27 Feb 2019

Campus Truth Blitz About The Rape Scare Campaign

Bettina Arndt pulls off an attack on the Sydney University rape scare campaign by blitzing the campus with flyers telling the truth about this dangerous move to target male students.

Tulsi Gabbard: US Peace Candidate?

RT: Is America ready for a real antiwar candidate? Clearly the political establishment and the media aren’t. Criticism of presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard and anyone else who questions foreign policy orthodoxies is swift and unrelenting. Fighting for peace has never been so difficult.

USA: "Ashamed" Cohen Tells House Oversight Committee That Donald Trump Is A "Racist, Conman, Cheat"

"He [Donald Trump] is capable of behaving kindly, but he is not kind. He is capable of committing acts of generosity, but he is not generous. He is capable of being loyal, but he is fundamentally disloyal..."

Would You Rather Have Sex With A Feminist, A Sex Doll, Or A Potato?

...Oxford Men’s Rights Action survey asked men.
Our thanks to the good men at Oxford Men’s Rights Action for conducting a groundbreaking survey into men’s preferences for sex with (a) feminists, (b) sex dolls, (c) potatoes. More men opted for the feminist options, than we would have expected. Preferences below:
4% – Kate Smurthwaite – feminist “comedian”.

96% – A sex doll

The feminist below is Laurie Penny,
who does something at The New Statesman.

Victory For The Chagos Islanders

When declassified British Foreign Office files were discovered, the full sordid story was laid bare.
By John Pilger: The International Court of Justice in The Hague has handed down a momentous judgement that says Britain's colonial authority over the Chagos Islands is no longer legal. John Pilger, whose 2004 film, Stealing a Nation, alerted much of the world to the plight of the islanders, tells their story here.
You can watch Stealing a Nation here.

There are times when one tragedy tells us how a whole system works behind its democratic fa├žade and helps us understand how much of the world is run for the benefit of the powerful and how governments often justify their actions with lies.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the British Government of Harold Wilson expelled the entire population of the Chagos Islands, a British crown colony in the Indian Ocean, to make way for an American military base on Diego Garcia, the largest island. In high secrecy, the Americans offered a discounted Polaris nuclear submarine as payment for use of the islands.

Terry Crews

"The day someone squeezed my balls."
By :
I was six years old.
I was in a hospital room in the children’s ward of Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, in a bed, after a surgery.
I was the only patient in the room at the time.
My dad was on his way in to see me, but had not yet arrived.
The nurse entered on the right.
She checked my temperature.
She left.
A man entered.
He wore a white coat like a doctor.  He moved quickly and quietly to the left side of my bed. To this day, if I had to, I could pick him out in a line up. I will never forget his face: wire framed glasses, beard, moustache, small round face, slight build, thin, five and a half feet tall, eyes darting left and right before they settled on me.
“I need to check,” he whispered.
He lifted the bed sheets, and put his left hand under my robes and began to fondle my penis and testicles.
His own right hand was in what appeared to be his pocket.
Then he groaned.

Final Steps Of The Multipolar Revolution: Containing The US In Europe

'The United States has in the last three decades brought chaos and destruction to large parts of Europe, in spite of the common myth that the old continent has basked in the post-WWII peace of the American-led world order.'
Authored by Federico Pieraccini: We discussed in the previous article how China and Russia are using diplomatic, economic and military means in areas like Asia and the Middle East to contain the belligerence and chaos unleashed by the United States. In this analysis, we will examine the extent to which this strategy is working in Europe. In the next and final article, we will look at the consequences of the “America First” doctrine in relation to South America and the Monroe Doctrine.
The United States has in the last three decades brought chaos and destruction to large parts of Europe, in spite of the common myth that the old continent has basked in the post-WWII peace of the American-led world order. This falsehood is fueled by European politicians devoted to the European Union and eager to justify and praise the European project. But history shows that the United States fueled or directed devastating wars on the European continent

A Test Of Your Support For Free Speech

If you don't support free speech for those you disagree with, then you don't support free speech.