30 Nov 2019

Epstein Maxwell Tapes? Sordid Case Takes A Bizarre Turn After Mystery 'Hacker' Emerges

'Epstein recorded his high-profile guests as part of a Jewish Mossad international blackmail operation.'
By Tyler Durden: Shortly after Jeffrey Epstein's August death in a Manhattan detention facility, a shadowy figure claiming to have set up encrypted servers for the convicted sex offender told several attorneys and the New York Times he had a vast archive of incriminating evidence against powerful men stored on overseas servers, including several years worth of the financier's communications and financial records which allegedly showed he had vast amounts of Bitcoin and cash in the Middle East and Bangkok, and hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of gold, silver and diamonds.
Going by the pseudonym Patrick Kessler, self-described 'hacker' said he had "thousands of hours of footage from hidden cameras" from Epstein's multiple properties, which included former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew, along with three billionaires and a prominent CEO, according to the Times.

How The Hand Of 'Apartheid Field Tested' Jewish Israel Regime Spy Tech Reaches Deep Into Our Western Lives

'Digital-age weapons developed by Jewish Israel to oppress Palestinians under occupation are rapidly being repurposed for much wider applications – against Western populations who have long taken their freedoms for granted.'
Israeli software used on Palestinians is producing new cyber weapons that are rapidly being incorporated into global digital platforms
Middle East Eye – 11 November 2019
Digital age weapons developed by Israel to oppress Palestinians are rapidly being repurposed for much wider applications – against Western populations who have long taken their freedoms for granted.
Israel’s status as a “startup nation” was established decades ago. But its reputation for hi-tech innovation always depended on a dark side, one that is becoming ever harder to ignore.
A few years ago, Israeli analyst Jeff Halper warned that Israel had achieved a pivotal role globally in merging new digital technologies with the homeland security industry. The danger was that gradually we would all become Palestinians.

Toxic Virtue Signaling

Max and Stacy discuss the toxic consequences of shipping plastic to be recycled. The latest reports from Indonesia show that plastic waste exports to the nation has caused dioxin pollution as high as that near the notorious Agent Orange hotspot in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, which is considered one of the most dioxin-contaminated locations on Earth. In the second half, Max interviews debt campaigner, Joel Benjamin, about the latest on the toxic debt in the UK where local councils are paying an 80% penalty to get out of onerous LOBO loans from the taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland. They also discuss the ongoing scandal of the dangerous cheap cladding covering many buildings in the UK.

Renowned Men's Rights Lawyer Marc Angelucci Talks To Bettina Arndt - Audio Podcast

Bettina Arndt: Leading Men's Rights lawyer Marc Angelucci talks about the landmark cases he has won, fighting for refuges for male domestic violence victims, challenging the male draft, helping men ward off false allegations and other legal battles.

29 Nov 2019

Chief UK Jewish Witch-Doctor Mirvis Is Helping Stoke Anti-Jewism

Our most prized rights, such as free speech, are being eroded and subverted to "protect" the Jewish Israel genocidal land theft terror regime and the Jews have usurped the word Semitic which originally meant Arabic, to now mean white European Jewish in order to deflect criticism from their neo-colonialist terrorism
Well over 99% of UK Jews surveyed support Jewish Israel apartheid regime says UK Jewish Chronicle newspaper
By Jonathan Cook: Chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has not only misrepresented the known facts about Labour and its supposed antisemitism crisis. He has not only interfered in an overtly, politically partisan manner in the December 12 election campaign by suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn – against all evidence – is an antisemite.

Why I’m Suing EU For Trading With Jewish 'Settlements' In Occupied Palestine

'Trading with 'settlements' – all of which breach the Fourth Geneva Convention – is tantamount to conferring recognition on them. ...The acquisition of land by force and the transfer of Israel’s civilian population to territories under military occupation – which, by definition, is a war crime.'
By Tom Moerenhout: I am part of a group of seven people who are suing the European Union’s executive over its trade with settlements in territories under military occupation.
It may seem strange that we are taking this action around the same time that the EU’s top court ruled that all products from Israel’s settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank and Syrian Golan Heights must be labeled accurately.

