6 Apr 2019

The Drum - We're All Misogynists Now

Independent Man: On Tuesday the Drum had a Special Men's program featuring a very special guest with a very special message for all Men.

Game Of Thrones

The Inglorious Poet - Relly

How Real Is White Supremacy?

'The presstitute media, including the BBC, never expressed any interest in why the actual evidence of what happened was deep-sixed.'
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: I don’t share the interest many have in the reported mass shootings. However, there are wider issues associated with the shootings, and I do find these issues interesting. For example, mass shootings are a relatively new occurrence. I believe the first was in 1966 at the University of Texas when a former US Marine who was enrolled as a student shot a number of people from the university’s clock tower. What caused this breakdown in moral behavior? We can’t simply say that the shooter became unhinged or insane. There have always been such people. Had the Marine been on active duty in Vietnam and experienced mass shootings of Vietnamese? Did he decide to bring the horror inflicted by Americans on Vietnamese home to Americans? Did student protests against the Vietnam war in which he was at risk make him feel unappreciated?
'Another interesting question is whether leftwing and Jewish groups who work overtime to demonize white people, especially heterosexual males, have any responsibility for the New Zealand shooter’s reported attack.'

Baseline Of A Desecrated Land II: Desalination Impacts

Part 2 of a 12 part series examining the ecological impacts
of Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

By Dick Callahan:
Desalination: more salt than Lot’s wife

“Israel leads the world in water recycling and desalination. We’ll share our technology with India and provide clean water for millions.” Benjamin Netanyahu on Twitter, 07.06.2017
“In time, it’s going to become impossible to use desalination in a way that makes economic sense. The water will become so saline that it will be too expensive to desalinate.” Gokce Gunel, University of Arizona.
Aliens looking down on our blue marble from a spaceship could put out sampling equipment and observe that sea water in the mid-Atlantic has 35 parts per thousand (ppt) salinity. That’s 35 grams of salt per thousand grams (one liter) of water or, 35 kilograms per metric ton.

Irony Dome For Britain NOW!

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: An Israeli magician (con artist) who bought himself a reputation as a spoon bender is now determined to bend British politics or at least the water pipes in parliament. Uri Geller, who vowed last month to stop Brexit by telepathic means, admitted on Thursday that he 'telepathically' burst pipes in the House of Commons. 
Tweeting to the House of Commons on Thursday, Geller said he would not apologise.
“Yes I did it @HouseofCommons! I bent the pipes, and I won't apologise, you all deserve it! #brexit #startfromscratch,” Geller wrote.
It is understood that water began pouring into the press gallery in what some have described as an “apocalyptic metaphor for Brexit”.

Most Brits Now Just Want To Leave With No Deal...Get Out While They Can; Poll Shows

'PM May was against BREXIT from the outset. She has refused to negotiate a fair deal for Britain and in the process she is dooming her own country.'
Authored by Martin Armstrong: Perhaps there is some new plague that only affect politicians on a global scale.
It seem no matter what country we look at, it is simply going completely insane. Americans rarely understand Parliamentary politics in London for it is not unusual for Trump to meet with Chuck and Nancy in the White House. In British politics, there is no pretend bipartisanship where there are meetings between the parties.
The structural difference in a Parliamentary system is that the ruling party controls everything and the opposition party might as well just go on holiday. 
Here the mere fact that Prime Minister Theresa May is meeting with the head of the Labour Party is earth-shattering to say the least. It illustrates that May will not compromise for it is very clear that she will not yield to her own people and is attempting to force the EU demands down everyone’s throat.
The latest polls show that the majority of British have had enough.

The Too Big To Fail Investment Universe

Max and Stacy discuss the recent Bank of America report, ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Investment Universe’. The report provides dozens of charts and data points looking at where the investment universe stands ten years after the financial catastrophe. Wall Street is still too big to fail, the global debt bubble is still blowing and financial assets are now 200% of global GDP. What can possibly go wrong? In the second half, Max interviews Craig Hemke of TFMetalsReport.com about the White House demanding a 50 basis points rate cut despite an allegedly booming economy where manufacturing and construction numbers look positive and stock markets are still near an all-time high.

Russiagate In 3 Minutes

Everything you wanted to know about Russiagate but weren't stupid enough to ask.
corbettreport: On November 8, 2016, Vladimir Putin won the US presidential election by getting his Manchurian Candidate, Доналд Трумп, into the White House as the crowning achievement of a decades-long plan to use pee tape kompromat and real estate deals that never happened to get a reality TV star installed in the Oval Office.