15 Jan 2019

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Buck Marciano

A Palestinian Musician Describes Her Ordeal At Racist Apartheid Jewish Ben Gurion Airport

I shall go on resisting Israel’s racism with my music, and one day I may make a difference in my people’s struggle for liberation. The airport guard, however, will continue to search Palestinians’ underwear, to lie about our laptops, and to be an insignificant tool of a system of racist oppression…
A Palestinian musician describes her ordeal at Ben Gurion AirportNai Barghouti is a Palestinian singer, flute player and composer studying music at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music.
By Nai Barghouti: I left our family home on Monday January 7, 2019, at 9:30 am to be at Ben Gurion Airport, near Tel Aviv, at 10:30 am to catch my 12:45 pm flight to Amsterdam, where I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in music.
Before packing my suitcase the night before, I made a packing list to make sure I didn’t forget anything. I managed to cross everything off the list and be at the airport on time. But there was one thing I forgot to write down… one very important detail that I simply forgot to think about… I am Palestinian!
Like all Palestinians carrying Israeli citizenship and living under Israel’s regime of apartheid, I always have a bad feeling about going to the airport, and this time was no exception.

Canada Investigates Jewish National Fund For Funding Jewish Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity

A lone Palestinian house stands amidst the ruins of villages demolished by Israel to make Canada Park.By Nora Barrows-Friedman: Pressured by human rights activists and a Palestinian refugee, the Canada Revenue Agency has begun an investigation into the Jewish National Fund of Canada over its use of charitable donations to build projects for the Israeli military and illegal settlements.
JNF Canada turned the land of three demolished Palestinian villages into a recreational area, Canada Park, with an adjacent settlement for Jews only. (Bukvoed)
Uses of charitable donations to fund foreign militaries contravenes Canadian law.
JNF Canada’s parent organization, the Jewish National Fund (JNF), predates the establishment of Israel and uses tree-planting as a cover to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their land.
After Israel’s establishment in 1948, the JNF took control of most of the land which had been confiscated from Palestinian refugees. In the 1950s, the JNF became a quasi-state organization, with a policy to lease land only to Jews on an openly discriminatory basis.

Fighting Poverty With A Hate Map?

By Eve Mykytyn: The name, ‘The Southern Poverty Law Center’ (SPLC) is misleading. The SPLC does little to alleviate poverty,  its own stated goals are: fighting hate, teaching tolerance and seeking justice. At the moment, the SPLC lists its top activity as attempting to remove confederate statues and symbols. This is consistent with the activity for which the SPLC is best known, its annual hate map in which it locates so-called ‘hate’ groups on a map of the United States. How is it that one of the best funded poverty law centers acts as an arbitrar of hate instead of as an advocate for the poor?

What's Your Millennial Malfunction?

Terrence Popp: Social media attention whores who scored 58% higher on tests for narcissistic personality disorder than the prior generation are now entering politics and deciding policy. Are we doomed?

"Financial Nuclear Warheads" - The Yellow Vests Get It Right

'If it’s important it’s not covered;
if it’s covered it’s not important.'
Authored by Robert Gore: The mainstream media has degenerated irreparably. Here’s a reliable rule of thumb: if it’s important it’s not covered; if it’s covered it’s not important. Stories in the American mainstream press about Yellow Vest protests have been few. One aspect of the protests, transcendently important, has received scant coverage.
The Yellow Vest protestors have called for a coordinated run on French banks. Whether they realize it or not, they’re playing with nuclear warheads that could annihilate not just the French, but Europe’s and the entire world’s financial system.

Gillette Misandry You Can't Forget: It Is Time For Men & Boys To Boycott Gillette & All Procter & Gamble [P&G] Products

Here’s the message from these modern agents of corporate hate.

Other Than A Dirty Old Man: Swift’s “When I Come To Be Old”

Sir William Temple, master to Jonathan Swift
: Jonathan Swift’s patron Sir William Temple died at age 71. Swift was then 32 years old. About the time of Temple’s death in 1699, Swift composed points of advice entitled “When I come to be old.” Swift apparently sought that in his old age he would be able to see himself as he now saw Sir William Temple.[1] Swift’s exercise in perspective shifting reveals that even he, a master of shifts in perspective, had a highly constrained view of old men’s sexuality. Swift’s advice to himself as an old man includes points that old women, younger women and men, and children might equally well follow. Desiderata:
Not to tell the same story over and over again to the same people.
Not to be too free with advice, nor trouble {with advice} any but those that desire it.
Not to talk {too} much, nor {too much} of myself.
Not to be peevish, or morose, or suspicious.
Not to be positive {insistent in opinion} or opiniâtre {stubborn}. [2]