Woman Needs Her "Whole Booty" Amputated After "Enhancing" It With Injections

"After leaving my injections were beginning to leak out of my butt." ..."Because the masses are so superficially located, you absolutely can’t remove all of them. Unless you amputate … the whole booty.”
By Tyler Durden: Model Courtney Barnes may have a little less room this Thanksgiving to stuff her turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and dessert.
That's because she has been told by doctors she may need to have her entire ass amputated, after "enhancing" it with illegal injections, according to the NY Post
Barnes, who is known as Miss Miami, said on the E! show "Botched" that she is desperate to get her body back after the injections. But Doctors told her that in order to fix her ass, it may have to be amputated. 
“Amputate the whole booty? I’m not doing that. No, I’m not doing that. I’m not amputating butts,” she responded.
She had the illegal fillers injected when she was 22 years old and working as a dancer in a club.

28 Nov 2019

Children In Custody: It’s A Gender Issue

'7 million children in various types of custody, including police cells, prison, and detention centres. 94% of them are boys.'
By MRA-UK: The United Nations has just published a major study on children in custody worldwide. My thanks to the ever-energetic Douglas for alerting me to this UN study. The main report, by Manfred Nowak, is 758 page long. It identifies 7 million children in various types of custody, including police cells, prison, and detention centres. 94% of them are boys.
The panel which led the study consisted of 170 non-governmental organizations working directly or indirectly on children’s deprivation of liberty. Information was collected from every region of the world: 41 inputs from Europe; 27 from Africa; 20 from Asia, 19 from North and South America; and 11 from Oceania.

WASPIs And Votes

'This illustrates graphically how fraudulent is the WASPI claim to be based on “equality”. It is actually inspired by “women’s equality”, which surely by now we all know is actually code for preferencing.'
By MRA-UK: I’ll scream and scream ‘til I’m sick!”, quoth Violet Elizabeth, William Brown’s tiny nemesis. It seems that strategy for getting one’s own way is still favoured in some quarters.
Parity’s last News Briefing reported on the failure of the “Back to 6o” campaign’s judicial review. This group of women had sought redress for what they claimed was unfair treatment in the raising of the State Pension Age (SPA) for women from 60 towards equalisation with men. The WASPIs (Women Against State Pension Inequality) are a similar group campaigning for compensation to be given to women born in the 1950s. The exact arguments and objectives of the WASPIs have morphed over time (see Coppola’s The WASPI campaign’s unreasonable demand). The latest incarnation of their claim centres around inadequate warning given to these “1950s women” about the SPA increases.

The Problem Of Wikipedia

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Over the course of my life I have watched integrity shrivel up and die everywhere in the Western world. It is not like it was ever really abundant, but there was a goodly amount of it, and it had authority. People, especially those in public life, weren’t shameless as they are today.
In the past decade I have watched the disappearance of free speech. An independent media disappeared in the last year of the Clinton regime when 6 mega-corporations were permitted to concentrate 90% of the media into their hands. Today free speech protected in the US Constitution is not valued as highly as the “feelings” of self-described “victim groups” who are offended by everything from truthful statements to traditional figures of speech. Even scientific discussion of the genetic basis of intelligence gives “offense” as does the use of gender-specific pronouns such as he and she.
Obviously false statements can be self-declared as true as when a biological male declares himself female and competes in women’s sports. Those who object to the obvious charade are declared “transphobic” and have to apologize. Sometimes they are fired for insisting on biological fact.
Exercising press freedom, as Julian Assange did, today brings charges of espionage and is misrepresented as a threat to national security. The media speak with the same voice, and it is the voice that serves the ruling elites. Truth is nowhere in the picture. The only purpose of the media today is to control the explanations for the elites. The media throughout the Western world is merely a Ministry of Propaganda.

