31 Oct 2019

Not Men’s Property: Medieval Women Chose Whether & To Whom To Marry

Many persons, including scholars in anthropology and other academic fields, believe that women have been regarded as men’s property except recently in enlightened places. According to this mythic history, women passed between fathers and husbands as transactions in men’s interests. Women were merely men’s “chattels.”[1] Medieval women themselves ridiculed a much less extreme version of that view. The medieval Christian church doctrinally required a woman’s free consent for a valid marriage. Moreover, the thirteenth-century Old French epic Aymeri of Narbonne makes abundantly clear that women’s consent to marriage was vitally important.
Aymeri was a noble, highly respected knight. At the request of Emperor Charlemagne, Aymeri led taking the city of Narbonne from a strong Muslim force. Aymeri then became King of Narbonne.

Love Byte

By : I remember I was so happy when my sex robot, Amanda, arrived. I felt a bit like a kid at Christmas as I pried open her shipping box and placed her in a sitting position on my bed. Well…a slightly perverted kid, anyway. No matter, we all had needs, right? Besides, what a man does in the privacy of his own home is nobody’s business. It’s between him and his partner – whether that partner had skin or the highly realistic synthskin that the website touted as “indistinguishable from the real thing”. I snatched up the quick start pamphlet clipped to the front of the little black dress the doll was wearing and skimmed for what to do next. According to the guide, it took four hours for Amanda to fully charge. Using the included cable, I plugged my toy up and looked for the charge light indicator that flashed just under the skin of the left arm. Damn, it was definitely not pre-charged. Nothing to do now but to wait. At least it was only about two in the afternoon. I could leave Amanda charging up, knock out that pile of laundry I’d been avoiding, catch up on a little TV, and that would still leave plenty of time in the evening for some well-earned fun.

The Cartoonist Who Dared To Find A Flaw In Females

By Why was there a furious outpouring of unfettered rage directed at one man in our media this week?
Did a corrupt politician break an election promise? Was a serial killer finally apprehended? Did Donald Trump arrive at Melbourne airport? (I would have welcomed him).
No. None of the above.
It was all about a cartoon.
One cartoon.
One fucking cartoon.
Michael Leunig is a Melbourne cartoonist and is someone who has raised the ire of women on more than one occasion during his four decades of work.
For a long time, Leunig was a revered figure. He decided to turn away from political cartoons and attempt to create something more, for want of a better word, spiritual. His boss at The Age gave him a week or two to prove such cartoons had an audience. Prove it he did.
Here are some examples of the types of cartoons which made Leunig a household name in Melbourne and eventually Australia.

Wandering Israelis?

By Eve Mykytyn: One of Israel’s founding myths was that it would provide a homeland to a “people without a home.”  Before and especially after World War II, Zionists claimed that the countries in which Jews lived and were citizens were not a homeland.  Jews, like others, the argument went, were entitled to a homeland populated by Jews. Even at its peak, this argument never convinced a majority of Jews to move to Israel, although especially after 1967, many supported Israel from afar. It seems that some Israelis are also not convinced that they need to live in their ‘homeland.’
A PhD thesis by Omri Shafer Raviv, reported on recently by 972, documents the ‘professors committee’  formed by the Israeli government in 1967 in response to Israel’s sovereignty over the ousted Palestinians in conquered territories.  The committee explored how to limit resistance from and encourage the out migration of Palestinians. The professors were surprised by their findings that the Palestinians, the indigenous people of the land, did not want to leave even if promised a better life in, for instance, Kuwait.

If It’s A Boeing I’m Not Going

“I would walk before I would get on
a 737 MAX. I would walk.”
By : During the Senate hearing into Boeing on October 29, Senator Jon Tester told the company’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg: “I would walk before I would get on a 737 MAX. I would walk.” He added: “There is no way … You shouldn’t be cutting corners and I see corners being cut.”
That’s all fine and well, but the hearing, which continues today, Wednesday, lays bare a giant gap in US law: that of accountability. Muilenburg is the “ultimately responsible” in a chain of command that is responsible for killing 346 people. But he is still the CEO, even if he was demoted from the chairman of the board position. Which was taken over by another -10 year- veteran of the company by the way. Fresh insights galore.
If you are employed by a large company, you can sign off on such decisions, the ones that kill people, and walk away unscathed. It reminds one of Monsanto/Bayer, which just annnounced that the number of Roundup lawsuits against it went from 18,000 in July to 43,000 today. Bayer at the same time announced that its turnover rose by 6% in Q3. 43,000 lawsuits and they’re doing fine, thank you.

