5 Feb 2019

Feminist SJWs Are Turning Trials Into A Joke

It's my respectful submission, Your Honour, that this is ridiculous.

NBC’s Jawdropping McCarthyite Smear Of Tulsi Gabbard

"Now you know that NBC News is in fact the enemy of the people." Said Jimmy Dore.

Not A Person, But A “Knife-Wielding Palestinian”

This 16-year-old child did not grow up or die in a vacuum. We need to examine the reportage, the context of her life, and own our own complicity in her death.
Not a person, but a “knife-wielding Palestinian”
This incident comes days after at least three other Palestinians were killed [Ammar Awad]
By Kathryn Shihadah: The story of Samah Zuheir Mubarak, close up
Samah was a 16-year-old high school student. On Wednesday she packed her bookbag and headed out the door, but before she reached school, she was dead.
She was shot at close range at an Israeli checkpoint in the occupied West Bank of Palestine.
Israeli police, being the only entity with security cameras at checkpoints, are the authorized storytellers in the region. They have provided a video – edited, without audio, and taped from too far away to be conclusive.

Lorena - No Joke Janice


Washington Plays 'Russian Roulette' With EU Lives By Trashing INF Treaty

I ‘congratulate’ the whole world,”
Kosachev told the Russian Senate.
“The United States has taken another step toward its destruction today.”
Authored by Robert Bridge: In a flash, the US has scrapped the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which safeguarded Europe and the world from a deadly US-Russia arms race. This is particularly bad news for Europeans.
Russia must be feeling a lot like the Native Indians these days with regards to treaties signed with the duplicitous Americans. For the second time in as many decades, the US has gone back on its word, removing another pillar from the global arms reduction architecture.
The Trump administration, in its infinite wisdom, announced on the weekend it would freeze US participation in the INF “for 180 days,” which, from a military perspective, must be interpreted to mean forever. In the spirit of reciprocity, Vladimir Putin, expressing regret that Russia “could not save” the Cold War treaty, said he would be forced to follow suit.

Jordan Peterson Wimps Out Over Toxic Women

Bettina Arndt on emboldening men like Jordan Peterson and Josh Zeeps to be honest about women's bad behaviour.

Woman Committing Sexual Assault At “Women’s March” Identified And Arrested

By : On Saturday, January 21, 2019 the so-called “Women’s March” was held in Washington, D.C… The event, already under a great deal of scrutiny for serving as a hate platform for misandrists and anti-Semites, also took a reputational hit when a sexual assault by a woman participant occurred on camera, including a full confession by the perpetrator.