The UK's Chief Jewish Witch Doctor And The Rest Of The Nation - Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon On Richie Allen Show

"It's all in the open, but we can't talk about it."
GA: The UK's chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has claimed "a new poison - sanctioned from the very top - has taken root" in the Labour party. In an astonishing personal attack in the Jewish owned Times, the Rabbi said that Jeremy Corbyn was unfit to lead the country. Jazz artist, author and geopolitical analyst Gilad Atzmon joins Richie Allen to discuss the above (21 min, 18 sec).

Bribery In The Jewish Israel Apartheid Terror Regime

Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: This is probably the best televised expose of corruption in the Jewish Israel regime. At the moment Jewish Israel’s longest-serving leader is indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu becomes first sitting prime minister in Jewish Israel’s history to be charged with bribery. This episode goes into detail on bribery charges against Jewish Israel regime officials.

Jewish Privilege: Judge Hands Down 4 Years For Brawling With Soros' Antifa ~ Pedophile Jewish Rabbi Gets Only 1

By Eric Striker: Last month, two members of the New York chapter of the Proud Boys, Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were sentenced for four years in prison related to a brawl last year near the Metropolitian Republican Club.
The men went to the venue to attend a comedy show by Gavin McInnes. When the event was over, masked anarchists ambushed them around a street corner, but the Proud Boys won the fight.
Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman
The NYPD did not arrest any of them on the night of the incident, as there were no victims or serious injuries. It was only after a social media campaign using footage from misleading angles taken by left-wing political activists Shay Horse (who is currently suing the police in Washington DC for arresting him during rallies at Trump’s inauguration) and Sandi Bachom that other activists in the media and New York political establishment ordered the police to act.
It’s hard to argue that men sneaking around in the shadows wearing baraclavas and refusing to talk to the police are “victims,” but the prosecutor Joshua Steinglass argued just that. In an almost unprecedented mockery of American justice, defendants Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were not able to face their accusers as nobody was accusing them other than anonymous tweets from “NYC Antifa”, nor did the anarchist “victims” testify against them.

27 Nov 2019

Britain’s Orwellian Thought Police

"The Police in South Yorkshire basically want people to report incidents that aren't crimes!"

Senior Jewish Religious Leader Interferes In UK Election

After excellent speech equating plight of Gaza with 'siege of Leningrad and Stalingrad' in 2010, Jeremy Corbyn now cows to the Jewish Israel terror regime in the face of Jewish Lobby's apparent complete control of UK politics in aid of land theft apartheid
By ICH & Agencies: Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis took an unprecedented stand against the Labour party ahead of next month’s election, urging voters to see the “new poison” that has taken root in the party, and expressing fear for the fate of Jews in the country should Jeremy Corbyn become prime minister.

Where Comedy Ends And Jewish Hasbara Begins

'The UK chief rabbi’s call for Brits to turn their backs on their opposition party is not exactly a conspiratorial clandestine move, it is actually mainstream news in Britain this morning. There are no Jewish conspiracies, what happens takes place in front of our eyes but we cannot discuss it because Jewish power, as I define it, is the power to suppress criticism of Jewish power.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Two days ago at the ADL conference Jewish Zionist comedian Sacha Baron Cohen criticised the internet and social media companies for allowing freedom of speech. This grotesque character who has made a career of marginalising oppressed minorities by depicting stereotypical characters and then ridiculing them is now calling on social media to adopt gag orders and to move us further into an Orwellian realm.

Anglosphere Political Correctness And Gender Quotas Have Now Penetrated Russia And Will Soon Corrupt The Country

Russian Male Cosmonaut in trouble for mouthing truism:
“Blast-off can’t be timed around a period.”
RT: A Russian cosmonaut has stepped on the thin ice of gender politics, suggesting that space exploration is too manly a business and can’t depend on women’s menstrual cycles, or on their mundane way of thinking.
Sergey Ryazansky, who has endured more than 304 days in space on board a tiny, crammed International Space Station (ISS) module, landed himself in hot water in a comfort of a studio, during a talk show hosted by Sophie Shevardnadze.
Their sit-down, quite deferential at first, became increasingly tense when Shevardnadze, who is also an RT anchor, wondered about the overwhelming 50-4 ratio between American and Soviet/Russian female spacefarers.
“What sexism!” she added. That’s when Ryazansky put his foot into it. The cosmonaut recalled a recent conversation with a NASA colleague in charge of hiring future astronauts who told him: “I have a quota for boys and girls, whites and blacks, I have a quota for [people] of other colors. But, Sergey, why don’t I have a quota for smart astronauts?”

