2019

Anti SJW Cringe - Vernaculis

DoctorRandomercam: I told him I was going to do this. I said it to his face. And I said it to his beard. He couldn't understand why I said it twice. Nor could I.

Male & Female Gaze: Following Perseus Against Horror Of Medusa

Andromeda was a ravishingly beautiful princess. Not surprisingly, her name in ancient Greek meant “ruler of men.” Beautiful women have ruled men through the male gaze. So misused and misunderstood in literary criticism of recent decades, the male gaze is a device like the face of Medusa. It’s meant to terrify men and turn them into stone-cold beings. With the help of gifts from gods, Perseus beheaded the hateful Medusa and turned her head into a weapon for good. With the support of medieval literature, men today deserve to be free to gaze as they wish, which isn’t the same as saying “I love you.”
In the ancient world, Medusa was even worse than an Amazon. The Amazons were women who hated men. Medusa was a Gorgon. They were women who hated everyone:
the human-hating Gorgons with snaky locks,
whom no mortal can gaze on and still have life.

"Plans Already Implemented": Russia Warns US Will Unleash 'Space Arms Race'

By Tyler Durden: Following Trump's ambitious multi-billion dollar 'space force' coming closer to fruition, especially after last month the Democratic-controlled House Armed Services Committee voted to give Trump his expensive program, though they want it called the “Space Corps,” Russia has warned of a new space arms race which could endanger humanity. - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Friday at the session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries, “We are concerned over US plans to deploy weapons in space that are already being implemented. This will lead to another qualitative stage of an arms race,” according to TASS.

Young Ahmad Mohammad Al-Qarra Shot Dead & Another 31 Kids & More Adults Maimed By The Zionist Jews On Friday

The Jews have slaughtered 207 Gentiles [Palestinians], mostly men, but also including 44 little children, toddlers and babies, a couple of women, 9 people with special needs, 4 medics and 2 journalists, in addition to maiming a further 13,323 Gentiles, including 2,742 little children and babies, 409 women, 221 medics and 207 journalists, since the Great Return March processions started on March 30 2018.
IAK: July 26, 2019: Ahmad Mohammad al-Qarra, 22, died from serious wounds he suffered earlier that day when Jewish death foces shot him during the Great Return March processions.
The Health Ministry said the young man, identified as Ahmad Mohammad al-Qarra, 22, was shot with a live round in his abdomen, suffering serious wounds, and died at a hospital in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza Strip concentration camp.
It added that the gentile [Palestinian] was shot east of the Khan Younis area of Gaza concentration camp and was treated by the medics who rushed him to the hospital but succumbed to his serious wounds.

Meet The Trillion-Dollar Tax-Haven-Whistleblower Who Was Exiled From His Homeland

"Look at where we are now. Rates of tax on capital have collapsed, inequality has gone through the roof and we’re now in a very dark place for democracy generally.”
By Tyler Durden: John Christensen was a government economist living on the beautiful island of Jersey, off England's southern coast, in a "hillside villa with views of France." But that lifestyle ended after he spoke out on a fraudulent currency trading scheme involving a UBS subsidiary in Jersey, according to Bloomberg.
Christensen had a head of dark hair when he helped to expose the Jersey currency scheme, which resulted in UBS’s Jersey unit and accounting firm Touche Ross & Co. -- now Deloitte -- paying almost $40 million to settle lawsuits. Regular bike rides keep Christensen as trim as two decades ago, but his hair has turned pearl white.
He said: “I was set. We had a pretty good lifestyle and plenty of friends.”

The Majority Of #MeToo Sex Predators Are Jewish - Mamet’s Bitter Wheat, #MeToo And The Role Of Jewish Parody

'You’ll want to see Mamet’s Bitter Wheat not because it is a great play, because it isn’t, but because it is a true window into the sophisticated and manipulative role of Jewish humour.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: David Mamet’s “Bitter Wheat”  tackles the contemporary saga of a Hollywood sex predator at the centre of #MeToo. Barney Fein, the protagonist of Mamet’s new play, refers to himself as a ‘fat kike.’ He is as monstrous and arrogant as anyone could possibly be. And in addition to his arrogance, his thievery of creative work and his contempt for the human race  he is also a disgusting sexual predator. As you have no doubt guessed, Barney Fein is a Harvey Weinstein-type character. No coincidence, Barney Fein rhymes nicely with Weinstein.

