5 Jan 2019

Great Transformation Is Upon Us

"It's hard to deny Germany is occupied territory."
Said ex-Jew Nathanael.

President Xi Orders Chinese Army To "Prepare For War"

XiBy Tyler Durden: In just a few short days, China has proved that investors who have been underestimating the geopolitical risks stemming from the simmering tensions between the US and China over the latter's territorial claims in the South China Sea and paranoia over the fate of Taiwan - a de facto independent state that President Xi Jinping is aggressively seeking to bring under the heel of Beijing - have done so at their own peril.
Earlier this week Xi Jinping, the Chinese emperor for life president provoked an angry rebuke from Taiwan's pro-independence president when he demanded during a landmark speech earlier this week that Taiwan submit to "reunification" with Beijing.
And as if tensions between China and the international community weren't already high enough amid a worsening economic slowdown that's hurting global economic growth and a tenuous trade "truce" with the US,  in another speech delivered on Friday during a meeting of top officials from China's Central Military Commission which he leads, Xi took his belligerent rhetoric one step further by issuing his first military command of 2019: that "all military units must correctly understand major national security and development trends, and strengthen their sense of unexpected hardship, crisis and battle."

Bill Burr Reads Feminist Hate Mail

"I'm talking about these fucking whores that cheat on their husbands! ...Go fuck yourself you oversensitive jackass!"

ZIRP, Then NIRP In 2019

In terms of the US domestic politics, it will be the year of the great scramble to become the Democratic nominee to run against Donald Trump in 2020. They ponder whether or not Hillary will run again and whether or not #Medicare4All will be the biggest issue on the left. They also discuss the opioid epidemic and whether or not those ‘deaths of despair’ will finally slow down.

Loving Me Was Easier: A Parable For The Perplexed

A few years ago I married myself, but we’ve reconsidered and have filed for divorce.
By Edward Curtin: A few years ago I married myself, but we’ve reconsidered and have filed for divorce.  It’s no one’s fault really, but we are emotionally devastated nevertheless. At least we have no children.  Sologamy didn’t seem to suit us.  We had acted impetuously.  I had gotten the idea after hearing a NPR radio report about a woman who fell in love with herself and said that after she tied the knot she had never been happier.
The world was getting me down at the time with all the political news about the Russians coming and insinuating themselves between me and you and all good Americans who had just wanted to elect Hilary Clinton and be happy.  And as I was thinking about this happy married couple – the woman and herself, not Bill and Hillary – I chanced upon a New York Times article in a coffee shop that convinced me to take the plunge.  It was a  weird article that jumped out at me about transracialism and transgenderism and this big debate about these big words and a big philosopher who claims if you can self-identify as a different sex, or is it gender – I  can never get them straight – you should also be able to self-identify as a different race.

Jewish Israel Is Bad For America

'One Israeli Chief Rabbi has called black people “monkeys” while another has declared that gentiles cannot live in Israel.
: American journalism has become in its mainstream exponents a compendium of half-truths and out-and-out lies. The public, though poorly informed on most issues as a result, has generally figured out that it is being hoodwinked and trust in the Fourth Estate has plummeted over the past twenty years. The skepticism about what is being reported has enabled President Donald Trump and other politicians to evade serious questions about policy by claiming that what is being reported is little more than “fake news.”
No news is more fake than the reporting in the U.S. media that relates to the state of Israel. Former Illinois congressman Paul Findley in his seminal book They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby observed that nearly all the foreign press correspondents working out of Israel are Jewish while most of the editors that they report to at news desks are also Jews, guaranteeing that the articles that eventually surface in the newspapers will be carefully constructed to minimize any criticism of the Jewish state.

Giuliani Says Assange Should Not Be Prosecuted

From Consortium News: Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump, said Monday that WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange had done "nothing wrong" and should not go to jail for disseminating stolen information just as major media does.
"Let's take the Pentagon Papers," Giuliani told Fox News. "The Pentagon Papers were stolen property, weren't they? It was in The New York Times and The Washington Post. Nobody went to jail at The New York Times and The Washington Post."
Giuliani said there were "revelations during the Bush administration" such as Abu Ghraib. "All of that is stolen property taken from the government, it's against the law. But once it gets to a media publication, they can publish it," Giuliani said, "for the purpose of informing people."
"You can't put Assange in a different position," he said. "He was a guy who communicated."
Giuliani said, "We may not like what [Assange] communicates, but he was a media facility. He was putting that information out," he said. "Every newspaper and station grabbed it, and published it."

Jewish Apartheid State Israel Vows To ‘WORSEN’ Conditions, For Palestinian Child & Adult POWs

Israel is already on legal shaky ground when it comes to its prison system, with 5,500 Palestinian prisoners currently incarcerated, torture a common experience, a 99% conviction rate for Palestinian brought to court, and sentences up to 20 years for throwing stones.
The Israeli security minister has unveiled new plans to make the prison experience even more problematic, such as limiting water supplies and cutting number of family visits.
People gather in front of International Committee of the Red Cross office in Gaza City to show their support to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails [File: Anadolu Agency]
Past experience should suggest to Israel that more vigorous oppression only makes Palestinians more determined and shines a brighter light on the illegal occupation – but as usual, the option of greater cruelty is too attractive to resist.