30 Oct 2019

Endorsing The Deep State Endangers Democracy

If the deep state is allowed to make its own policies against the will of the elected officials why should we bother with holding elections?
By Moon Of Alabama: Since Donald Trump was elected president the New York Times' understanding of the 'Deep State' evolved from a total denial of its existence towards a full endorsement of its anti-democratic operations.

A wave of leaks from government officials has hobbled the Trump administration, leading some to draw comparisons to countries like Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan, where shadowy networks within government bureaucracies, often referred to as “deep states,” undermine and coerce elected governments.

So is the United States seeing the rise of its own deep state?

Not quite, experts say, but the echoes are real — and disturbing.

Rock God Pink Floyd's Roger Waters: The US And UK Are Trying To KILL Julian Assange!

Sticking it to 'The Man', legendary former Pink Floyd co-founder and frontman Roger 'too cool for brain-rinse school' Waters discusses the world's greatest journalist Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s latest extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates 'Kangaroo' Court and why it makes him ashamed to be English, why he believes the UK and US are attempting to kill Julian, why the extradition case shouldn’t even be happening and is a mockery of British justice,

Guerilla Journalists Sneak Onto Jewish Mossad Paedophile Jeffrey 'Baby Shiksa Shagger' Epstein's 'Pedo Island'

Microsoft Funds Jewish Israel Terror Regime Firm That Surveils West Bank Mega Concentration Camp Gentiles

Microsoft committed to protecting democratic freedoms. Then it funded an Israeli facial recognition firm that secretly watches West Bank Mega Concentration Camp Gentiles - Founder Bill Gates and his wife attempted to normalise male infant ritual genital mutilation MGM by paying for and conning over 650,000 Africans to be genitally mutilated
By Olivia Solon: Microsoft has invested in a startup that uses facial recognition to surveil Palestinians throughout the West Bank, in spite of the tech giant’s public pledge to avoid using the technology if it encroaches on democratic freedoms.
AnyVision, which is headquartered in Israel but has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore, sells an “advanced tactical surveillance” software system, Better Tomorrow. It lets customers identify individuals and objects in any live camera feed, such as a security camera or a smartphone, and then track targets as they move between different feeds.

29 Oct 2019

The End Of Accountable Government Is Close At Hand

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: For about 70 years the CIA has been undermining a free press.  It began with Operation Mockingbird, a Cold War operation against communism.  The CIA recruited journalists into a propaganda network.  The CIA paid journalists to write fake stories or to publish stories written by the CIA in order to control explanations that served the agency’s agendas.  Student and cultural organizations and intellectual magazines, such as Encounter, were suborned into the CIA’s propaganda network.  Thanks to the German journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, we know that every European journalist of any significance is a CIA asset.  In 1977 Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame wrote in Rolling Stone that the CIA “has secretly bankrolled numerous foreign press services, periodicals and newspapers—both English and foreign language—which provided excellent cover for CIA operatives.”  Like most other people, Western journalists were all too willing to sell out their integrity for money.  The few who were not were blackmailed into submission. The few honest journalists who remain have been forced out of the “mainstream” or presstitute media onto Internet websites.  Wikileaks is by far the best news organization of our time.  To bring this organization to heel Washington, using its Swedish, British, and Ecuadoran vassals, has persecuted Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, for years.  The CIA’s media vassals, including the New York Times and The Guardian, both of which published the material leaked to Wikileaks that is being used to destroy Assange, have joined wholeheartedly in the persecution of the World’s Best and Most Honest Journalist.

Men's Rights: Amsterdam, Oslo, Dublin, OH MY!!!

Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You


A Window Into Jewish Guilt

"I, for one, can’t think of another people who invest so much energy in measuring their unpopularity. ...Disgusted by the manifold of recent Jewish #MeToo scandals and  paedophilia/organised crime networks. ...Disturbed by the opioid scandal that left 400.000 dead. ...Troubled by a range of  financial crimes from Madoff to Israeli banks evading taxes, to the Israeli binary options companies that defraud. ...Denounce AIPAC and the ADL, Soros and even JVP for acting as the controlled opposition."
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: It has become an institutional Jewish habit to examine how much Jews are hated by their host nations and how fearful Jews are of their neighbours. Jewish press outlets reported yesterday that “9 out of 10 US Jews worry about anti-Semitism.” - I, for one, can’t think of another people who invest so much energy in measuring their unpopularity. Despite the scale of Islamophobia and anti-Black racism, we are not subjected to a constant barrage of ‘statistics’ to ‘warn us’ of how hated Blacks are or how unsafe Muslims feel.

28 Oct 2019

Misandric Gynocentrism: How To Destroy A Society

: Every now and then I write a comment on a YouTube video that I like to share and this is one of them. Paul, Tom and Janice were recently discussing a book titled, “How To Destroy A Man Now”1. The book might as well have been titled, “How To Destroy A Society Now”. It is a guide on how gynocentrism2 can be used to subvert our legal system and institutions and destroy individual men and civilisation (or what it calls “patriarchy” aka civilisation).
The mere existence of the book and others like it, highlight why it is absurd to claim that society is a patriarchy run by men for the benefit of men and that women are the “nicer” and more empathetic sex. All people have to do to recognise this, is imagine what the social reaction would be if a man wrote a book titled, “How To Destroy A Woman Now”.

Expert Panel Finds Gaping Holes In OPCW Hasbara/War Propaganda On Alleged Syrian Chemical Attack

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone: The Courage Foundation, an international protection and advocacy group for whistleblowers, has published the findings of a panel it convened last week on the extremely suspicious behavior of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in its investigation of an alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria last year. After hearing an extensive presentation from a member of the OPCW’s Douma investigation team, the panel’s members (including a world-renowned former OPCW Director General) report that they are “unanimous in expressing our alarm over unacceptable practices in the investigation of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, near the Syrian capital of Damascus on 7 April 2018.” 
I’ll get to the panel and its findings in a moment, but first I should provide some historical background so that readers who aren’t intimately familiar with this ongoing scandal can fully appreciate the significance of this new development.

Commerce With All Nations

Max and Stacy discuss the battle between old principles and new and ask what Thomas Jefferson meant when he wrote that “Money, not morality, is the principle commerce of civilized nations.” And is Angela Merkel right to think first of her domestic manufacturers? What, also, does it mean that China now has more millionaires than America? In the second half, Max talks to Dan Collins, a businessman and investor who lived in China for twenty years before moving back to the USA this year. They discuss the NBA, Huawei, COSCO and Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai.

27 Oct 2019

Agenda 21: Gender War ~ The State Of Play

'All men are evil and good dicks are hard to find.'
By : If we ever required a simple, contemporary example of the utter contempt and disdain our society has for men, it can be found in an entirely unimportant yet highly instructive tweet from a rather disturbed human being named Miley Cyrus.
There are a number of reasons one could cite for questioning this woman’s judgement and taste but let’s put those aside and focus on her tweet.
Urging her followers not to “give up” in their pursuit of decent men, Cyrus wrote:1
“There are good men out there guys don’t give up,”. You don’t have to be gay, there are good people with dicks out there, you’ve just got to find them.”
“You’ve got to find a dick that’s not a dick, you know? I always thought I had to be gay, because I thought all guys were evil, but it’s not true,” she explained. “There are good people out there that just happen to have dicks. I’ve only ever met one, and he’s on this live.”

Generation X Faces A Bleak Impoverished Old Age

'Used to be that the olds voted in vast numbers to protect their political interests. Xers will be wandering the streets, dumpster diving and dying a dog’s death, with no address to enter on a voter registration card.'
Authored by Ted Rall: In 1991, demographers Neil Howe and William Strauss published their awkwardly titled tome “13th Gen,” about Generation X — the Americans born between 1961 and 1981. If Xers had paid attention, they would have committed suicide.
“Child poverty, employment, wages, home ownership, arrest records — in every category, this generation, the 13th since the American Revolution, is doing worse than the generation that came before,” New York Times book critic Andrew Leonard wrote at the time.
“Indeed, for the first time since the Civil War, the authors of ’13th Gen’ keep reminding us, young people are unlikely to surpass the affluence of their parents.