Sexodus + Feminist Sicko-Therapy

27 Jul 2019

George Galloway On Populism, Racism And Antisemitism

RT: Chris Hedges discusses with George Galloway, former UK Member of Parliament, the state of politics in the UK and USA, racism and Islamophobia and antisemitism.

Time Value Of Money Disappears

Max and Stacy discuss the mainstream financial press turning to the metaphors and analogies the Keiser Report started using a decade ago about the obvious blackhole of debt that would put central bankers into a quicksand of negative rate policy trap. A full 25% of global sovereign debt is now negative yielding with a whopping 85% of German debt negative. This means that the time value of money has disappeared, hence a fundamental law of monetary physics has been broken. So, what is next?

EU Faces Two Ugly Realities: Johnson Will Deliver Brexit, Eurozone In Recession

Authored by Mike Shedlock: Hello EU. Meet Boris Johnson and his negotiating team. While doing so, think about recession. 
Johnson Will Deliver Brexit 
Eurointelligence has finally come around to my long-held four-point stance.
  1. Boris Johnson is not bluffing.
  2. He will deliver Brexit.
  3. The EU would be wise to make a deal.
  4. Germany and the Eurozone will be in a world of hurt if they don't.

From Eurointelligence

Forget the cabinet reshuffle. The one single appointment we take very seriously is that of Dominic Cummings. The head of the Vote Leave campaign has been given the position of special adviser to the PM, with responsibility for Brexit and the civil service. He is essentially the CEO of Number 10, Downing Street.

'Iran Delenda Est' The Effort On Behalf Of The Jews To Destroy Iran’s Ability To Defend Itself

U.S. war hawks are targeting Iran because Jewish Israel wants them to… Iran is the only regional power impeding Israel’s actions against Palestinians… While Israel has numerous nuclear weapons, Iran is not supposed to acquire them...
Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu points to a red line he has drawn on the graphic of a bomb as he addresses the 67th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, September 27, 2012. (REUTERS / LUCAS JACKSON)
By Stephen J. Sniegoski: After Carthage had been significantly weakened by Rome in the Second Punic War (218 to 201 BC), Cato the Elder, a leading Roman senator, is said to have ended all his speeches with the words: “Carthago delenda est!” (“Carthage must be destroyed!”). This destruction ultimately took place in the Third Punic War (149–146 BC). A somewhat similar situation exists today in the United States, where war hawks demand that Iran–which in no way could effectively attack the United States, or even conquer America’s Middle East so-called allies—be stripped of its ability to protect itself.

Virtue Signaling In Vero Beach

By : Fond as the media are of historic anniversaries, it’s inevitable that some get lost in the shuffle.  One recently came to my attention, but probably not yours, so I thought I’d drag it out for your edification.
75 years ago the AAGPBL was founded.  Yes, even back in 1944, acronyms were popular, perhaps as a result of the New Deal’s creation of numerous federal bureaus, popularly known as alphabet soup agencies.
The AAGPBL was the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.  It was inspired by the U.S military cornering the market on young able-bodied men, the very demographic that had dominated major and minor league rosters.  The result was the disappearance or suspension of many minor league teams (and leagues), while the major leagues had to make do with 4-Fs, old-timers, and sometimes teenagers.  Baseball fans on the home front had little to cheer about.  What do do?
Chicago Cubs’ owner Phillip K. Wrigley had an idea.  Women were taking over for men in the factories, so why not on the baseball field?  Hence the AAGPBL.
In subsequent years the AAGPBL has achieved legendary status in the realm of female empowerment.

