30 Jan 2019

Warmongering CNN Goes 'Undercover' To Manufacture Consent For Coup Attempt In Venezuela

Authored by Kevin Gosztola: A CNN “exclusive” report from inside Venezuela aired multiple times on the network on January 28. It is a prime example of how influential lame stream media outlets in the U.S. effectively create propaganda for the opposition, which now is receiving funds from President Donald Trump’s administration.
For the four-minute report, CNN correspondent Nick Paton Walsh went “undercover” amidst what the network described as the “deepening crisis in Venezuela” in order “to capture the desperation gripping the nation.”

Google Also Violated Apple's Trust With App That Quietly Collected Sensitive User Data

GoogleBy Tyler Durden: After setting off another firestorm over Facebook's abusive data privacy practices when it revealed that the social media giant encouraged users as young as 13 to bypass the Apple app store and side-load an app that offered them a small financial incentive to allow the company unfettered access to their personal data, TechCrunch has followed up its earlier report with another bombshell: Google built a very similar app that functioned in practically the same exact way.
The app built by Google, called Screenwise Meter, was available for iOS and Android users. Like Facebook, the app violated Apple's policies over using its enterprise developer certificate to allow non-employees to download the app. It also encouraged teenagers to download the app, allowing Google to hoover up sensitive personal data about their phone-usage habits.
The only differences are that Google's app was around longer (it launched in 2012, whereas Facebook's app wasn't introduced until 2016, after Apple banned Facebook's Onavo "corporate spyware" app from its app store), and Google was slightly more transparent about the app's functionality.

Feminists Force Cancellation Of Professor's Course At Brock University

"The man's life as a university professor has been irrevocably damaged and fanatical students and politically correct lame stream media are having a field day with his public humiliation." Said Professor Janice Fiamengo.

Dark Cheese 1, 2 & 3

Epic Disaster Of Men’s Impotence: Encolpius In The Satyricon

'I was ready as a soldier, but I had no weapon.'
portrait of Virgil from the Vergilius Romanus manuscriptBy Author Douglas Galbi: The retired gladiator Encolpius caught the eye of Circe. She was a wealthy woman with maids, and young and beautiful, too. She sent a maid to buy a tryst for her with Encolpius.
The maid spoke knowingly with Encolpius. When she implied that he was a prostitute and scum, he responded as learned seducers do, “So you’re the one who loves me {numquid illa, quae me amat, tu es}?” He was the sort of suave rogue that bored, lonely, upper-class women love.
Encolpius’s newly experienced impotence ruined his tryst with Circe. She had hungered for sex with him. She despairingly asked him:
What is it? Do you find some offense in my kiss? Is there something in my breath, which is growing faint from hunger? Have I been negligent about the perspiration of my armpits?
{ Quid est? Numquid te osculum meum offendit? Numquid spiritus ieiunio marcens? Numquid alarum sum negligens sudor puto? }
Encolpius felt as if his whole body had gone limp, as if he had just learned about laws suppressing men’s sexuality.

Chris Hedges Does In-Depth Series On Sensational Al-Jazeera Documentary About Jewish Apartheid State Israel Lobby

Chris Hedges: The Lobby – USA, the four-part Al Jazeera documentary on how the government and intelligence agencies of Israel work with US domestic Jewish groups to spy on, smear and attack critics, that was blocked under heavy Israeli pressure, has been leaked online by the Chicago-based Electronic Intifada, the French website Orient XXI and the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar. To discuss the series, in a two-part interview, Chris Hedges is joined by Ali Abunimah, co-founder of Electronic Intifada, and author and journalist, Max Blumenthal.

The Jewish Lobby USA - Parts 1 & 2

Red Fight: To get unprecedented access to the Israel lobby’s inner workings, undercover reporter “Tony” posed as a pro-Israel volunteer in Washington. The resulting film exposes the efforts of Israel and its lobbyists to spy on, smear and intimidate US citizens who support Palestinian human rights, especially BDS– the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. It shows that Israel’s semi-covert black-ops government agency, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, is operating this effort in collusion with an extensive network of US-based organizations. These include the Israel on Campus Coalition, The Israel Project and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Gynocentrism And The Sin Of Being Male

'The feminist strategy of subverting our education system
and embedding their ideology into scholarship and
the syllabus, is essentially a systematic form of
brainwashing of the general population.'
By : The shaming of men and boys in our culture has been going on for a long, long time. So long in fact that there are now men and women in the population that never grew up in a time when masculinity was valued and men were viewed in a positive light. Being male in this culture is a sin. Being a white male doubly so. In my previous article, “Gynocentrism and Misandry”1, I elaborated further on how gynocentrism is associated with a belief in female superiority and that this belief system is based on the attitudes that society cultivates around masculinity and femininity.
Men and boys are devils and women and girls are angels. Men are violent, predatory, primitive and destructive. Women are peaceful, empathetic, civilised and life giving.

Precarious Manhood And The Trap For Men + Feeling Good In A Red Pill World - First Time Is Best!

Men Are Good!: The idea of precarious manhood has been studied now for a number of years. When we also consider the ideas of testosterone we begin to see the trap that is layed for men.