26 Oct 2019

Why Media Reports On Palestine Are Consistently Inaccurate

To enhance their financial control, Jew olegarchs' 'Jewish Lobby' has created an atmosphere in which journalists shy away from honest reporting on the issue of the Jews building Mega-Concentration Camps in Palestine for the locals and on the slaughtering of their population to steal their land. They are so fearful of being labelled anti-Semitic by the Jewish Lobby and their Holohoax religion brainwashed sheeple, they “daren’t even ask the [necessary] questions.”
Reporting on Jewish built Mega-Concentration Camps for the indigenous people of Palestine fails to include context. Pictured: a wounded Palestinian is evacuated during the Great March of Return protest at the eastern part of the Jewish built Apartheid Wall that is Gaza Mega-Concentration Camp's fence, on February 22, 2019 
By Alasdair Soussi: The Jews' open-air prison subjected to Israel’s and Egypt’s ongoing air, land and sea blockade, the coastal Mega-Concentration Camp, Gaza is, according to Amnesty International and several other rights groups, on the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

Parental Alienation - Backlash Prevention

'Parental alienation appears in ICD-11 as an Index Term under code QE52.0, thus providing clinical validation of the condition as a mental health issue. The feminists were not pleased.'
By MRA-UK: Prior to May this year (2019), parental alienation had been the subject of academic debate regarding its validity as a psychological condition. But that debate came to an end in May.
In May with the World Health Organisation Member States agreed to adopt the eleventh revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, commonly known as ICD-11. Parental alienation appears in ICD-11 as an Index Term under code QE52.0, thus providing clinical validation of the condition as a mental health issue.
The feminists were not pleased. Just before WHO made their announcement in May, a “Collective Memo of Concern” with 173 signatories was sent to WHO seeking to reverse the decision. The lead author, Linda Neilson, was joined by a cast of lawyers, criminologists, sociologists and representatives of the VAWG lobby.
This axis is still intent on reversing the position by petitioning WHO accordingly. Inaction will leave the field open for them to succeed. Here’s how you can help defeat this backlash…

25 Oct 2019

"We Want To Keep The Oil"

"There was once a time when claiming a war was really about oil got you branded
a conspiracy theorist. Now the US
president just outright says it..."
“Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand,
workin’ in the dark against your fellow man.
But as sure as God made black and white
what’s down in the dark will be brought to the light.”
~ Johnny Cash/traditional, ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’
Authored by Caitlin Johnstone: The Grayzone has an excellent new article out titled “US troops are staying in Syria to ‘keep the oil’ — and have already killed hundreds over it” detailing the many ways the Trump administration has openly admitted that it is keeping US troops in Syria to control the nation’s oil fields so that the Syrian government can’t use it to fund reconstruction efforts.
“We’ve secured the oil, and therefore a small number of US troops will remain in the area where they have the oil,”

Micro Activism: The Social Support System

'Society is always demonizing the male gender. Well, it’s time we start
praising the male gender.'
As Men’s Rights Activists, we attempt to help men using “macro activism”. We try to change the entire culture we live in through law and advocacy. A lot of men are suffering social, financial, political, and legal injustices. This is something that we usually attempt to fix — like most activists. However, we have to start shifting some of our attention to “micro activism”. 
The leading problem that men seem to have is that no one supports them. Boys grow up feeling alienated by their environment. They need someone to connect with. They need an accurate representation of their masculinity. Men who fail to be represented by society go down dangerous paths. Eventually they become gang members, school shooters, terrorists, and so forth. It’s time for us to save our boys and rehabilitate our men. This is where MRAs come into the mix.
As MRAs, we must give “micro activism” as much attention as “macro activism”. It’s great to change laws and, eventually, the entire culture we live in. It’s also great to provide comfort and compassion to the men in our lives.

