9 Jan 2019

The Silver Bullet To Stop The Corporate State Pillage

War comes naturally to sociopaths, and then it’s sold to the rest of us
Nothing is more frightening for our endless war machine than a military grunt who thinks for him or herself. 
By Lee Camp: Every year a certain number of our soldiers decide they’d rather not be involved in shooting people they don’t know so that ExxonMobil can have more oil or Lockheed Martin can make more cash or MSNBC / Fox News can give their hosts topics for their upcoming poetry books. Basically, these soldiers do something horrifying, something terrible, something often called “treasonous” … They — wait for it — think for themselves!
(Glass shatters. Woman screams. Baby cries.)
Nothing is more frightening for our endless war machine than a military grunt who thinks for him or herself. They’re supposed to do nothing more than follow orders. They’re supposed to ask a superior officer for permission to wear a different color pair of socks. That’s right — the biggest, toughest gladiators in our society have to get authorization to switch from boxers to briefs.
I’ll get to what this has to do with our inverted totalitarian corporate pillaging in a moment.

Bettina Arndt Working To Stop The Male-Bashing DV Campaigns

Bettina Arndt announces her End Violence Against Everybody campaign. Sign her petition for evidence-based domestic violence funding. http://bettina.social/stop-violence

Family Law Drives Men To MGTOW + MRA Doesn't Work, MGTOW Is The Only Way


US Riskier Than China?

Max and Stacy discuss markets concluding that the US is riskier than China as the Treasury must pay a premium over Chinese bonds to attract investors, at least on one year paper. Trump becomes, therefore, the first president to preside over the US becoming less creditworthy than its number one rival - China.

Americans Need A Congress That Represents Americans

US Senator Marco Rubio poses as a representative of Florida Republicans, but in truth he represents the interests of Israel.
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: US Senator Marco Rubio poses as a representative of Florida Republicans, but in truth he represents the interests of Israel. He is sponsor of legislation that punishes Americans who boycott Israel as their way of protesting Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people. That Rubio is doing his best to dismantle what little is left of the First Amendment doesn’t seem to bother Florida voters or the presstitute media, who are no longer protective of the First Amendment.
Yesterday (January 9, 2019) the legislation failed to pass the Senate, because Democrats blocked it. But not really. The Democrats are not opposed to the bill. Indeed, the senators of both parties are too well paid in campaign contributions by the Israel Lobby to vote against anything that Israel wants. Moreover, they know that if they do, the money and the media support in their next election will flow to their opponent. The reason the Democrats blocked the passage of the bill is that they are making a point that no legislation will pass until President Trump gives in on the issue of The Wall and signs the necessary money bill to reopen the government.

"You Are Clear To Wank, [UK] Citizen"

Masturbating Brits Will Need To Verify Age
As Online Porn Bill "To Go Ahead"
'Orwellian permission to wank'
By Tyler Durden: Brits looking forward to a relaxing wank are going to have to check in first with big sister, as plan has been approved by a UK regulator which would require all porn sites to require credit card details or a government-issued ID, which would then be run through an age verification system before randy Brits can crack one off. 
The government-sponsored Regulatory Policy Committee deemed the plan designed to curb underage viewing of porn "fit for purpose," according to The Register, which notes that "The regulator will be empowered to direct internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to sites which fail to comply with appropriate AV (age verification) requirements and those which host extreme material."

'Mowing The Lawn' 4 Years After The Last Mass Slaughter Of Gazans, Genocidal Jews Still Plan Endless 'Utmost Brutality'

Terrorism is the use of force against civilians for political purposes. By this definition Operation Cast Lead was an act of Jewish state terrorism.
By Avi Shlaim: This month marks the 10th anniversary of the first major military assault on the 2 million Palestinians of the Gaza Strip. After its unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, Jewish Israel turned the area into the biggest concentration camp on Earth. The two hallmarks of Jewish Israel’s treatment of Gaza since then have been mendacity and the utmost brutality towards civilians.
On 27 December 2008, Israel launched Operation Cast Lead, pounding the densely populated strip from the air, sea and land for 22 days. It was not a war or even “asymmetric warfare” but a one-sided massacre. Israel had 13 dead; the Gazans had 1,417 dead, including 313 children, and more than 5,500 wounded.