8 Jan 2019

Perversions Of Gynocentrism

'This Society Has No Respect For Men and Boys'
By : Chivalry And Feminism Go Hand In Hand
Gynocentrism perverts everything it comes into contact with and the first casualty is the standard of behaviour between men and women. Sydney Watson recently did a great video [below] on men helping women and the ridiculous feminist concept of benevolent sexism. In this article I will be discussing her video and exploring the connection between chivalry and the success of feminism. I will also be discussing benevolent sexism further and what is missing for men in our gynocentric society, as part of my series on exploring the nature of gynocentrism. Chivalry has been around in Western culture for far longer than feminism and is one of the major contributing factors to the rise of feminism in society and its successful and rapid spread through our institutions, corporations, politics, academia, media, law and policy etc.
The chivalrous deference that men in power have shown toward women and their eagerness to prioritise female well-being, often at the expense of everything else, has been absolutely critical to the rise, spread and success of feminism in Western culture.


By Devon Nola: Black civil-rights icon, Angela Davis, was selected by Birmingham Civil Rights Institute as the recipient of the prestigious Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award at its annual gala in February 2019. BCRI’s CEO, Andrea Taylor, said of Davis that she is “one of the most globally recognized champions of human rights, giving voice to those who are powerless to speak,”.  Dr. Davis is an American political activist, an academic and author. ...However, it seems not everyone was happy with BCRI’s choice. Due to pressure from some of the local Jewish community, BCRI swiftly buckled and rescinded the award.  The Institute opted to cancel the annual event and refund tickets.  This decision has created a national outrage and harsh criticism directed towards BCRI.  That Birmingham Civil Rights Institute doesn’t get to decide who has best served its own community as well as represent universal human rights is a travesty.  To go as far as to say, “on closer inspection” they conclude this legendary civil rights activist “doesn’t meet the criteria’ is shameful. 

Vigilante Court, Consent And Sexual Segregation


Cops Not Safe From '#Me Too' Sex Panic

Diana Davison: False accusations can happen to anyone. After 10 months, two Vancouver police officers make it home safely from Cuba.

Rand Paul Smacks Down Jake Tapper On Syria

"Watch this, this is one of the most underhanded bullshit corporate news things I've ever seen." Said Jimmy Dore.

The Truth About Family Court With Vede Seeterram + Self-Hating Man Creates #IAmSexist

British Badger Belles: Check out this conversation between British Badger Belle Elizabeth Hobson and Vede Seeterram, director of a new and important forthcoming documentary
‘Man Down! A Closer Look at Family Court’.

Victim Fight: He Ma'am v Captain Soyhawk

DoctorRandomercam: It would be a sin not to do this and you know it. So it's only as late as a wizard intends to be.

Identity Politics Has Stopped Scientific Research Into The Genetic Basis Of IQ Differences

The Authority of Science Has Been Undermined By Identity politics
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The quack Soviet “scientist” Trofim Lysenko used politics to destroy Soviet genetics. Lysenko represented the unscientific view that environment, not genetics, was the explanation. In 1948 the Soviet government banned scientific dissent from Lysenko’s theory of environmentally acquired inheritance. Thousands of Soviet scientists were dismissed, imprisoned, and executed.
Under Stalin Lysenko’s quackery became agricultural policy. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/when-the-soviet-union-chose-the-wrong-side-on-genetics-and-evolution-23179035/ The result was that Lysenko condemned millions of people to starvation. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/12/trofim-lysenko-soviet-union-russia/548786/
Today we are experiencing a repeat of this tragedy as Nobel scientists fall victim to Identity Politics just as Soviet scientists fell victim to Lysenkoism. An ignorant article by a dumbshit New York Times writer is sufficient to destroy the career of Nobel prize-winners. Identity Politics has brought Lysenkoism to American science.