17 Mar 2019

"Like Monty Python": Israel Says Hamas "Accidentally" Launched Rockets At Tel Aviv

2 Rockets by accident = Massive Airstrike
"We would have slaughtered 5 times more if we thought we could get away with it."
Say the Zionist Jews. 
Via AlMasdarNews: The launch of two rockets from the Gaza Strip prompted Israel to launch a massive airstrike in retaliation Thursday evening. The Israel Defense Forces seem to agree with the assessment, while the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank doubts the Israeli TV report. The two rockets that were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Tel Aviv and almost started a war late last week were launched by “accident,” Israel’s Channel 13 reported Friday, based on statements of IDF officials. 

Art Of Resistance - An Interview With Oliver Weindling

Ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Once again elements within Labour and Corbyn's closest political ring have been caught performing vile authoritarian symptoms trying to interfere with the arts and freedom of expression. In the last two weeks Momentum, Jewdas and Guardian Journalist Owen Jones joined forces in an attempt to intimidate a London jazz club. Not only did they fail, their campaign backfired on a humongous scale. In this video I interview Oliver Weindling, Vortex Club's director. I asked Oli about his family background and about his take on the recent assault on British artists and elementary freedoms.

The Jewish Zionists’ Fight Extends Beyond Palestine

'Zionist agents, planted in centers of power around the world, are busy silencing those who would criticize Israel. ...People of conscience must stand for Palestine'
Miko Peled highlights the campaign by pro-Israel groups to overwhelm the Labour Party into submission and bring about the fall of Corbyn by using a barrage of anti-Semitism accusations.
By Miko Peled: The Zionists’ suppression of freedoms extends beyond Palestine, particularly when it comes to freedom of speech about Israel. Zionist agents, planted in centers of power around the world, are busy silencing those who would criticize Israel. Using an array of highly effective methods, they have been successful at getting laws passed by legislators, getting major political figures falsely accused of making anti-Semitic statements, and establishing a new, Zionist-manufactured definition of what it means to be anti-Semitic.

Max Blumenthal's Excellent Videos From Venezuela Prove Our Lame Stream Media Are Lying AGAIN

Michael Bateman: Follow intrepid Max as he gets to the bottom of things on the ground. ...He uses a very effective technique of interspersing clips of American robots, er, we mean newscasters, saying one thing, and showing his own footage showing the exact opposite. Quite entertaining. ...Here he is touring a state-subsidized communal market showing that there are plenty of basic consumer goods available to poor Venezuelans:

In America Truth Is On The Ropes

Is a knockout on the way?
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Morris Dees, founder and director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an element of the Israel Lobby that smears and demeans truth-tellers, was fired. The article reporting Dees’ removal speculates that he was fired for sexual harassment.  More likely he was fired for having to pay out $60 million of the SPLC’s $500,000,000 endowment to settle defamation lawsuits. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019
Ask yourself how is it that an organization committed to smearing people has an endowment of a half billion dollars and not the Institute for Political Economy that focuses on providing truthful information that is contrary to official explanations.  Clearly, there is far more money available for “hit man” organizations dedicated to destroying truth tellers than there is for the targets of such organizations.
If truth tellers criticize Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, the truth tellers are branded “anti-Semites.”  
If truth tellers question official government explanations such as 9/11, they are branded “conspiracy theorists.”
If truth tellers correct the official lies that portray Russia as a dire threat to the United States and Russia’s President Putin as the “New Hitler,” they are branded “Russian agents,” and “Putin dupes.”
'It is very expensive for a person to exercise the right of free speech for the purpose of telling the truth. But if you attack truth, you get a half billion dollar endowment.'

Do We Expect Too Little From Women?

"Vagina cupcakes."

Fake News: CBC Hides The Truth About Fazio Case

"And then he was raping me!"
"The clear suggestion is that the system should remove or at least weaken the legal presumption of innocence."
Said Professor Janice Fiamengo.