Cambridge Milkshaking Incident: Assailant And Photographer Will Not Be Charged For Attack Bacause Vagina

By Mike Buchanan: The inevitable has come to pass. I’ve just heard from the Cambridge policeman handling the Cambridge milkshaking incident, in which I – along with Natty Kadifa and Jordan – were the recipients of uninvited milkshake on our clothes. Neither the woman who threw the milkshake, nor her (male) photographer accomplice, will be facing charges. I never expected any other outcome. Both admitted their involvement (the pub CCTV video footage, and Natty Kadifa’s video, made this a meaningless gesture). Mitigating factors were that both were contrite (yeah, right!) and have no previous convictions (the relevance of which escapes me). Both are said to have been humiliated by Natty’s video which, if true, is one positive thing to have come out of this.
A Detective Sergeant  in Cambridge police has decided, in his infinite wisdom, on a “community remedy”.  The matter wasn’t referred to the CPS because, in the words of the PC, they would have decided prosecutions were not in the public interest (it’s only in the public interest to bring prosecutions when it’s women who are assaulted).

How To Inoculate Yourself From Establishment Bullshit

'The plutocrat-owned media and the plutocrat-owned politicians have the ability to control what people view as normal and what they view as weird, just by not reacting with alarm to occurrences they want normalized and reacting hysterically to occurrences they want rejected.'
By Caitlin Johnstone: In a recent interview with CBS This Morning host Gayle King, former First Lady Michelle Obama contrasted her husband’s presidency with that of his successor by claiming that unlike Trump, the Obama family had had “no scandal”.
“I had to sit in [Trump’s inauguration] audience, one of a handful of people of color and then listen to that speech, and all that I had sort of held onto for eight years, watching my husband get raked over the coals, feeling like we had to do everything perfectly, you know, no scandal,” Obama said.
“Yeah,” King responded.
“No nothing,” Obama said “No nothing!”
“Yes. No scandal,” King said.

26 Jul 2019

Measuring Coercive Control

By MRA-UK: On 29 December 2015, the government introduced the offence of controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship as part of the Serious Crime Act 2015. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) report annually on crime statistics, including domestic abuse – the crime surveys for England and Wales (CSEW). Existing surveys include questions relating to non-physical domestic abuse but these do not align with the definition of coercive control as legislated in December 2015. Indeed, how coercive control consistent with the legal definition is to be measured is an open question. Accordingly, the ONS has carried out research into possible measures of coercive control, trialling new survey questions starting in April 2017. On 18th April 2019, the ONS published the results of their research based on survey responses obtained in the period April 2017 to March 2018. This blog piece discusses their findings and actions.

US Blocks UN Condemnation Of Apartheid Jewish Israeli Destruction Of Indigenous Gentile’s Homes

When 3 member states in the United Nations tried to pass a resolution condemning Israel’s act of demolishing Palestinian homes – which contravenes international law – the United States blocked the measure.
US Blocks UN Condemnation of Israeli Destruction of Palestinian HomesIsraeli soldiers place explosives to demolish a building in Sur Baher, in East Jerusalem [Abed Al Hashlamoun/EPA]
Telesur: Israeli occupation forces demolished 11 Palestinian homes in Sur Baher, evicting 100 families, next to the illegal Israeli separation wall on the outskirts of eastern Jerusalem.
United States representatives to the United Nations blocked Wednesday an attempt by Kuwait, Indonesia and South Africa to get the Security Council to condemn Israel’s destruction of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, despite fierce objection.

Russia Ignores US Neo Con Artist Regime-Change Losers, Plans Major Investments In Venezuela

Venezuela has faded from the news since Guaido's [read: the US'] failed coup. - But although Venezuela is out of the limelight, Russia has not forgotten her ally...
RI: Transcription: Russian companies will expand their presence in Venezuela, said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, following his meeting with the Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez. We're talking about trading, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and mining.

IDF Israeli Death Forces Go AWOL

Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: A new report out of Israel has revealed that Israeli pressed conscripts are being imprisoned for leaving their posts in broad daylight, and sometimes at night too. The Jewish Israeli regime has revealed that over 10,000 - that's one in every 15 pressed members - spent time in a military prison in 2018.

Did Trump Just Threaten To Attack Iran With Nukes For The Jews?

