26 Jan 2019

NATO, Venezuela Chaos, New Age Of Censorship

This week Lee trashes NATO, covers the action in Venezuela, and announces some sad news about the monarch butterfly. Then Natalie McGill takes on a story about car dealers neglecting to advertise their electric vehicles and Naomi Karavani brings you the news about NewsGuard - the next step in censoring news publications that the establishment disapproves of.

Backward Jewish Apartheid State Israel's Criminality And Hubris In Democratic Multicultural Syria Invites Catastrophe

'The Israeli blitzkrieg resulted in at least four Syrian military personnel being killed and damage to the civilian international airport near Damascus. That amounts to an
outrageous war crime.'
By Finian CUNNINGHAM: Israeli death forces IDF have shifted from a doctrine of “war by stealth” to openly declared aggression on its northern neighbor Syria. For two straight days, the Israelis bombarded Syria’s capital Damascus and its environs with dozens of air-launched cruise missiles. Many of the projectiles were reportedly intercepted by Russian-supplied air defense systems.
Nevertheless the Jewish state blitzkrieg resulted in at least four Syrian military personnel being killed and damage to the civilian international airport near Damascus. That amounts to an outrageous war crime, as have countless air strikes carried out previously by Israel on Syria. Shamefully, the United Nations and Western governments maintain a hypocritical silence, while slapping sanctions on Syria, Russia and Iran over various alleged “transgressions”.

Why All The Good Men Left

Terrence Popp: Spoiler alert: Western women drove them away through a combination of entitlement and unwillingness to accept responsibility for their bad decisions.

Russia, China, India, & Iran: The Magic Quadrant That Is Changing The World

Authored by Federico Pieraccini: With the end of the unipolar moment, which saw Washington dominate international relations, the richest and most powerful Eurasian countries are beginning to organize themselves into alliance structures and agreements that aim to facilitate trade, development and cooperation.
At the height of the US unipolar moment, Bill Clinton was leading a country in full economic recovery and the strategists at the Pentagon were drawing up plans to shape the world in their own image and likeness. The undeclared goal was regime change in all countries with unapproved political systems, which would allow for the proliferation of us-made “democracy” to the four corners of the earth. Clearly Eurasian countries like Russia, India, China and Iran were on top of the to-do list, as were countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
The bombing and destruction of Yugoslavia was the final step in the assault on the Russian Federation following the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. Yeltsin represented the means by which Western high finance decided to suck all Russia’s wealth, privatizing companies and plundering strategic resources.

Feminism Is A Disease ~ And Masculinity Is The Cure

'A perfect all around example of the kind of advanced propaganda men and boys are facing.'
Authored by Brandon Smith: It seems these days like everyone and their gender-fluid grandma has some “profound” insight into the minds and world of men. Men and masculinity are spoken of in the media with sharp tones of fear mixed with disdain, as if we are a dangerous aberrant genetic anomaly that needs to be studied under a special microscope that will protect the observer from being influenced by our vitriolic pheromones. The problem is, most of these “experts” on manhood are not men at all, or, their observations of male behavior are tainted with deep-seated resentments.  That is to say, they are hardly objective.
I recently came across an article by The Atlantic titled 'Psychology Has A Healthier Approach To Building Healthier Men'. Written around the same time as the embarrassing failure of Gillette's “Toxic Masculinity” ad campaign, I assume The Atlantic like many other mainstream media outlets was privy to this coming propaganda push and is attempting to rally the leftist troops to defend an ideological partner in crime.

'Does Israel Have A Right To Exist?’ Is A Trick Question

The question “Does Israel have the right to exist?” is intellectually dishonest and intended, almost always, to silence critics and criticism of Israeli policies. Anyone who does not answer with a resounding Yes is guaranteed the label “anti-Semite.” ~ This was Tamika Mallory’s recent predicament – but she went in full speed and declared that “all people have the right to exist.” ~ The proper question is, “Is the way in which Israel exists right?”
‘Does Israel Have A Right To Exist’ Is A Trick Question.Margaret Hoover interviews Tamika Mallory on PBS’s Firing Line
By Yousef Munayyer: There’s a famous scene in the 1992 movie “My Cousin Vinny” where the out of work hairdresser Mona Lisa Vito, played by Marisa Tomei, takes the witness stand to provide expert testimony. The prosecutor, aiming to discredit and belittle Vito, asks her a convoluted question about the precise engine timing of a specific car.
“That’s a bullshit question!” Mona Lisa cries. And in response to the smug grin of the prosecutor, proceeds to explain that the car in question does not exist.
The performance earned Tomei an Academy Award, and is worth rewatching.

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