21 Feb 2019

Bastardized Chivalry: From Concern For Weakness To Sexual Exploitation

“Chivalry, as understood by Modern Sentimental Feminism, means unlimited licence for women in their relations with men, and unlimited coercion for men in their relations with women. To men all duties and no rights, to women all rights and no duties, is the basic principle underlying Modern Feminism, Suffragism, and the bastard chivalry it is so fond of invoking.” – (Bax, 1913, p. 141)
By : In 1913 English barrister Ernest B. Bax observed that chivalry had undergone an alteration or, as he understood it, a corruption from its earlier intent of deference to weakness. (Bax, 1913). He contended that the original definition was no longer current since in its modern application the question of a person’s sex took precedence over that of weakness proper. Instead of chivalry being directed to the care and protection of children, frail elders, the disabled, or the wounded in battle as in earlier times, Bax understood the new chivalry as being confined strictly to “sex privilege and sex favouritism pure and simple.” (Bax, 1913, p. 100).

Everyone Is An Anti-Semite; At Least That's What The Jewish Controlled Lame Stream Media Says

'If you don't worship Israel,
you're basically Hitler'
By Jonathan Cook: The term has become so diluted that it has lost any meaning
Has anyone else noticed how almost anything you say nowadays – if it’s leftwing – can suddenly be cited as proof of your anti-semitism?
That is, if you haven’t already been denounced as a Kremlin stooge.
Oppose the regular neoconservative regime-change operations, such as the latest one targeting Venezuela, and point to the long record of war crimes committed by one of its current architects, Elliott Abrams, and that apparently is probable evidence that you’re an anti-semite.
Note, as Ilhan Omar recently did, that AIPAC, the well-financed and single-minded Israel lobby group, has so much influence in the US Congress that few representatives dare to publicly oppose it and you’ll come under relentless pressure to apologise for expressing an anti-semitic view.

US FDA To Rich Old People: Stop Infusing Children's Blood!

"Add this to the list of crazy conspiracy theorise that turned out to be true."
Corbett Report and Media Monarchy cover some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

NOPEC, At Long Last?

Max and Stacy discuss the latest attempts at NOPEC as the House Judiciary Committee passes a bill that would allow the US Justice Department to sue members of OPEC for manipulating the oil market. This sort of legislation has been tried many times in the past, but could hatred for Trump finally drive the nail in the cartel coffin?

Women Trump Children?

They need to be stopped!
Photo: this is what we’re talking about…
1. Introduction / Evolution
It’s no longer about men’s rights; it’s about children’s rights.
It has been apparent for some time that the feminists set women ahead of children.
I thought I couldn’t get any more implacably opposed to feminism. It seems I was wrong.
Let me remind you of the evolutionary origin of our difficulties. The preferencing of women (call it chivalry, call it gynocentrism, call it the empathy gap, call it what you will) has its origin in the pair bond, a key Homo sapiens adaptation, central to the overwhelming success of the species (amongst other attributes). But in this regard, women – as mothers – are actually a proxy for children. Evolution cares only for reproductive success, which is manifest in children and their survival to reproductive age. When women’s primary concern was the domestic, they functioned as a suitable proxy for children. What was beneficial for the mother could be assumed to also be beneficial for the child.
But in respect of women in a non-domestic role, such as in the workplace, their preferencing is an anomaly: such preferencing is not conducive to evolutionary success. Indeed, in as far as it diminishes the birth rate (as it has), it is counter-evolutionary.

Mapping The Neo-Con-Artist Zio-American War Of Terror

Now in 80 Countries, It Couldn’t Be More Global
By Stephanie Savell: In September 2001, the Bush administration launched the “Global War on of Terror.” Though “global” has long since been dropped from the name, as it turns out, they weren’t kidding. 
When I first set out to map all the places in the world where the United States is still fighting terrorism so many years later, I didn’t think it would be that hard to do. This was before the 2017 incident in Niger in which four American soldiers were killed on a counterterror mission and Americans were given an inkling of how far-reaching the war on terrorism might really be. I imagined a map that would highlight Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria -- the places many Americans automatically think of in association with the war on terror -- as well as perhaps a dozen less-noticed countries like the Philippines and Somalia. I had no idea that I was embarking on a research odyssey that would, in its second annual update, map U.S. counterterror missions in 80 countries in 2017 and 2018, or 40% of the nations on this planet (a map first featured in Smithsonian magazine).

Tonic Masculinity, Building A Better World Since 10,000 BC

Janice Fiamengo

Curing Encolpius’s Impotence: Proselenos & Oenothea Unlike Jesus

Jesus healing blind manIn the ancient Greco-Roman world, persons sought the help of gods and physicians to cure their infirmities and diseases. Jesus of Nazareth about two millennia ago quickly acquired the reputation of a good physician among many bad ones. In the Satyricon, written about 65 GC, the old women Proselenos and Oenothea attempted to cure Encolpius of his impotence. These women’s healing techniques had similarities with Jesus’s methods of healing. But unlike Jesus did for the blind man, Proselenos and Oenothea effected no lasting cure for Encolpius’s impotence.
Jesus, who was a fully human man, acted in earthy ways. Here’s how Jesus cured a blind man:
he spat on the ground, made mud with the saliva, and spread the mud on the man’s eyes, saying to him, “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam” (which means Sent). So the blind man went and washed and came back able to see.

"We Face The Threat Of Nuclear Armageddon" Dr. Paul C. Roberts - Trump, Military Complex And Lame Stream Media

Herland Report: Dr. Roberts: "When Donald Trump got elected, instantly identity politics began attacking him. The argument was that his election was illegitimate because he was elected by white heterosexual males, because they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote and much less to elect a president." "This made them willing to cooperate with the Military Security Complex' attack on Trump, since he said he was going to normalize relations with Russia. This was a direct threat to their massive budget. The overall budget of the United States security complex is 1000 billion dollars. That’s larger than the gross domestic product of most countries." "If you have a budget that large you got to have an enemy. Russia is the awarding enemy.