He said he could destroy Afghanistan but was signaling elsewhere. The scary part is there's already a plan. 
By Scott Ritter: On Monday during a press conference between Donald Trump and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Trump spoke rather casually of having reviewed plans to annihilate Afghanistan.
“I could win that war in a week. I just don’t want to kill 10 million people,” Trump said. “I have plans on Afghanistan that if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth, it would be gone. It would be over in, literally, in 10 days. And I don’t want to go that route.”

Trump’s seemingly blasé reference to a hypothetical mass murder on a scope and scale never seen in the history of mankind was stunning. We know, given the state of play in Afghanistan, that it will never happen. But it wasn’t offhand. Such a policy of total destruction could also be seen as applying to Iran, and the potential for the use of nuclear weapons in the event of a U.S.-Iranian conflict is far from hypothetical. He knew exactly what he was doing.

The Rise Of Woke (Feminist, SJW, Blue Pill) Capitalism

...the Woke firms are not just satisfied with policing their own employees for un-Woke attitudes and thoughts... also imperialistic in pushing their social and political views elsewhere and not being afraid to use threats when challenged.
Authored by William Anderson: In preparation for the inauguration of President Barack Obama, who recently had won re-election, Washington, DC, was festooned in flags, including the so-called Betsy Ross Flag, with 13 stripes and 13 white stars in a circle against a blue background. But that was sooo 2013, which was still an “unwoke” era by today’s “higher” standards.

Stalin Would Have Reached Paris Before The Allies If Not For The Incredible Heroism Of The Waffen SS

“If I were to have a son, I would want him to be like Degrelle.” Hitler.
IHR: Introduction
Before the outbreak of the Second World War, Leon Degrelle was already known as the leader of the anti-Establishment Rexist party in Belgium, and as Europe’s youngest and most dynamic political figure. During the war he became known across the continent for his charismatic leadership and courage in combat on the Eastern Front. Of him Hitler reportedly said: “If I were to have a son, I would want him to be like Degrelle.”
Image: Belgian SS General, Leon Degrelle (Left). 600,000 of the 1 million strong SS were volunteers from all over Europe.
His life began in 1906 in Bouillon, a small town in the Belgian Ardennes. As a student at the University of Louvain, he earned a doctorate in law. His keen interests were wide-ranging, and included political science, art, archeology and Thomistic philosophy. In his student days he traveled in Latin America, the United States and Canada. He visited North Africa, the Middle East and, of course, much of Europe.

25 Jul 2019

Only 17 Members Of US Congress With Souls Intact v The Jewish Lobby - Naturally Voted Against Condemning BDS

“I stand before you as the daughter of Palestinian immigrants, parents who experienced being stripped of their human rights, the right to freedom of travel, equal treatment,”
Rep. Rashida Tlaib
By Aiden Pink: The House of Representatives voted Tuesday by an overwhelming margin to pass a resolution condemning the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel and to endorse a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The non-binding resolution passed 398-17. Resolution sponsor Rep. Brad Schneider, a Democrat from Illinois, told JTA that the measure’s resounding success shows that support for Israel is a bipartisan phenomenon.

Another Feminist #MeToo Case Crashes And Burns

Bettina Arndt talks on Sky News' The Bolt Report about the not-guilty verdict in actor John Jarratt's #MeToo case, where he was accused by a former housemate of rape over 40 years ago.

America’s Collapse: #1 In A Series

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Readers aware that I, and Dmitry Orlov, have been chronicling America’s rapid decline ask me, “where did it all begin?”  To answer that question would require a massive history such as Jacques Bazun’s From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life.   All I can do for you is to show you recent evidence from our time.
Let’s begin an occasional series on the subject with asset forfeiture.  Asset forfeiture was one of those tactics that Sir Thomas More warned against in the play, “A Man for All Seasons.” Cutting down a protective feature of law in order to better chase after devils exposes the innocent to injustice along with the guilty.  The devil was the Mafia.  Asset forfeiture originated as a way to prevent gangsters from using their ill-gotten gains to hire better lawyers to defend them than the US Justice Department could hire to prosecute them.  In effect, gangsters were denied the use of their money in their defense. This was the beginning of an unconstitutional assault on private property and due process, but the judiciary, desiring that the Mafia be imprisoned, ignored their constitutional responsibility. The judges joined in the chase after devils.