24 Oct 2019

WikiLeaks Releases New Documents Pointing Out That Syria Chemical Attack Was Actually Hasbara

'A body of evidence showing that the chemical weapons watchdog agency manipulated and suppressed evidence.'
By Tyler Durden: A whistleblower with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), responsible for conducting an independent investigation into the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian town of Douma on April 7, 2018, has presented WikiLeaks with a body of evidence showing that the chemical weapons watchdog agency manipulated and suppressed evidence.
A prior official OPCW report of the investigation issued last March found "reasonable grounds" for believing a toxic chemical was used against civilians, likely chlorine. Long prior to any independent investigators reaching the site, however, Washington had launched major tomahawk airstrikes against Damascus in retribution for "Assad gassing his own people".
WikiLeaks published documents based on evidence presented by the internal OPCW whistleblower to an expert review panel on Wednesday. “The panel was presented with evidence that casts doubt on the integrity of the OPCW,” WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson wrote.

Forever Tainted

Neo-colonialist Jews threaten to rape a 6-year-old girl, ...because they hate Arabs. 
A film review by Eve Mykytyn: Forever Pure, a riveting documentary by Maya Zinshtein currently available on Netflix, reports on the 2012-3 season of Israel’s Beitar football team.  In 2005, Arcadi Gaydamak, a Russian born billionaire and convicted arms dealer, bought the team and used it as a propaganda tool in his unsuccessful 2008  run for mayor of Jerusalem (he got less than 4% of the vote). In 2012 Gaydamak took the team to Chechnya for an exhibition game. Ahead of the trip, one of the players worried that:”there will be Muslims there who hate us.” Instead what awaited them in Chechnya was a tie game, a banquet and dancing to Israeli songs. A Chechen official said he wanted  to develop ties to Israel, following his prophet who said he should “develop economic ties with the Jews - not kill them.”

23 Oct 2019

Feminist British Justice Goes Full 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence' Kangaroo Court Retard During Assange Show Trial

Callous UK deep state henchwoman, the magistrate Vanessa 'The Misandrist' Baraitser, who was actually heard making witch like cackling noises in court, was not just prepared but eager to be a part of this bloodsport.
 ...The question of why a man who, by the very charges against him, was acknowledged to be highly intelligent and competent, had been reduced by the state to somebody incapable of following court proceedings, gave her
not a millisecond of concern.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: I never thought that the English would abandon their concept of law as a shield of the people’s civil liberty. But they have.  The English justice system serves as an appendage of the American Police State.  Neither the US nor the UK can any longer lay claim to being democracies goverened by law.

95% Of US Congress Is OK With Israel’s Torture Of Gentile Children, The Apartheid Wall And Mega-Concentration Camps

Gentile children are regularly beaten, tortured and imprisoned by the Jewish apartheid Israel regime. Congress member Betty McCollum has introduced a bill to stop U.S. tax dollars from funding this, but so far only 22 Congress members have co-sponsored it. (None of the Democratic presidential candidates currently in Congress have introduced or signed onto the legislation. ...Not even Tulsi Gabbard,)

By Kathryn Shihadah: People who believe in protecting children need to make their wishes known – go here to contact your member of Congress.
Image: No Way To Treat a Child is a bill before the House with the simple objective of protecting Gentile children from being tortured in Jewish prisons.
'When otherwise enlightened, compassionate people refuse to address the suffering of Palestinians, they relegate this group – who have endured 70+ years of dispossession, 50+ years of illegal occupation, and 12+ years of illegal blockade – to more of the same.'

22 Oct 2019

Can Trump Survive Ending Jewish Lobby's 'Project Syria'?

Finally, a Republican president had the balls to call Jewish AIPAC’s bluff and stop kowtowing to them over their highly sought-after election funds. Trump doesn’t need AIPAC’s money anymore...
Authored by Tom Luongo: From the moment that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Davos) announced reluctantly that impeachment proceedings would begin against President Trump I knew this was about his shift in Middle East policy.
It happened on Terrible Tuesday where both Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson were handed smackdowns by their respective Deep States over their plans to unwind multiple decades of aggressive foreign policy on the one hand and subjugation to the growing European Union on the other.
Now that Trump has fully embraced ending some of the US’s involvement in Syria the knives have come out in full.

Feminist Misandry: The Punishment Should Fit The Offence

By : It was recently reported in the media that students from a school in Melbourne, Australia were singing a song on a tram on the way to a sports carnival. The school in question is St Kevin’s College, an independent Catholic school. Many would consider it strange that schoolboys singing a song on a tram would be newsworthy, but this is 2019. The lyrics of the song were recorded by another passenger on the tram:
I wish that all the ladies.
Were holes in the road.
And if I were a dump truck.
I’d fill them with my load.