Kevin Barrett And Gilad Atzmon On Jewish Israel Regime PM Bibi 'The Baby Butcher' Netanyahu's Indictment

Gilad Atzmon: Exploring the political options and global consequences.

26 Nov 2019

Warm-Hearted Medieval Woman Saved Man Dying From Lovesickness

Joy of my life, give yourself to me, for I give myself to you!
Let me be a goddess, you a god — let me be yours, you mine.

{ Vite dulcedo, mihi te da, nam tibi me do!
Sim dea tuque deus: sim tua tuque meus. } [1]
In twelfth-century France, a young man was dying from lovesickness. He moaned:
Alas, extreme sadness now grasps my heart.
What is hidden deep inside bites and binds me.

{ Heu dolor immodicus, mea qui nunc pectora tangit!
Quod latet interius penitus me mordet et angit. } [2]
A gender compassion protrusion disadvantages men. Men’s sufferings typically generate much less concern than women’s sufferings.

Bun Dem Out - The Daddy Freddy Story

Who is Daddy Freddy?

World Jewish Congress: Billionaires, Oligarchs, Global Influencers For Jewish Israel's 'Apartheid Walls'

Billionaires, Russian oligarchs, Ukrainian ambassadors, international financiers, the Rothschilds, and glitterati of all sorts gathered at the 2019 gala for the World Jewish Congress.
Some attendees of the 2019 WJC gala: Michael Mirilashvili ($3 billion), Moshe Kantor ($4 billion), Henry Kissinger ($180 million), Ron Lauder ($4 billion), Leonard Lauder ($21 billion), Boris Lozhkin ($500 mill), Baron David de Rothschild & Lord Jacob Rothschild (family net worth estimates range from billions up to $700 trillion.) Collage by If Americans Knew
The gathering represented unparallelled power & wealth (and not a little corruption)… martialled on behalf of the Jewish Israel genocidal apartheid terror regime…

CENSORED BY YOUTUBE - "A Jew Coup": Rabid Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching

TruNews is was on the air! TruNews is was Go[o]d’s answer to [D]evil’s fake news. So Google Censored it!
Rick Wiles presents an in-depth analysis of the Jewish influence that is glaringly evident in the impeachment process of President Donald Trump, using only Jewish publications and websites as confirmation of the conspiracy that abounds in the purge of this administration. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart.

25 Nov 2019

The Lies About Assange Must Stop Now

United Nations Report: This amounts to torture and could lead to Assange’s death.
By John Pilger: Newspapers and other media in the United States, Britain and Australia have recently declared a passion for freedom of speech, especially their right to publish freely. They are worried by the "Assange effect".  

It is as if the struggle of truth-tellers like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning is now a warning to them: that the thugs who dragged Assange out of the Ecuadorean embassy in April may one day come for them.

A common refrain was echoed by the Guardian last week. The extradition of Assange, said the paper, "is not a question of how wise Mr. Assange is, still less how likable. It's not about his character, nor his judgement. It's a matter of press freedom and the public's right to know."  

What the Guardian is trying to do is separate Assange from his landmark achievements, which have both profited the Guardian and exposed its own vulnerability, along with its propensity to suck up to rapacious power and smear those who reveal its double standards.