Jewish Israel’s Latest Attempt To Erase Gentile Palestine

The attempt to suppress official documentation of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948 is not new.
A Palestinian man shows the deeds to his land during a rally marking the Nakba. Ali Jadallah APA images
By Ilan Pappe: But efforts by teams from the Israeli defense ministry to remove sensitive documents from Israeli archives – as reported by the Haaretz newspaper recently – must be understood in a new political climate and are not simply an attempt to spare Israeli governments embarrassment, as some have suggested.
Those of us working with Nakba documents – Nakba means “catastrophe” and is the term Palestinians use for the expulsion in 1948 of some 800,000 people from their lands and homes in what became Israel – were already aware of the removal of these documents. For many years, for instance, historians were unable to revisit “the village files,” which formed an important proof in my argument that the 1948 war was an act of ethnic cleansing.

Honest Aussie Government Ad - Sacred Trees

thejuicemedia: The Australien and Victorien Governments have made an ad about destroying ancient sacred trees to upgrade the Western Highway, and it’s surprsingly honest and informative!

How US Shabbos Goy FDR Forced Japan To Attack Pearl Harbor While Lying About Trying To Avoid War

Robert B. Stinnett, Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor (New York, Free Press, 2000)
J. Alfred Powell: A Second World War Navy radioman turned journalist, Robert Stinnett was in the National Archives in Belmont, California, researching a campaign-year picture book on George Bush’s South Pacific wartime navy career in aerial reconnaissance — George Bush: His World War II Years (Washington, D.C., Brassey’s, 1992) — and encountered unindexed duplicate copies of Pearl Harbor radio intercept records of Japanese Navy code transmissions — documentary evidence of what actually happened at Pearl Harbor and how it came about.
<figcaption>Like Churchill and Woodrow Wilson, another politician bought and paid for by Jewish elites</figcaption>
Like Churchill and Woodrow Wilson, another politician bought and paid for by Jewish elites

Murder By Identity Politics - The Result Of Teaching Blacks Hatred Of White People:

His Name Is Tyler Wingate: 24-Year-Old White Man Gets in Car Accident with Black Male in 83% Black Detroit... Black Motorist Beats Him to Death

What’s life like in 83 percent black Detroit for a white person? Even for a white man just passing through? [Video shows Berkley man beaten to death after early morning car crash on Detroit’s west side, Fox 2 Detroit, July 22, 2019]:

Iran - Seizure Of A British Tanker - More Than Tit For Tat

'World beware! Even those who are in favor with the self-declared hegemon, you never know when the pendulum may swing the other way, simply because the Jewish Israel-driven US of A may be on a whim aggression course against an imaginary enemy.'
By : The British-flagged tanker “Steno Impero”, heading for Saudi Arabia, was seized on Friday, 19 July 2019, by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), in the Strait of Hormuz, after it rammed an Iranian fishing boat, whose distress call it ignored.
The tanker was taken to an Iranian port, because it was not complying with “international maritime laws and regulations,” Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said. Most importantly, the ship did not respond to several warnings from helicopters and Iranian boats, as apparently it turned off its transponder. How could that happen under control of professional sailors, other than as an open provocation.

24 Jul 2019

Warmongering Jewish Israeli-Born Treasury Official Is At The Center Of U.S. Policies Killing Iranian Children

At the Center of U.S. Iran policies is a Jewish Israel-born Treasury official named Sigal Mandelker. The Atlantic writes that her ‘hand is on the lever’ of crippling economic sanctions meant to force Iran’s ‘capitulation or demise’… meanwhile the Treasury Department refuses to divulge whether Mandelker is still an Israeli citizen
(Iran has long been in the Jewish Israel regime's crosshairs)
Sigal P. Mandelker, the undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the US Treasury in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 12, 2018. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili, from Jewish Insider)
By Alison Weir: According to a just published report in the Atlantic and a previous article by a former CIA officer, an Israeli-born individual is at the center of U.S. policies targeting Iran.
The Atlantic reports that financial sanctions are the “key tool” the United States has been using against Iran during  “the past three presidential administrations.” And Treasury official Sigal Mandelker” is the one with her hand on the lever.”