I wish that all the ladies.
Were whales in the ocean.
And I was a surfer.
And ride ’em with my motion.
I suspect the last line should have been sung as I’d ride ’em with my motion. This would be consistent with the first paragraph and would make more sense.
After this became public the Australian Broadcasting Corporation went on to report that former students of the school had complained about an environment of hypermasculinity. Hypermasculinity. Sounds like a superpower.

Shiksa Kiddy Fiddler On The Inhaler In Chief's Roof - WB7

By Blocking Boris, Bercow Bins Any Real Brexit

"Party before country. Politics before the people. That’s the true story of Brexit..."
Authored by Tom Luongo: House of Commons Speaker John Bercow denied Boris Johnson’s government a meaningful vote on his EU Withdrawal Treaty on Monday after allowing Oliver Letwin to table an amendment designed to force the Government to withdraw it on Saturday.

That amendment passed and the vote was withdrawn. And the question now is what’s next?
The better question is why? Why did they do this when it raises the probability of a No-Deal Brexit given the ‘no extension’ rhetoric coming from the EU?
The answer should be self-evident. The EU will happily grant an extension if the right conditions are in place. And those conditions are simply anything that continues to pave the path towards overturning the 2016 Brexit Referendum vote.
The EU agreed to Boris Johnson’s deal last week because it was the closest thing to a perfect deal for them they would get in a reasonable time frame.

21 Oct 2019

All-Female Space Flight And The Feminist Narrative

'Feminism ignores all historical facts that tend to show that women occupied a higher place in the public’s estimation of social value than men did.'
By : Hillary Clinton’s October 18, 2019 tweet asserting that NASA wrote to her personally when she was a little girl to tell her girls aren’t allowed to be astronauts is probably about as true as her claim to have come under sniper fire at a foreign airport1 and her suggestion that Tulsi Gabbard is a “Russian asset.”2 The claim was made in celebration of male-exclusionary space flight.3 As such, it is a good illustration of the illogic of feminist narrative.
Preliminarily, it should be noted that if Clinton was, as she claims, “a little girl” at the time, and if, as she claims, NASA referred to her as “a girl” in their supposed letter to her, then it is very possible they were simply telling her that children can’t be astronauts.

A Law Unto Itself

Justice for Some: Jewish Neo-Colonialists, Law and the Question of Palestine
By Salma Karmi-Ayyoub: Noura Erekat explores the role of international law in the struggle for Palestinian national liberation in her latest book Justice for Some.
It is unlike other books on the question of law and Palestine – such as Victor Kattan’s The Palestine Question in International Law and John Quigley’s The Case for Palestine: An International Law Perspective – that presuppose it is possible to arrive at definitive conclusions about the rights and obligations imposed by the law.
By contrast, Erekat’s starting point is that “law is politics: its meaning and application are contingent on the strategy that legal actors deploy as well as on the historical context in which that strategy is deployed.”

Brexit: Bought And Paid For UK 'Jones Plantation' Politicians Tether The British People To A Slow Motion Train Wreck

Europe is crumbling and Britain’s elite desperately want the British people to be part of the wreckage. ...Elites make their money when there's blood on the streets!
Authored by Kit Knightly: Brexit isn’t going to happen. Left or Right – Lexit or Rexit – it’s over. It’s time to make peace with that idea. 
Penned in by the absurd Benn Act, No Deal is off the table, which means Britain will be forced to either remain or accept a deal that’s Remain by another name. The Letwin Ammendment and Johnson’s unsigned extension request are just morbid theatre. Unneccasary nails in a well-sealed coffin.
It’s all very Weekend at Bernies’ – A lame cast of characters, puppeteering Brexit’s corpse to keep up a tired joke that was never funny to begin with.
Parliament has become an absurd pantomime, where a clown Prime Minister – his majority willfully destroyed – sets up straw men that the “opposition” bayonet with increasingly maniacal glee. No thought is given to policy or consequences, only increasing the tally of Boris Johnson’s parliamentary defeats.

"Shut Up, Toe The Line, Or Be Destroyed": Tulsi Gabbard Dismantles Establishment 'Hit-Job' In Viral Video

"Great! Thank you Hillary Clinton,” Gabbard tweeted late on Friday afternoon. "You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot, ...have finally come out from behind the curtain." 

