26 Feb 2019

Hasbara: The Growing Anti-Semitism Scam

By Philip Giraldi: In his novel 1984 George Orwell invented the expression “newspeak” to describe the ambiguous or deliberately misleading use of language to make political propaganda and narrow the “thought options” of those who are on the receiving end. In the context of today’s political discourse, or what passes for the same, it would be interesting to know what George would think of the saturation use of “anti-Semitism” as something like a tactical discussion stopper, employed to end all dispute while also condemning those accused of the crime as somehow outside the pale, monsters who are consigned forever to derision and obscurity.
The Israelis and, to be sure, many diaspora Jews know exactly how the expression has been weaponized. Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni explained how it is done “Anti-Semitic”…”its a trick, we always use it.”

Why The Political Is Dead

'In a society that has replaced production with consumption, the bond/conflict between the factory owner and the worker belongs to nostalgia.'
By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: In the good old days when the terms Left and Right meant something the distinction between the two was clear. The Left believed that the resources and wealth of the state ought to be shared equitably. The Right’s position was that since only a few people in society are capable of handling capital properly, transforming prosperity into more prosperity, those few should be given a free hand and be taxed lightly to enable them to make the state more prosperous.
Noticeably, both of these viewpoints were both patriotic and intended to benefit the nation state and its citizens.  The Left wanted equality for the good of all. The Right maintained that Laissez-faire policies actually benefited the working class as well as the rich. Metaphorically we can think of the state’s wealth as a cake. The Left believed that the cake should be sliced equally to provide each member of society an equal portion, while the Right contended that if those who know how to make money enjoy a relatively free ride, the cake would actually get bigger and that working people would be among the first to benefit as their portion expands.
The theories of both Left and Right were meaningful within the political context of a capitalist manufacturing society. Industrial society produced the wealth that made the debate between ‘equality’ and ‘Laissez-faire’ relevant.  But the West is hardly productive anymore.

Permanent QE ~ Century Of War

Max and Stacy discuss the impossibility of endless war under hard money and ask whether the millions of deaths made possible with easy inflationary money could be spared under a bitcoin or gold standard. In the second half, Max talks to Michael Pento of PentoPort.com about the Fed promising permanent QE as a ‘normal’ policy tool, no longer just ‘for emergencies.’

Chosenness: Inhuman Jewish Israel Regime Stops Gentile Parents Joining Seriously Ill Children During Treatment

'Ola’s efficiency proved no match for Israel’s cruel bureaucracy.'
By Sarah Algherbawi: Ola al-Waheidi acted quickly when she heard that her 9-year-old daughter Mais had leukemia.
Having a parent at a child’s side is hugely important during convalescence. Mahmoud Ajour APA images
Within a few days of learning about the diagnosis in early December, Ola had undertaken the paperwork required for Mais to receive medical treatment outside Gaza. Yet Ola’s efficiency proved no match for Israel’s cruel bureaucracy.
Ola was soon informed that she may not accompany her daughter through Erez, the military checkpoint separating Gaza and Israel. Mais would have to travel without her parents for treatment.
The family then had to give the Israeli military various names, requesting that someone on the list should accompany Mais. Israel rejected most of the suggestions, before deciding that Balqis al-Waheidi, a 72-year-old distant relative with diabetes and rheumatism, may travel with the child.
Mais was granted permission to travel on 10 December. When they reached Erez that day, Ola had still not told her daughter about the arrangements.
“I didn’t know how to tell her that I wouldn’t be with her,” said Ola. “She was holding my hand the whole way, telling me to not leave her.”

Hooters: ICMI19 Celebrating Gainful Employment For Women

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Just a note to confirm that plans are underway for a trip to a nearby branch of Hooters for hosts, speakers and attendees of ICMI19, in support of women’s employment.

Chosenness: Inhuman Anti-Semitic Jewish Israel Says “No” To Clean Running Water For Semitic Palestinian Villages

Israel says “No” to clean running water for Palestinian villagesWhile illegal, unauthorized Jewish Israeli settlements nearby enjoy full access to water, twelve Palestinian villages lose their water supply as Israeli forces systematically destroy their EU-donated water system.
On February 13, 2019, Jewish Israeli death forces IDF arrived near the village of a-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills. The forces used excavating equipment to unearth and destroy stretch of pipe, which was laid just months ago and supplied water to over 1,000 Palestinians. Residents say that without the system, “water has become every family’s largest expense.”
By Amira Hass: The dream that came true, in the form of a two-inch water line, was too good to be true. For about six months, 12 Palestinian West Bank villages in the South Hebron Hills enjoyed clean running water. That was until February 13, when staff from the Israeli Civil Administration, accompanied by soldiers and Border Police and a couple of bulldozers, arrived.

Tulsi Gabbard Educates Ignorant Women Of The View

Jimmy Dore

US Lawmakers Bully Ireland Over Move To Ban Jewish Apartheid Israel Regime’s Goods

“A brazen effort by a major power to interfere with the democratic process in Ireland, something which should be of great concern to every Irish politician.”
By Ciaran Tierney: A grouping of US politicians has threatened Ireland with economic repercussions if it bans goods from Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank.
Peter King (right), seen here with Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and US President Donald Trump, is trying to prevent the Dublin authorities from banning Israel’s settlement goods. Aaron P. Bernstein Reuters
Both houses in the Irish parliament, the Oireachtas, have approved a bill to outlaw Israel’s settlement exports during the past few months. Ten US lawmakers have reacted to the moves by warning that a ban could have “potentially severe implications” for the country.
In a letter to Irish political leaders, the 10 members of Congress suggested that some corporations investing in Ireland would be violating US export regulations if the Dublin authorities enforced a ban on Israel’s settlement goods.

Champions Of Virtue

Independent Man: The Male Champions of Change are leading the virtue signaling on pay equality in Sports.