19 Feb 2019

The One Belt, One Road To Superpower

Max and Stacy discuss reviews of Bruno Maçães’s new book, "Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order,” on the rise of China to superpower status through trade. The “nine arrows crisscrossing Eurasia’ was a vision first realized by Deng Xiaoping who saw a “world organized as a network.” What does a rising power mean in a world where a fading hegemon is always reluctant to share?

We Have Been Criminalized By An Overabundance Of Laws

“Order may be nothing more than evidence of tyranny. Order may be nothing more than the prohibitions on freedom, the elimination of rights and the suppression of liberty. You are just as unsafe when things are too orderly as when they are disorderly.” Jerry Day.
By Søren Korsgaard: Governments have learned that laws can be used as revenue and control measures by criminalizing more and more of human activity. Indeed, in many instances the term “criminal” is now meaningless as law enforcement has become a greater threat to ordinary people than actual criminals.

At an accelerating rate, western governments are criminalizing victimless trivialities for profit and control of the masses. In Denmark, the laws governing unemployment benefits are more than 36,000 pages and grow by almost seven pages daily on average. A massive 20,000 laws have been formulated to control ownership and use of guns in the US. The taxfoundation.org has shown that in order to understand and comply with US tax laws one must go through about 80,000 pages.

Moscow Boosts Western Anti-Imperialist Voices. So What?

By Caitlin Johnstone: In an extremely weird article titled “Russia is backing a viral video company aimed at American millennials“, CNN reports that Facebook has suspended popular dissident media outlet In The Now and its allied pages for failing to publicly “disclose” its financial ties to a subsidiary of RT. According to CNN, such disclosures are not and have never been an actual part of Facebook’s official policy, but Facebook has made the exceptional precondition of public disclosure of financial ties in order for In The Now to return to its platform.
I say the article is extremely weird for a number of reasons. Firstly, according to In The Now CEO Anissa Naouai, CNN knew that Facebook was going to be suspending the pages of her company Maffick Media before she did, suggesting a creepy degree of coordination between the two massive outlets to silence an alternative media platform.

The Startling Truth About Herbert Hoover’s Role In Prolonging World War One

How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI. The remarkable suppressed history of Herbert Hoover’s role in prolonging the agony of World War One, including his stewardship of the American relief of Belgium in the early part of the war and overseeing the removal of valuable historical documents from Europe after the war.

Believing That His Wife Never Farts, Husband Nearly Loses Everything

husband-merchant wonders about wifeIn relation to their wives and girlfriends, men are prone to gyno-idolatry. Lucretius, the great Roman dispeller of delusions, ridiculed men’s gyno-idolatry. Few rational persons have reasonably understood. The heroic, self-sacrificing Christian apostle Paul of Tarsus instructed men not to engage in gyno-idolatry. Few Christian men have been faithful to Paul’s teaching. Consider the case of a merchant in early fifteenth-century Italy. This merchant served a nobleman, but he wasn’t afraid to assert his personal views. The merchant highly praised his wife:
among other things in praise of his wife, he said she had never farted.
{ uxorem inter caetera commendans, cum dixisset illam nunquam ventris crepitum edidisse }
Wives are flesh-and-blood human beings. Human beings fart. The merchant’s wife surely farted.

A Reflection On Zeta Male v MGTOW

By : In 2010, Paul Elam penned a stunning piece. It is only in recent months that the full significance of his words illuminated themselves for me. I feel that it is his greatest ever work.
The article is, of course, The plague of modern masculinity. In it, he outlines the traditional notions of masculinity in terms of alpha, beta and omega, and charts the road that this has taken us down in recent times.
He writes:
They [young men] have come of age in a time of coerced impotence, their nascent masculinity gutted and stripped long before having the opportunity to shape their character and their destiny. In that they are suffering from the loss of things never held, from things missing but never known. They are, quite literally, a lost generation of the walking wounded, wandering blindly from a battlefield on which they never knew they stood.
In that light, the path they are on is not really a road to manhood, but simply a retreat from the effacing malice woven into the very fabric of their developmental lives. And it takes them not to safe ground, but directly into a dismal culture of shallowness and self-indulgence; a realm of options without obligations; of self-gratification without self-awareness or self-discipline. It is the death march of the western male, destined for a withering end ensured by intellectual, psychological and moral atrophy.

Self-Hating Whites + Venezuela Under Washington’s Gun

'Only Russia has offered South African whites refuge. The US, Europe, and Canada are overflowing with non-white immigrants but have no room for white ones. ...Whites are unwanted illegal immigrants'
By Dr Paul Craig Roberts: White people are on the point of extinction. If you say anything about it, you are labeled a “white supremist.” Black lives matter, but not white lives.
We this, for example, in South Africa where white farmers are being massacred under the slogan “land or death” by blacks whose forebears arrived in South Africa after the forebears of the white farmers. The line is that the whites stole the blacks’ land and that Africa is black and, thereby, reserved for blacks. Whites are unwanted illegal immigrants.
If the roles were reversed and it was whites massacring blacks, the white media in the Western world would be shrill in its condemnation of the whites. As it is blacks massacring whites, there is not a peep. The only way you can learn about it is to read English language Russian Internet sites.
Only Russia has offered South African whites refuge. The US, Europe, and Canada are overflowing with non-white immigrants but have no room for white ones.
Whites are on the road to extinction not because of massacres by blacks, but because of their own tax, social, and immigration policies.