20 Oct 2019

How ‘Momism’ Gave Birth To Gynocentrism

By : I was participating in a post-class bull session with a professor and a couple of other male students, one of whom mentioned he was getting married soon.  The professor seemed surprised by this revelation.  Without the slightest hint of levity, he proclaimed, “Your mother bosses you around when you’re young, and after you’re married, your wife bosses you around.  Wouldn’t you like to have a few years of freedom in-between?”
You might think that no professor – tenured or otherwise – in his right mind would ever make such a statement, even with no women or recording devices present.  Well, today that would be true, but this discourse occurred a half-century ago, and the professor who made that statement came of age during World War II.  As a highly literate man (in fact, an English professor), he more than likely read Philip Wylie’s Generation of Vipers, published in 1943.
Wylie provided talking points aplenty in his book.  Utilizing a number of arcane or obscure words (if you read the book, keep a dictionary close at hand), he ripped almost every stratum of society in the USA.  In the process, he added a new word to the American lexicon: “momism.”

Masculinity Isn't A Defect + First Person Masculinity

huMAN: The part of you (as a man) which could generate strength and self-respect ISN’T the defect they want you to believe it is.

Parental Alienation ~ Under-Recognized Form Of Child Abuse

HBR talk examines the phenomenon of family bond obstruction, including parental alienation.

#MenToo: Enough Talk, More Action

Bettina's recent presentation to the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) conference in Toronto argues the silent majority needs to give politicians the courage to stand up against feminist activists and stop stacking the system to favour women ahead of men.

"I Stand Against Everything She Represents" - Gabbard Hammers Tired, Sick, Fragile Feminist Tripoli Clinton

"She’s the epitome of everything wrong with America and, in fact, the world and Tulsi Gabbard just stood up and laughed at her for still thinking she was the Emperor when in reality
she’s The Joker..."
Authored by Tom Luongo: Tulsi Gabbard has balls. She has the kind of big round hairy balls born of a life dedicated to the cause of serving others. 
She is the direct opposite of Hillary Tripoli Clinton, for whom all causes serve herself and her enormous narcissism and pathology.
So seeing Gabbard go directly after Hillary Tripoli Clinton after her debate performance the other evening where she explicitly called out both the New York Times and CNN (the hosts of the debate) for the hit jobs on her puts to rest any idea she’s someone else’s stalking horse.

19 Oct 2019

Tulsi Nails It On National TV… Zio-US Regime-Change Wars

US, Ohio Democratic debate highlight of Tulsi Gabbard.

"Stand Firm" A Story Of Louis Farrakhan's Visit To Iran

Nader's Show: This documentary, which is produced by Nader Talebzadeh, tells the story of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of "Nation of Islam" group, and his recent visit to Iran on the eve of the tough US sanctions against this country; a visit that has brought him much propaganda and different feedbacks. The Nation has been one of the fastest-growing political movements in the country under Farrakhan's leadership. In order to strengthen the international influence of the Nation, Farrakhan has attempted to establish relations with Muslim countries.

Crybabies On Wall Street

Max and Stacy discuss the #crybabies on #WallStreet instigating repo blowout to get some more free money from the Fed. While the central bank, as always, consoles those tantrum throwers, the Social Security Administration loses many billions of dollars annually in interest payments for every one percent cut to the interest rates – i.e. the rest of the population pays for all the coddling of Wall Street.

Cow Farts v The Sun ~ Why Is The Elitist Fake News Establishment So Obsessed With Meat? ~ Agendas 21 & 2030

The problem with this dietary revolution is that it is based primarily on classic cultural Marxist junk science and cherry-picked data, along with outright lies and propaganda
Authored by Brandon Smith: I don't know how many people have noticed this, but in the past three months it has been impossible for a person to throw a beef burger patty in any direction on the compass without hitting a news article on the “destructive effects” of the meat industry in terms of “climate change”.  There's also been endless mainstream articles on the supposedly vast health benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet. This narrative has culminated in a tidal wave of stories about vegetable-based meat companies like Beyond Meat and their rise to stock market stardom. The word on the street is, meat based diets are going the way of the Dodo, and soon, by environmental necessity, we will ALL be vegetarians.