1 Jan 2019

Ancient Greek & Roman Classics Deeply Influential In Medieval Italy

In our age of ignorance, bigotry, and superstition, few persons have any appreciation for the glorious classical literature of ancient Greece and Rome. Today even classical scholars pay little attention to the vital heart of Lucretius’s De rerum natura. What schoolboy today sings passages from Juvenal? What adult knows of the Sabine women’s founding of gynocentrism in Rome? Who now recognizes Cicero’s wit and wisdom? For a rebirth of enlightenment, students must skip the involuted, ossified scholasticism of today’s academia. They must imitate the imaginative, fully committed appropriations of classical literature that have miraculously survived from medieval Italy.
dead Hector being brought back to TroyA unique story collection from the fifteenth century has preserved the classical response of an ordinary, unlearned man in medieval Italy. The narrator recounted:
A certain neighbor of mine, a simple man, heard one of those singers at the end of his performance announce, in order to lure back his audience, that the next day he would recite The Death of Hector. This friend of mine, before he would allow the singer to leave, obtained by cash payment a promise that the singer would not so soon kill off the manly, beneficial warrior Hector.

Max & Stacy Make Predictions For 2019

Max and Stacy make predictions for 2019: bitcoin, replacement financial messaging system for SWIFT, which has become politicized and weaponized, and what next for stock markets after the worst December since the Great Depression. In the second half, Max interviews guests for their 2019 predictions: Tyler Jenks of HyperWave.com with some dismal forecasts for bitcoin; Roy Sebag of Mene.com with his outlook for gold and the US dollar; Chris Martenson of PeakProsperity.com with predictions of economic policy chickens coming home to roost. Max also shares his thoughts on ProofOfKeys.com.

Gerald Celente Interview - Macron, Yellow Vests, Financial 9/11, Brexit

"The only people that are being
enriched again are the rich.
...It's off with their heads 2.0."
Jason Liosatos: My talk with the great Gerald Celente about Macron, Yellow Vests, enslavement, enlightenment, financial 9/11, Brexit , truth and self empowerment.

Left For Dust

DJ Evi Denz feat. Kinetic 9 (Killarmy) Apex Zero & DZL

LOVE TRUMPS HATE: Dame Custance Triumphs Over Ralph Roister Doister

A neighbor told me that she saw a car with a bumper-sticker proclaiming in all capital letters, “LOVE TRUMP’S HATE.” What kind of person would put that bumper-sticker on a car? Nicholas Udall’s comedy Ralph Roister Doister, written about 1552, points to the answer.
In Ralph Roister Doister, a strange, hateful letter became a proper love letter when read correctly. The title character Ralph Roister Doister is a delusional braggart enamored of Dame Christian Custance, a wealthy widow. He foolishly attempted to woo her like a courtly lover begging for a woman’s love. He even hired a scrivener to compose a love letter. Roister Doister’s jestful, manipulative hanger-on Mathew Merygreeke read the letter to Custance on behalf of Roister Doister:
To mine own dear coney-bird, sweetheart, and pigsney, Good Mistress Custance, present these by and by.
Sweet mistress, where as I love you nothing at all —
regarding your substance and richesse chief of all —
for your personage, beauty, demeanour and wit,
I commend me unto you never a whit.

California Women's Pussy Hat March Cancelled For Being "Overwhelmingly White"

By Tyler Durden: Organizers of a women's march rally planned for a predominantly white area in Northern California have decided to cancel the rally over concerns that attendees would have been "overwhelmingly white" and thus not representative of the area's true demographic diversity.
March Two

In a news release, the organizers of the Eureka, Calif. march (situated about 270 miles north of San Francisco) said Friday that "the decision was made after many conversations between local social-change organizers and supporters of the march," Fox News reported.
"Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community,"

Problems With Men: Power

The Glass Blind Spot: The Power of Perception, Perspective, Politics, Propaganda & The Unabridged Story of Universal Suffrage as told by Rick Bradford (aka William Collins of the Illustrated Empathy Gap).