24 Feb 2019

Complete Western Media Blackout! Paris Week 15

WeAreChange: The latest breaking news on what is going on in Paris France for week 15 of sustained resistance against the establishment.

No One Trusts The US Government, Not Even The American People

By Dr Paul Craig Roberts: Atlantic Bridge, a German front organization set up by Washington to propagandize Germans to serve Washington, has failed in the job.  The latest survey conducted by the front group shows that 85% of Germans are alienated from the US.  The front group’s chairman acknowledged “the great lost of trust in the United States.”  By a margin of two to one, Germans see China as a more reliable partner for Germany than the US.  https://www.translatetheweb.com/?from=de&to=en&refd=www.microsofttranslator.com&rr=UC&a=https://www.atlantik-bruecke.org/vertrauen-in-der-krise/ 
Americans have come to the same conclusion about the US government as have Germans.  The latest Gallup Poll reveals that Americans regard America’s top problem to be the US government.  Twice as many respondents regard the US government to be the top problem than regard immigration, and Americans see Washington to be six times the problem that health care is.  https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2019/02/23/americans-call-their-government-americas-top-problem.html 
As many have concluded, the United States is not a democracy. It is an oligarchy ruled by monied private interest groups.  http://rinf.com/alt-news/editorials/america-is-one-dollar-one-vote-not-really-one-person-one-vote/ 
There has clearly been a revolution in America.  An aristocracy has overthrown the people. Democracy is dead.  We live in the Oligarchy United Against the People.

Poll Shows Germans Stunningly Anti-US-Government

By Eric ZUESSE: On February 8th, the NATO-supporting Atlantik-Bruecke, or Atlantic Bridge, issued their poll, "Vertrauen in der Krise” or "Trust During the Crisis”, and it finds, from scientifically sampling 2,500 Germans, that there is very little trust or confidence in US leadership, and that there is less dis-trust both of Russian and of Chinese leadership than of American. 
Atlantic Bridge was founded by NATO and the Council on Foreign Relations in 1952 in order to make Germans hostile toward the Soviet Union, and favorable toward the United States. It was the prototype for America’s Atlantic Council, which became founded in 1961 — the same year as Eisenhower’s Farewell Address warning against the rise of the “military-industrial complex.”
It was created in order to propagandize for higher US military spending to strengthen NATO.

Chivalry In The Raw

By : With all the hubbub surrounding the distaff Captain Marvel movie, it’s worth remembering that attendance is not compulsory.  You do have alternatives.  Consider the movie Arctic.  There’s only one man in the movie and his situation is extraordinary.  Yet he represents all men.
The man in question is Overgård (played by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen), and he is in a heap of trouble.  His cargo plane has crashed above the Arctic Circle.  The good news is he survived, the bad news is he’s stranded.  He’s scratched out a large “SOS” that can be seen from above but it hasn’t been spotted yet.  Given the ubiquitous ice and snow, dehydration is not a problem.  Ice fishing provides him with protein, fish oil, and whatever other nutrients one gets from fish.  Though death is not imminent, his life is decidedly unpleasant – his toes appear to be in the early stages of frostbite.
Overgård didn’t choose to be a plane crash survivor, but given Mads Mikkelsen’s stoic, stolid persona, he appears well equipped to rough it.  If anybody can survive this situation, it’s Overgård.  We assume he is a bachelor, as we never see him take out any pictures of a wife or family.
When the movie begins, we don’t know how long Overgård has been there.  We know it’s been long enough to develop a routine.  Every day he checks his trot lines and takes his catch back to the downed plane’s fuselage, which provides him shelter from the elements.

Fabrication Art Exhibition

Ft Deek Jackson , A Ross & Dylan Jackson

We're Living In 'The Groundhog Show'

In which our leaders make the same mistakes over & over...
Authored by Chris Martenson: It's said that truth mirrors fiction. I'm finding this to be the case more and more these days. Take the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day. Bill Murray wakes up each day to relieve the exact same daily circumstances and interpersonal interactions. He relives the same day, February 2, over and over again.
No matter what he does, the repetitive cycle won't break.  He goes to sleep, wakes up to his alarm, and it's the morning of Feb 2 again.
Likewise, in The Truman Show, Jim Carrey lives in a simulated environment where everybody's an actor in a popular TV show except him.  For him, it’s his real life.  But although he doesn't realise it, everything around him is completely scripted and fake.
If merge these two movies together, they perfectly describe the world in which we live today.  Welcome to Groundhog Day meets The Truman Show.   Let’s call this mash-up The Groundhog Show.
In this composite story you, the plucky central character, wake up every day in a world where the same mistakes are made over and over again by our so-called "leaders".

Roger Waters: Hands Off Venezuela Richard Branson! Venezuelans: Trump Wants Our OIL!

Representative Press: This Roger Waters video adds details to show why he’s right on Venezuela and Richard Branson is wrong. See Venezuelans saying they don't want Trump 's agenda for Venezuela.

George Carlin: Men

DoctorRandomercam: (Part 1 of 2) To anyone who likes this guy & won't hear a bad word said of him: I am exactly as sorry as a robotic terminator suckerpunching you in the cerebellum. Awakenings are rude. Deal with it.