19 Apr 2019

A World Without Wikileaks! + Assange Is Being Tortured: Former Member Of Parliament

Lee Camp: We're being suppressed by major social media platforms.

Gerald Celente Interview Julian Assange Arrest, Freedom Of Speech, Brexit, Legalizing Cannabis And "The USSA"

"Bernie Sanders is a phoney piece of crap.
...This clown, this little boy who never worked a day in his life. ...Hasn't said a peep about Julian Assange.
...Bernie 'Bullshit' Sanders."
Jason Liosatos: My talk with Gerald Celente about freedom of speech, the brutal arrest of Julian Assange "like a dog", Trump, the Brexit freak show, the great awakening and the great escape from human slavery and the legalization of Cannabis.

Is Julian Assange An Anti Semite As Well As A Publisher?

'Anti Semitism is the default argument against perceived opponents of Israel.'
By Eve Mykytyn: The public debate around Assange has to do with government secrecy, the rights of the press and the ability of the United States to impose its laws upon a nonresident noncitizen. Why is it then that for some outlets the crucial issue is whether Assange is an anti Semite? Must every public figure undergo examination for possible anti Semitism or is this how an unrelated discourse is diverted?
The media has frequently accused Assange of anti Semitism with what seems like shaky evidence. See: The Guardian, Slate, Wired and The New York Times. The media does not credit Assange’s consistent denials, failing to treat them as even evidence of his own state of mind. 
Not surprisingly, the faux left outlet The Forward gives breathless coverage to Assange’s ‘anti Semitism,’  lamenting that his anti Semitism persists “despite the fact that some of his most loyal employees and public defenders are themselves Jewish.” Actually, this fact gives weight to Assange’s claim that he is not an anti Semite.

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Feminists GET OWNED - Cringe & Karma + Top 5 Feminists Getting TRIGGERED!

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South Africa Has Branded Genocidal Jewish Apartheid State Israel With 'The Mark Of Cain' By Cutting Off Relations

By cutting off ties with an occupying, apartheid state, it’s telling Israel: We’ve learned the lessons of our past. What about you?

By Gideon Levy: Because of the election battle, an important item fell by the wayside that should have resonated here: South Africa has decided to downgrade its relations with Israel to the level of liaison bureau, which will not deal with bilateral relations. Ambassador to Israel Sisa Ngombane, who was recalled to protest the killing of demonstrators in Gaza, will not return. South Africa has essentially severed diplomatic relations with Israel. We’re left with Chad.

Boys Are Shamed At Brookfield High - No Joke Janice

"The Holocaust" Is A Myth That Conceals Our Shame

Most of the time ‘history’ is institutionally engaged in concealing our shame.” Gilad Atzmon
By Kevin Barrett: I love the words, music, and soul of my Israeli-born truth jihadi brother Gilad Atzmon. In fact, I enjoy his company so much that just about every year I take up the largely thankless task of organizing a public event for him here in Israeli-occupied Madison, Wisconsin. Last year the local Israeli Occupation forces got Gilad banned at the last minute from Wil-Mar Community Center. The director refunded our money and told us, in so many words, that Wil-Mar’s obligatory suppression of free speech was all about the Benjamins. So we directed people down the block to the Orton Park rotunda, the local equivalent of Hyde Park Speakers Corner.
One of Gilad’s most memorable lines was: “History exists to conceal our shame.” Citing Lyotard, who asserts that the real historian’s task is to unveil the shame, Gilad has analyzed such events as the Balfour Declaration. According to Gilad, the official history of the Balfour Declaration as a magnanimous gesture by the powerful British toward the oppressed Jews exists to conceal the shameful truth: It is the Britons (not to mention the Palestinians) who were and still are oppressed by the Zionist Jews, not the other way around.[1]