UN Report On Jewish Israel Terror Regime's Apartheid And Land Theft Speaks Truth ~ World Refuses To Listen

The latest UN report states that [Jewish] 
Israel’s “civilian settlements” in occupied territory are a breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention and a “war crime” under the Rome Statute. “The world should take the necessary steps to collectively construct a list of effective countermeasures…”
Photo from May 14, 2019 of the Israeli settlement of Neve Yaakov in the northern area of east Jerusalem and the Palestinian district of Hizma (background) in the West Bank. (Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI)
By Robert Fisk: He’s a very tall man with bright eyes and a broad smile, and he holds out a great paw when he greets you. But Michael Lynk is no gentle giant.
He may teach human rights law at the Western University in London, Ontario, but as the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, he has to endure the fury of Israel and its acolytes abroad – not least in his native Canada – and, two years ago, even the enmity of his own country’s foreign minister.

Peire Cardenal: Thirteenth-Century Troubadour MGTOW

War historically has been structured as violence against men. Even today, sex discrimination remains entrenched in Selective Service registration for being drafted into war. Violence within the home (domestic violence) is more gender-symmetric. But since intimates are intimately vulnerable to each other, domestic violence can be more horrifying than war. The thirteenth-century troubadour Peire Cardenal perceptively wrote:

War’s too close if you’ve got it on your land,
but it’s even closer if you’ve got it in your bed.
When a husband displeases his wife,
that’s worse than war between neighbors.

{ Prop a guerra qui l’a en mieg son sòl,
Mas plus prop l’a qui l’a a son coissi.
Can lo maritz a la moiller fai dòl,
So es guerra peior que de vezi } [1]

MGTOW's Roadblock - Part 1

'A terrifying dystopia is being created in which boys and men will have hell to look forward to. ...The dangers of the new laws and future laws which are being conjured up to deprive all men of their few remaining rights and how this might severely affect men and even men going their own way.'

Queen Cancels Prince Andrew's 60th Birthday For Being Besties With Jewish Paedophile Mossad Honeypot Asset

Didn't they learn their lesson with Jimmy Savile?
By Tyler Durden: After being ordered out of Buckingham Palace and formally relinquishing his official duties following a catastrophic interview with the BBC, Prince Andrew's 60th birthday party has been canceled by his mother, the Queen.
According to the Sunday Times, Andrew will instead be treated to a small family gathering for his February 19 birthday.
During the ill-advised interview, the 59-year-old prince who stands accused of pedophilia by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, gave non-credible excuses for his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who died in a prison cell awaiting trial on charges of running an underage sex-trafficking ring.
Giuffre's claims that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew at least three times, and remembers him "sweating all over me."
Andrew, in response, claims that he cannot sweat as the result of a war injury.
"I have a peculiar medical condition," Andrew told the BBC's Emily Maitlis.

Repo Markets & UBI + Punishment Bonds & Bitcoin On Mars

Max and Stacy discuss the Fed censoring information related to which bank or banks have been receiving bailouts via repo markets. For at least two more years we are told, the Fed will keep the information confidential for the ordinary citizen, while banks will, of course, have insider knowledge. In the second half, Max talks to Ellen Brown, author of ‘Web of Debt,’ about the ongoing Fed intervention in the repo markets and what this is telling us. Ellen also discusses Universal Basic Income and why she believes it is a good policy for the Fed to implement for everyone, not just bankers.

24 Nov 2019

Macron Unleashes Massacre On His Own People; Paris Is A War Zone Now

By Roy Batty: We are all Palestinians now. Every one of us is living under an occupation government! People are getting shot by the police in Paris left and right!
Not even the press is safe!
Macron is just killing everybody.
RT: A French journalist recalled the terrifying moment when an explosive tears-gas grenade hit him at the Yellow Vest protest, telling RT that there was no justification for police employing combat tools.
The weekend marked one year since the Yellow Vest protests picked up in France, with independent journalist Julien being among the many reporters, covering the anniversary rallies in Paris.

