27 Jan 2019

The 2nd Annual REAL Fake News Awards

"Featuring the biggest stinkers, clunkers and downright fake news stories. ...Will 'The Guardian' retain its spot this year?"
Corbett: Live (by which I mean recorded) from western Japan, it's The 2nd Annual REAL Fake News Awards, that ceremony where the worst Fake News offenders of the past year are dishonoured with the shameful Dino awards. So will The Guardian retain its title as biggest purveyor of fake news or will a new challenger come along to take its place? Find out in this year's most exciting award show!
WARNING: This award show is officially banned by the Orwellian UK Government!

‘Soft Totalitarianism’ v The ‘Unstoppable’ Gilets Jaunes, Indignados And Deplorables ~ "This Is Class War"

"The global insurrection against
bankster occupation is happening!"
Max and Stacy look at an interview with geographer, Christophe Guilluy, who first wrote of ‘France périphérique’ in 2014. Now in 2019, as this peripheral France rises up in the Gilets Jaunes movement, we see this sharp economic and cultural divide play out not only in the streets of France but in the pages of celebrity magazines and the cable news channels of the metropolitan elite.

Will 2019 Be The Year Of MRA Lawsuits?

"It's mainly white men that the profusely misandrist Suzanna Danuta Walters hates."

Permanent War: US Congress Forbids NATO Withdrawal

Is NATO really about defense? Or is it a jobs program for the military industrial complex?
TD: The Democrat-controlled House followed the Senate this week in passing legislation forbidding the president from withdrawing from NATO and affirming undying US support for the outdated Cold War alliance.

Gillette: A Turning Point In The War On Men And Boys?

By Terry Brennan: Did Gillette’s razor commercial turn the tide on ‘toxic masculinity’? It’s an important question, deserving exploration.
Across the political and cultural landscapes, women’s issues have tremendous momentum. Some feminists remain preoccupied with advancing their power in the workplace and public sphere, while others are pursuing attempts to reshape boys and men by calling out their allegedly ‘toxic’ behaviour. Those who disparage male behaviour claim the negative depictions they promote are not aimed at all men, just the ‘bad’ ones. However, others see it quite differently. They view these portrayals as attacks on the male sex generally, with all males being targeted, the vast majority of whom have done nothing wrong.
Whose perception is right? The answer matters. For while society has no problem correcting a few bad apples, it should scorn the indiscriminate vilification of half the population.
‘Masculinity can be a beautiful thing, just like femininity. We need to start celebrating each other, not tearing each other down.’

China Responds To Jewish National Currency Rapist Soros

"Statements by certain people, which portray black
as white and distort facts, are completely pointless
and not worthy of even a rebuttal."
By Tyler Durden: While this year's now-concluded World Economic Forum conference in Davos was mostly a dud and increasingly a joke in financial circles, with Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid going so far as admitting that "we had a DB drinks reception for our clients last night and one said to me that in 11 years of coming here the best advice would be to trade in the opposite direction to the main theme of the conference over the next 12 months", there was one event that boondoggling billionaires were eagerly anticipating: George Soros' annual remarks.
And, as we reported previously, one year after he famously slammed Google and Facebook at Davos 2018, calling them a "menace" and "monopolistic" and predicting it's "only a matter of time before the global dominance of the US IT monopolies is broken," this time Soros took aim at what he believes is an even greater adversary, one which even Donald Trump might agree with: China.

Aggrieved Entitlement - Women’s Reaction To Temporary Loss Of Chivalry

By : It’s no secret that women feel entitled to special treatment from men based on the European culture tradition of chivalry: i.e., allowing women to go through the door first; showering the “fairer sex” with compliments about being beautiful, caring or pure; paying for dinner and other life luxuries; and offering them costly care and protection around the clock. In the modern context chivalry boils down to the male posture of deference to women’s needs and wants, which understandably fosters a positive self-concept in women and a sense that they must be “worth it” as we are reminded by the ubiquitous advertising jingle.
The expectation of male chivalry, or benevolent sexism as some prefer to call it, is nothing new and there are countless studies confirming that women generally expect such treatment from men.1 So we will take that expectation as a given. What hasn’t been studied sufficiently in women is the reaction men’s failure to provide expected level of chivalric supplies, and this is where we run into the useful concept of ‘aggrieved entitlement.’

Bettina Arndt And Emma Stephenson Slam Feminist Quotas For The Music Industry

"Our increasingly inequitable world where women get all the advantages."
Jazz pianist Emma Stephenson joined Bettina’s volunteers because she'd had enough of feminist intrusion into the music industry.