9 Mar 2019

Jewish Mossad Agents Are Harassing US BDS Anti-Apartheid Student Activists

“You don’t kill them but you do have to deal with them in other ways.”
Congress is failing to protect US citizens from espionage and threats aimed at intimidating supporters of Palestinian rights. Joe Catron
By Kristian Davis Bailey: In September 2017, Palestine Legal attorneys received nearly 30 emails from students, teachers and even librarians who were justifiably concerned about an anonymous message they had received.
The emails contained threats from outlawbds.com that recipients had been “marked” and “identified as a BDS promoter” and had a “limited window of opportunity to cease and desist or face the consequences of your actions in legal proceedings.”
The origin of the attack was a mystery.
Thanks to February expos̩s in The New Yorker, however, we now know the origin РPsy-Group, a defunct Israeli private intelligence firm.
Additionally, we have further confirmation that former Israeli intelligence agents were paid to spy on US students and activists engaged in BDS – boycott, divestment and sanctions – campaigns.

All Hetero Is Harmful

"Feminists equating sex with harm to women."
Said Janice Fiamengo.

Trump Asks Germany, Japan To Pay For Being Occupied

'The extortion scheme Trump wants to use against 'allies' is a perfect own goal.'
By Moon of Alabama: It will be fun to watch this developing:

Under White House direction, the administration is drawing up demands that Germany, Japan and eventually any other country hosting U.S. troops pay the full price of American soldiers deployed on their soil -- plus 50 percent or more for the privilege of hosting them, according to a dozen administration officials and people briefed on the matter.
Current and former administration officials briefed on the idea, who asked not to be identified discussing the program, describe it as far more advanced than is publicly known. As well as seeking more money, the administration wants to use it as a way to exert leverage on countries to do what the U.S. demands overseas.

After Rotten Tomates Removes 93% Of Reviews, Feminist Captain Marvel Still Sucks

Can't blame the patriarchy for that...
By Tyler Durden: After Rotten Tomatoes removed over 50,000 Captain Marvel reviews, or around 93%, the movie's audience score barely moved - rising from a dismal 32% to a pathetic 36%.

The Fake News Nazi - Corbyn, Williamson And The Anti-Semitism Scandal

By Editor Media Lens: One of us had a discussion with an elderly relative:
'He can't be allowed to become Prime Minister.'
'Why not?'
'It's so awful...'
'What is?'
'The way he hates the Jews.' 
The last comment was spoken with real anguish, the result of continuous exposure to just two main news sources: the Daily Mail and the BBC.
What is astonishing is that, just four years ago, essentially no-one held this view of Jeremy Corbyn.
Corbyn first became an MP in 1983. He stood for the Labour leadership 32 years later, in May 2015. We searched the ProQuest database for UK newspaper articles containing:
'Jeremy Corbyn' and 'anti-semitism' before 1 May 2015 = 18 hits
'Jeremy Corbyn' and 'anti-semitism' after 1 May 2015 = 11,251 hits
None of the 18 hits accused Corbyn of anti-semitism. For his first 32 years as an MP, it just wasn't a theme associated with him.

The Association Of American Physicians & Surgeons "Strongly Opposes" Mandatory Vaccines

Authored by Daisy Luther: Tensions are high regarding vaccines lately.
Due to a measles outbreak in the United States, frightened people are pushing an agenda to take an important medical decision out of the hands of parents. They’re calling for federally mandated vaccines. They’re calling for the shaming of parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children.
The hysteria is running high, fueled by fear and memes.
Whether you opt to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, I think we can agree we all want what’s best for our children.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons opposes federally mandated vaccines.

An important letter was presented last week to the Senate subcommittee that is discussing federal laws that force parents to vaccinate their children. The statement below is from The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and they have come out strongly in opposition to the possibility of federally mandated vaccines.
No matter what your opinion is on vaccinating children, please read this.

Amazon Banned These 9 Academic Books Debunking Certain Aspects Of The 'Holocaust'. Why?

'In 1941, British Intelligence analysts cracked the German “Enigma” code. ...The data reveals that the Germans were desperate to reduce the death rate in their labor camps, which was caused by catastrophic typhus epidemics.'
By Mark Becker: This doesn't look like extremist hate speech to us. Judging from these blurbs and titles, it looks like pretty balanced and fair discussion of a very serious, and vehemently disputed, allegation.
The first one in the list below even presents both sides of the argument in an attempt to get to the bottom of who is telling the truth.
Why are some people so afraid of a fair and open discussion?
These books were banned from Amazon in March of 2017, but are easily available online at other sellers. Take a look at the blurbs describing these books. They are an eye-opener.