British Historian Norman Davies Reveals How The Anti-Polish Narrative Of The Holocaust Began

'The Zionists invented the notion of an ‘historical right’ to other people’s land.'
Introduction by ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: In my book  The Wandering Who, I delved into the fascinating and well accepted notion that historical thinking is foreign to Judaic thought. It is a recognised  historical fact that Jews didn’t produce any historical texts for almost 2 millennia or more precisely, in between Flavius Josephus (37 CE - circa 100 CE) and Heinrich Graetz (1817[1] –1891). Within the context of Judaic Rabbinical discourse, the religious text effectively replaces historical and temporal thinking. The present and the future are realised and interpreted in the light of the Biblical canonical narratives.  Hitler, Stalin and Corbyn for instance, are reduced into ‘Amalek figures.’ Those western leaders who serve Jewish interests fit nicely with the Judaic notion of the “Sabbos Goy.” From a Judaic perspective, Jewish suffering is regarded as inherent in Jewish destiny and experience, it is implied by the Biblical narrative and it is, to a certain extent, accepted.

The Gift Of Farting: Affirming Natural Bodily Functioning

The last words of the distinguished Roman Emperor Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus included an indirect reference to farting:

His last voicing heard among humans was when he emitted a louder sound from that part of him that speaks more easily and said: “Woe is me, I think I’ve shit myself.”
{ ultima vox eius haec inter homines audita est, cum maiorem sonitum emisisset illa parte, qua facilius loquebatur: “vae me, puto, concacavi me.” } [1]
That’s known as a wet one. That can happen even to a Roman Emperor. Despite being associated with explosive sounds and noxious smells, farting is a natural bodily function and normally not lethal. A fart is no more likely to produce death than to exorcise a demon from its issuer.[2]
Emperor Claudius himself recognized the merits of farting. He considered the matter with sensible concern for his subjects:

The Truth About Suicide

The Anglosphere's ignored epidemic.
No one cares about disposable men and boys.

The Most Important Topic On Earth ~ Lest We Forget

"A topic on which ignorance too often abounds and the truth is too rarely perceived, yet it is the most important topic on earth: world peace."

By President John F. Kennedy: "What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children, not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women, not merely peace in our time but peace for all time." John F. Kennedy

A Global Guide To US-Regime-Backed Uprisings

But which ones are authentic grassroots movements, and which ones have been hijacked by outside powers or are being co-opted by the United States Department of Regime Change?
Never has the world seen so many simultaneous outbreaks of mass protests against various governments and regimes.
Currently there is public unrest simmering in Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Hong Kong, France, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran.

23 Nov 2019

What Is A Man?

“Man is the disposable sex”
By MRA-UK: On International Men’s Day 2019 (19th November), the Oxford IMD Committee hosted an event at Oxford Town Hall. There were four speakers of which I was one. I confess to having been rather upstaged by the other speakers. Given that two of them were Belinda Brown and Darren Deojee you might be unsurprised. However, I think we were all upstaged by Chaka Artwell. All the talks will appear as online videos soon. For now, the text of my talk is below, and you can hear me read it on my YT channel here.
What is a man? That is the question I am required to address.
Simple enough. A man is the adult male of the species Homo sapiens.
That innocent seeming, even trite, answer to the question would now be interpreted in some quarters as Incorrect. A man, according to this alternative wisdom, is anyone who cares to call themselves a man – thus rendering the term “man” as entirely meaningless and hence about which there can be nothing to say.


Given the heavy Jewish involvement in financing Churchill and his allies and also steering the American government and public in the direction of war against Germany, organized Jewish groups clearly bore the central responsibility for provoking the world war, and this was surely recognized by most knowledgeable individuals at the time
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: This is the second installment of Ron Unz’s long report on the emergent truth about World War II. (http://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-understanding-world-war-ii/) Unz has a facility for summarizing vast works of scholarship into their essentials. Unz is also intellectually honest and has massive intellectual courage. He saves the rest of us a lot of work.
The aims of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, a mass movement that came to power legally in Germany, to correct the unemployment caused by unjust reparations forced on Germany by a starvation policy imposed by the British following World War I and to put Germany, dismembered by the unjust and demonic Versailles Treaty, back together, has been demonized and its intentions mischaracterized by most Western historians.

Is ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Dangerous In The Academy?

