9 Feb 2019

THE VETO: Exposing The Manufacturing Of Consent For War Against Syria -Trailer

vanessa beeley: This is a trailer for the film The Veto: During 2018 I was honoured and privileged to work on an investigative film that will expose the propaganda war waged against Syria since the beginning of the conflict. The revolution fabrication was probably most effective and powerful in Baba Amr, Homs I entered Baba Amr in January 2018 with extraordinary journalist and documentary maker Rafiq Lutf and so began our journey to review
the events that "manufactured consent" for the "dirty war" against Syria.

"Piss & Garbage's Gillette": The Worst An Ad Can Get

Terrence Popp: What would happen if other companies advertised to women the same way  Procter & Gamble's Gillette just "advertised" to men? Would social justice warriors be so quick to defend it?

Italy Saves Europe’s Dignity Over US Bullying Of Venezuela

'The hypocritical arrogance is priceless.'
Via The Strategic Culture Foundation: It’s comically ironic. France has now recalled its ambassador from Rome in a mounting row over Italy’s alleged “interference” in French internal political affairs. This is at the same that France and other European states are joining in a brazen campaign by the United States to overthrow the elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. Irony doesn’t come much thicker than that.
The row between France and Italy is but the latest in a long-running spat between French President Emmanuel Macron and the newly elected coalition government in Rome. The Italian government is an unlikely coalition between the left-leaning Five Star Movement (5SM) and a rightwing party, La Lega (The League).
Both parties are highly critical of the EU establishment and neoliberal capitalist polices which France’s former Rothschild banker-turned-president Macron embodies.

Finland Abandons 'Helicopter Money' Experiment: No New Jobs Created

'Land of the free to sit on your ass.'
By Tyler Durden: With socialists rising to the calls of the 'free shit army' and the ever-more-left-leaning liberal intelligentsia imagining ever-more-creative ways to pretend to fund their massive government interventions (Modern Monetary Theory), the topic of "QE for the people" or "helicopter money" or the more academic-sounding "Universal Basic Income" is becoming ever-more-prevalent.
Why should people be forced to work? Why should people have to take responsibility for themselves? America is the land of the free to sit on your ass and receive government handouts after all.
Well, we have some more results in on the impact of Universal Basic Income (UBI) experiments - handing out free money to citizens with no strings attached.
As part of its experiment, in Finland 2,000 unemployed people aged 25-58 were paid a tax-free €560 (£490) monthly income. This was independent of any other income they had and not conditional on looking for work.

Are We Back on a Gold Standard? + Lightning Storm

Max and Stacy discuss central banks on a gold buying spree and what that suggests is in our global monetary and trade policy future. The volume of gold buying has not been seen since 1967 when the world was, in fact, on a gold standard. Does this indicate we are, indeed, back on a quasi-gold standard if USD trade surplus is being converted into hard money, regardless of formal agreements to that effect?

Strange US APA Guidelines And What They Missed + Helping Boys Navigate Their Emotions

Men Are Good!: This video offers some feedback for the APA about their guidelines and specifically lists some of the numerous research driven advances in understanding men and boys that they have ignored.

You Make Me Feel Unsafe - The Making Of A Feminist Boogieman

HoneyBadgerRadio: Join HBR Talk as we discuss one of victim cultists' favorite weapons in recent years, the wrongthink boogeymen, wherein they claim to "feel unsafe" merely because something someone has said doesn't fit their narrative, or in the presence of someone who has been slandered by their ideological comrades. This has become the cult's primary means of engagement with any independent thinker they encounter. How powerful of a weapon against dissent will it be?

5 Key Innovations Driving The Future Of Cannabis

By Tyler Durden: It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention.
As cannabis breaks into the mainstream, Visual Capitalist's Iman Ghosh points out that the complex web of regulations surrounding the plant may well be what compels the industry to think outside the box.
Today’s infographic from Valens GroWorks highlights some of the most anticipated areas of technology-based disruption in “cannabiz” – the business behind cannabis.


As the cannabis industry grows, the business behind it must grow as well – and to get an edge, industry players are investing in new technologies and innovative practices that could be industry game-changers.
Here are some of the most disruptive moves happening that could shape the future of cannabis:


As consumers become more discerning, they’ve come to demand premium quality cannabis. That’s why many indoor growers are exploring various means to improve the productivity of cannabis plants.