30 Mar 2019

HaiR ToDaY...GoNe ToMoRRoW

Russia Defies US Threats Over Venezuela

The Real News Network: Trump insists Russia 'get out' of Venezuela; Vijay Prashad says Russia is protecting its own economic interests, billions in outstanding loans

Yield Curve Inverts

Max and Stacy discuss how the yield curve inverting normally signals a recession, but the service sector is booming. Meanwhile, the budget deficit is exploding as the government free for all ratchets up. Max also interviews Nomi Prins of NomiPrins.com and author of ‘Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World’, and they discuss indications from the US central bank that negative interest rates may be on the cards in the event of a downturn.

Why Is ‘Cultural Marxism’ So Offensive?

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: Earlier this week former Brexit minister Suella Braverman referred to ‘Cultural Marxism’ in a speech. All hell broke loose immediately. The former minister was attacked by the usual Jewish and Zionist pressure groups, ranging from The Board of Deputies (BOD) to Hope not Hate to the usual compromised Labour politicians.  However, unlike our caricature of an opposition leader who grovels on demand, Mrs Braverman kept her dignity intact. She didn’t see any point to retract, apologise or promise not to repeat the phrase as the BOD demanded.
One may wonder why ‘Cultural Marxism’ is so offensive to some?
Because ‘Cultural Marxism’ is obviously truthful and precise in its capacity to encapsulate a crucial and disastrous transition in the evolvement of 20th century Left thinking.
As opposed to traditional Marxism that theorizes over the necessary condition toward social change by means of class struggle, ‘Cultural Marxism’ aims to introduce a change by cultural shift. At a certain stage some (neo) marxists and socialists were clever and honest enough to accept that the revolution wasn’t going to happen. The working class couldn’t be bothered and even if they could, they were too busy attending their jobs. The revolution had to be facilitated by different means.

The END Of Russiagate!

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U.S. Subverts Peace And Israel By Affirming Land Grabs

By Hussein Ibish: That departure from U.S. and international norms will weaken both Israeli and Arab incentives to seek peace.
By rebooting American expectations, the Trump administration is revising Israeli calculations.
For Israeli annexationists, the sky is now the limit.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is surrounded by people in his own Likud party and among his coalition partners who favor annexing parts of the West Bank, notably the areas on the western side of a separation wall built since 2002 along with major settlement blocs and the Jordan River valley.
Last year, Likud endorsed the de facto annexation of many Israeli settlements. So did the Knesset before being restrained by cooler heads, including Netanyahu himself.
Whoever wins the upcoming Israeli election, the drive towards annexation in the West Bank is likely to pick up speed. What argument is left against it?
Until now, that argument was decisively made by history and international law.
In the early 1980s, Israel effectively annexed first East Jerusalem and then the Golan Heights, which it had seized from Syria in the 1967 war. The administration of President Ronald Reagan pushed back, joining the rest of the international community in rejecting those claims and upholding the principal enshrined in the United Nations charter of the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war.

Jusqu'Au Bout - Jimmy Jay Remix

La Rime Métisse
English subtitles available, just click!

Why The UN World 'Happiness' Report Is A Load Of Nonsense

No, Finland is not the happiest place on Earth.
By Jon Hellevig: The Finnish government has been basking in media glory as the country was declared the world’s happiest nation second year in a row in the recently published UN World Happiness Report. But it isn’t. Despite the clickbait title, the study did not even measure happiness.
What they actually attempted to study was how satisfied people are with their present life conditions. You don’t need to be an Einstein to understand that that’s relative; relative to your past experience, relative to your expectations. If you think as many do “Could be worse” you would reply “It’s good, it’s OK.” This then is recorded as satisfaction. If you feel bad but are brainwashed to think that your country is the best of all possible countries you might also give high marks to the country. That’s what the Finns do. Really, what the UN report boils down to is a study of how satisfied people are with how things are organized in their country.

Not happiness but satisfaction with how the country is governed

You would think that when one wants to determine whether a person is happy or not, one would put that question to the person.

US Child Protective Service Created A Gestapo Police State

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: My generation and that of our children grew up without Child Protective Service (CPS).  We stand up very well compared to subsequent generations.  
Child Protective Services is an extremely intrusive government agency that would not have been tolerated.  The power of this police agency trumps parental rights and responsibilities.  The agency is an important part of the destruction of liberty that I have witnessed over my lifetime.  
The Gestapo power that the state now wields over parents is a creation of “child advocates” who believe that it is the function of government to protect children from parents.  One consequence has been to erode parental control and to effectively end it in the case of rebellious children who respond to punishment by calling CPS and reporting their parents.   CPS has powerful incentives to seize children as it justifies the agency’s existance and brings a federal payment for each child seized. 
There are reports that many of the seized children end up in the hands of pedophiles, but governments seldom want to hear that they are doing harm rather than good.
Why has child safety changed so much over my lifetime that children need a police agency to protect them?  Why could I and my 5 year old classmates walk alone to our neighborhood schools, for example, but such a thing is unthinkable today.