Non-Feminist v Toxic Feminist
By : The following is a video recording and transcript of an East Midlands Salon talk delivered by Elizabeth Hobson, which was responded to by Dr Nicholas Joseph, a lecturer at the University of Derby. Chairing was Dr Vanessa Pupavac (University of Nottingham).

As a non-feminist, liberal woman and an individual who values the search for truth as a primary function of universities… I have grave concerns over “toxic masculinity” in the academy. That is, I have grave concerns over the toxic feminist concept that is “toxic masculinity” enabling the further entrenchment of feminist aggression that is perverting a key sector of our society.

The Left Is From Jerusalem

'Truth is from Athens
but the Left is from Jerusalem.'
By Gilad Atzmon: We learned yesterday that Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion (“XR”) apologised after his comments about the Holocaust sparked outrage.
I was curious to find out what it was that Hallam said that led to such indignation. German Green politician Volker Beck accused Mr Hallam on Twitter of "bringing the climate movement into disrepute." German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the Nazi genocide was "uniquely inhumane" (can the German foreign minister provide a list of what he considers to have been  ‘humane’ genocides?). Ullstein, Hallam’s German publisher announced it had stopped publication of Hallam’s book on climate change and that it was disassociating itself from his comments.

The New Normal / Absurdity Update: British Academic Union Rules Members Can 'Identify' As "Black" And "Disabled"

Are you ready for this week’s absurdity?
Authored by Simon Black: Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, your finances, and your prosperity.

College newspaper will no longer report “triggering” news

Northwestern is one of the finest universities in the world and is particularly renowned for its journalism school.
The Daily Northwestern student paper, staffed by these aspiring journalists, recently apologized for covering a “traumatic” event on campus.
The traumatic event in question was a speech by former Trump official Jeff Sessions.
Unsurprisingly, some students protested the ex-Attorney General’s speech, and the newspaper covered the protest. But the paper said they inadvertently “retraumatized” these protesters in reporting the story.

22 Nov 2019

Misfire Of Smear Job On Bettina Shames Prominent Feminist

Bettina Arndt with Sky News’ Chris Kenny about the hilarious misfire of Moira Rayner’s smear job over Bettina’s tweet praising firemen. Why do feminists see praising men as putting women down?

MGTOW Is Forever

'This offshoot of the hypergamy
mindset suggests that women are
nowhere as compassionate as the
feminine stereotype suggests, but are selfish in any number of ways.'
By : The internet has enabled hundreds of thousands of males around the world to have a unique conversation about the modern men’s liberation movement. In a matter of moments, they can visit a MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way – website, reddit or Facebook group and engage with a knowledgeable and supportive community to learn about female nature, male self-ownership, and individual liberty. For a growing number of visitors, these truths, based on first-hand experience and studious research, have become the wisdom to live by.

Positive Discrimination!? - Mike Buchanan And Maria Beatrice Giovanardi


The Jewish Origins Of The Thought Police... And Why They Should Scare The Living Daylights Out Of Us

Orwell didn’t create the Thought Police out of thin air...
Authored by Jon Miltimore: There are a lot of unpleasant things in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. Spying screens. Torture and propaganda. Victory Gin and Victory Coffee always sounded particularly dreadful. And there is Winston Smith’s varicose ulcer, apparently a symbol of his humanity (or something), which always seems to be “throbbing.” Gross.
None of this sounds very enjoyable, but it’s not the worst thing in 1984. To me, the most terrifying part was that you couldn’t keep Big Brother out of your head.
Unlike other 20th-century totalitarians, the authoritarians in 1984 aren’t that interested in controlling behavior or speech. They do, of course, but it’s only as a means to an end. Their real goal is to control the gray matter between the ears.
“When finally you surrender to us, it must be of your own free will,”
O’Brien (the bad guy) tells the protagonist Winston Smith near the end of the book.

21 Nov 2019

Putin: Scientists Killed In "Mystery" Radiological Blast Were Developing "Unparalleled" Weapon

Putin addresses the Severodvinsk accident, saying Russia is developing a weapon that has "no equal in the world"...
By Tyler Durden: Three months after a major and still somewhat mysterious rocket explosion in Russia's far north which caused radiation levels to spike at least sixteen times above normal, President Putin confirmed in statements Thursday that his military is developing a weapon that has "no equal in the world," according to Interfax news agency.
“The very fact of possessing such unique technologies is today the most important reliable guarantee of peace on the planet,” Putin is reported to have said while meeting with the families of those killed, Interfax reports further. It's believed that the blast was the result of a failed experimental test of a hypersonic cruise missile powered by a nuclear core.

Femcels & "The Baby Rabies"

Millennial women should remain single and produce revenue for the multinational corporation that controls their future.

Get Woke Go Broke - Charlie's Angels Fall To Earth

'It’s the response of beta-male accountants and scared executives.'
Authored by Tom Luongo: Normally I wouldn’t give a cynical piece of schlock like the latest Hollywood reboot like Charlie’s Angels a second thought. In fact, I hadn’t given it any thought whatsoever until I saw it flop completely at the box office to my complete lack of surprise.
But it was the inane and insipid comments from the “film’s” feministwriter and director, Elizabeth Banks, that really caught my attention. 
Michael McCaffrey pulled them all together in one really good article which goes over the string of ‘Woke Flops’ at the box office of the past few years. But this one is the choice one, highlighting how complete Ms. Banks’ solipsism is.
“Look, people have to buy tickets to this movie, too. This movie has to make money. If this movie doesn’t make money it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see women do action movies.”

The Truth About World War II Is Beginning To Emerge 74 Years Later

'“To put things in plain language, during the years leading up to the Second World War, both Churchill and numerous other fellow British MPs were regularly receiving sizable financial stipends—cash bribes—from Jewish and Czech sources in exchange for promoting a policy of extreme hostility toward the German government and actually advocating war.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: “The Lies About World War II” (http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.com/2019/05/the-lies-about-world-war-ii.html) is my most popular column of the year. It is a book review of David Irving’s Hitler’s War and Churchill’s War, the first volumn of Irving’s three volume biography of Winston Churchill. A person does not know anything about WW II until he has read these books.
Historians, and even book reviewers, who tell the truth pay a high price. For reasons I provide in my review, generally it is decades after a war before truth about the war can emerge.

20 Nov 2019

Here Comes The White House Council On Boys And Men - Watch Your Back

'The same government that is run by elected and appointed officials who continue to promote every lie ever uttered by feminist ideologues, from the phony wage gap to the phony rape culture.'
By : The word has come that after years of effort by Warren Farrell and a team of very dedicated advocates, that a White House Council on Boys and Men will soon become a reality. Now one of the additional tasks that comes with that is to mark the days until Michael Kimmel or Gloria Steinem is running the thing; till the White House Council on Boys and Men is coopted and weaponized against the very population it purports to serve. By my measure it is only a matter of time until that is exactly what happens.
I conclude this with a heavy heart. Warren Farrell is a personal hero of mine, and I know the effort in question here was conceived and developed with the best of intentions.

Sir Oswald Mosley - Interview - Thames Television - 1975

"Certain Jews were trying to provoke a Second World War!"

Institutionalised Misandry: Baltimore Museum Of Art To Officially Discriminate Against Men In 2020

'I challenge you to find a single institution with the reverse policy within the last three millennia. Has a museum ever said, next year we’ll only be accepting work from men?'
By : It was recently announced that in 2020 the Baltimore Museum of Art will adopt a policy of absolute discrimination. For the entire year, they will refuse to obtain any works of art produced by men. Additionally, the museum will feature 22 exhibits, and each one will focus specifically on women.
This comes on the back of a previous ideologically based decision by the museum–the sale of pieces from famous male artists Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Franz Kline and the use of the proceeds to purchase paintings and sculptures by women.
Why? Museum director Christopher Bedford claims this policy is part of rectifying “centuries of imbalance.” Well, that’s obviously just a lie. It’s really the adoption of a man-hating policy that puts ideology over art, the whole point of the museum.